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December 1, 2011

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how they seek Him...   

Christianity has been an "answering" religion. People have asked the important questions of life and our faith has responded with the proclamation of Jesus. Too often, especially when we get to a holiday season, we may find ourselves answering questions that we presume people are asking and not hearing the questions they are raising. As we go into this season, here are some thoughts to help us:
  • Instead of hearing a scientific explanation of how the birth story could really have happened, people are more desirous of celebrating the birth of Christ's presence in their life. 
  • Instead of hearing a proof of how a star actually led the wise men, people want to know that their seeking is welcomed and can be satisfied.
  • Instead of being concerned about the theme of the week (hope, peace, joy, love), people are more interested in how those intersect with each other and how they affect daily life.
  • Instead of being concerned that the children's pageant goes perfectly, people want to see the joy and wonder on the faces of the children.

Even people who are not currently connected to a church have heard the story of Christmas. People everywhere are wanting to know how it can change their lives. They are desperate to hear how a baby born 2000 years ago can give them a sense of wholeness. How the birth of the baby connects to the death of the man and gives them a chance for a redeemed life.   How they can really live in the joy that we sing about during this time.


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