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April 15, 2010
what seminary doesn't teach:

Seminaries teach great things: Bible foundations, theology, ministry skills, counseling skills and understanding of the culture. But there are insights into church life that seminaries do not pass on. Perhaps they are things that must be discovered rather that taught.  Here's a list of a few...


  • You can be as faithful and caring as you can be and some people will still not like you. In fact, God calls you to be faithful not to be liked.

  • Over time the natural inclination for both pastors and leaders is to settle.  The call from God is to continue to climb the mountain.

  • Churches tend to forget their mission. Vision needs to be rehearsed or it will leak.

  • People will want to make church the place to get their needs met.  But it's the leader's job to help them see that the mission is much greater than that.

  • The more faithful that church leaders try to be, the more resistance they will meet.

  • There is hardly ever enough money or staff to do everything that  needs to be done.  If there is, you aren't doing all you're being called to do.

  • What you learned in seminary or Bible College will not be enough. It's the beginning, not the end of your study.

  • The larger and more complex your church becomes, the more focused and simple your strategy needs to become.

  • Sometimes you need to lose people to gain more. God prunes, why wouldn't he prune our churches?

  • Church problems do not always come from poor planning or bad execution, but bad communication.

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