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June 8, 2011

diving man

looking like a fool   

On a recent TV talent show, a man jumped 26 feet from a steel platform into 12 inches of water in a children's swimming pool. It was claimed to be the most dangerous act the show has ever seen.  He described his preparation, his many injuries, the potential danger (including death) and the lack of support he has received. And then he jumped. And stood to enormous applause.


I watched this and it occurred to me just how much risk people will take to be in the spotlight. It wasn't that he was unprepared. He had done the preparation. He had counted the cost. He believed in himself and what he could do.  But what he was doing was mostly for attention. 


My mind went to the disciples that fateful day in Jerusalem. They had counted the cost. They had done the preparation. But they wanted no attention. And yet that is just what they got. Something miraculous happened and the hiding disciples became the public presence of Christ. They became the center of attention the day the Spirit came upon them. Some people dismissed them because they thought they were drunk.  But others stopped and listened. That willingness to take a risk eventually changed the world. 


Which made me wonder further, whether we are willing to take risks that are necessary even we may appear foolish sometimes in ministering to a broken world.  Do we believe as the diving man said, "Pain lasts for a minute, glory lasts for a lifetime"?  

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