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   January 6, 2011
have you ever wondered...
bored people- What makes board meetings so boring?
- Why is their success usually measured in how
   early people get to go home?        
-  Why it is year after year elders keep asking
   what their role is?                

- Why leaders work so hard and yet
   there doesn't seem to be much progress
- Why only 20% of the people usually do 80% of
  the work?                
- How you can say "no" to ideas when they come with good intentions?   
- How you can rally people behind a vision/ or discover one in the first place?           - How to work smarter instead of just harder?                
- How to transition into the next phase of your church's life without leaving
  in the dust?                
- If there are some simple things that might make all the difference in the health of
  your congregjump startation?

Church life is not easy, even in smaller churches. We live in a time of incredible changes and pressures and opinion. In some ways, doing church is both harder...and simpler than it has ever been.

 It's time to stop looking for magic bullets and instead, ask the questions that we need to ask in order to find ideas and options to help streamline our ministry to be not only more effective but faithful. 

Do your leaders need a kick start?  Come to Leading the Church....
Leading the Church...
       what is expected of elders, deacons, councils and boards

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Grace Community Christian Church
Aurora, Illinois
9:00 am- 4:00 pm

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