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August 16, 2010
When the chain breaks down...
    One of the regular frustrations of church life is when lots of effort is given toward planning programs and then the programs never happen. Granted, sometimes it isn't God's intention for some programs to work. But, often our plans don't work because we have failed to include all the links in the chain that are needed to maximize the success of what we are planning. Here is a checklist that is helpful and it is a good idea to create a plan sheet with these included:

-Purpose of the event
-How it reflects our church's mission
-Target group (insiders, outsiders, both)
-Time frame
-Resources needed
-Promotion needed
-Go-to person (or group)
-Criteria to determine if goals were reached

    Our experience is that churches usually have the chain break down because of forgetting about purpose and mission, providing sufficient promotion time, failing to assign primary responsibility to anyone, who the event is for, and determining what will define success. We are usually good at getting an idea, putting it in motion through some group and HOPING. To find a great example of all these parts of the chain, look at Jesus' example in Luke 10.
good ideas
1. Spend some time putting together a plan sheet.
2. Discuss the plan sheet with your leaders.
3. Distribute the plan sheet before any planning meeting.
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