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June 29, 2011

measurements that count part 2  

measuring tape Last week we shared four measurements for church life that are more accurate assessments of a church's health than what we normally like to look at, namely attendance and offerings. It is not a complete list, but it is a start. Here is a continuing list of things leaders can look at and discuss to assess your ministry:

Is there a growing in enthusiasm for ministry or are people tired? Is there a vitality to worship or a blasť attitude? Is there available energy for surprises in the life of the congregation? Are pastors and leaders given intention sabbatical time to stay fresh? Are there intentional "shutdown" times to allow for re-launch of programs?

Character Development:
Is open discussion still encouraged without judgment? Is there intentional training within the congregation toward ethical and moral behavior? Are we creating an atmosphere where people are encouraged to be responsible, be on time, complete ministry assignments, and be dependable (ie. are people held accountable?)? Are we handling conflict according to some protocol that has been established?

Spiritual Maturity:
Are we growing spiritual "oaks" or "twigs?" Are people learning to think theologically? Are we establishing a culture where people are encouraged to spiritually step into deeper waters? Are sermons progressively helping people mature in their faith?

Life Commitment:
Are people continuing to step forward to make the commitment to Christ? Is there an increase in the number of baptisms? Are people becoming more comfortable telling their stories of life change?

Fruits of Evangelism:
Are people becoming more comfortable in the inviting process? Are people coming through invitation or just dropping by? Are we taking advantage of necessary marketing to make sure people are aware of our church? Is there a sense of concern for people who have no relationship with God? Are people talking about how to share their faith? 


Healthy ministry doesn't happen by accident. It is vision-driven, strategically planned, and then evaluated to see if we are being true to our vision. Hopefully these criteria will be of help as you move forward in ministry.


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