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October 19, 2011

mediocre parenting 

Parenting is hard. It seems to be getting harder.  The more we try to get a handle on parenting, the more it seems to elude us.  The more books on parenting that are written, the more confusing parenting becomes.  It is almost as though the more we try to figure out how to parent perfectly, the more we fall shy of the results we desire. We see this in church all the time: children and teens (not parents) determine whether or not to attend church, show little respect when they are there,  believe they can control what they do and when they do it and that no one has any authority over them. It may be that some parents have just given up because they don't feel that they can be the parent they think they should be or that others think they should be.


It doesn't have to be that way. We don't need to strive for perfection. There's a better way. We'll be offering a workshop for parents, teachers, grandparents, and pastors to understand how to lead kids in a way that is healthy, productive, and manageable. Dr. Diane Thomas will lead a discussion on how to interact, understand, and have an impact on children's lives. Check it out. Our kids deserve it. 

Mediocre Parenting

Dr. Diane Thomas will take you beyond the gimmicks & empty promises to offer practical tools for parenting preschoolers through teens.   She has over twenty years of experience working in individual therapy & educational settings, with a focus on children and adolescents. She has a head full of knowledge and a heart for people to experience fulfilled lives through a growing relationships with God. In addition to her role as a therapist, she serves Grace Community as  Pastor of Faith Formation. 

                Saturday, October 29th  

                          9am - 4pm

    At Grace Institute 

Register at 630-898-7990 or

Cost is $29 per person or $39 per couple (lunch and snack included)


It doesn't take perfection to be a great parent!

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