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News & Good Ideas October 21, 2009
Grace Institute is changing for you!
In an effort to better serve you, Grace Institute wants to partner with you in your ministry.  We will send you a newsletter full of good ideas that we come across to help you in your leadership roles. These emails will come on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. These ideas are for you to use as you find helpful. In addition, we will include information about our upcoming and available programs.  We hope these emails will aid you in your efforts to lead your church to be faithful followers of Jesus. If we can help you further, please contact us. 

Good Ideas:

1. Take a walk from your parking lot into your church. Pretend you're a new guest to the church...what do you notice? Is the walk clean? Are the doors free of fingerprint marks? Is the entry way friendly? Is the bathroom clean?  All of these simple things can be the extra touch that brings brings people back.

2. Assess the quality of your coffee--is it the cheapest that you could buy or is it high quality that makes people come back for more? Remember, you're always building associations.
3. Need more volunteers to work with the kids? Try a mentoring program in which you train older teens to work with kids up through junior high school. You'll not only get some good quality help, you'll impact the lives of the teens as well.
We're always teaching...
     A few years ago, a man came up to me after a service and said, "Pastor, I don't have this Sunday morning worship thing down quite yet. Would it be possible for you to call me up on Sunday mornings and remind me to come to church?" No kidding. That happened. People think and try the strangest things and we are always in the position of deciding what we are going to teach people in our response.
     Countless churches exert an enormous amount of effort advertising one activity 16 different ways so that people will get a piece of information. And yet, sometimes what we are teaching them is that they don't have to be responsible for themselves. Same thing with Bible study. Most people never pick up a Bible except when we are teaching them. 
     Sometimes people test us by deciding to not come for a whilei to find out if we'll chase them. The choice we need to make is what do we want to teach them?
     How many of our churches are struggling with people not registering for events and yet assuming they can show up at the last minute  and they'll have food or materials or both still waiting for them? How we respond teaches them what to expect. 
     While we are still called to be loving and gracious people, one of the jobs of the church is to help people become responsible Christ followers. We don't do that by accidentally training them to be dependent, double-minded people. As we think through how to respond and how to manage church life, remember to always ask the question: What are we teaching them if we do this?
Roger Jenks

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