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GraceNews August 28, 2009
Exciting Events At Grace Institute!
Learn to teach in a way that kids and adults will hear!
"I'm too busy."
"I've heard it all before."
"I can't get my kids ready on time."
"Bible study is boring."
"What does the Bible have to do with me?"
The task of the church in equipping people for a life of faith is hard work.  But it can be done!  There are ways to teach that connect the Bible to people's lives. There are new approaches that work. There are ways to engage kids in a language that they understand. We can work smarter and not just harder.
Two workshops offered to help you: 
Teaching and Preaching for Change
For pastors and adult teachers Preaching and Teaching
Learn how to communicate best with each generation, how to plan your preaching and teaching for the long haul, different styles of presentation and their benefits, and learn some creative and impactful ways for preaching through the lectionary. 

 When Kids Meet God
For youth pastors, teachers, youth leaders, pastors 
Preaching and Teaching
Learn ways to help children be biblically literate, principles of effective children and youth ministry, criteria for judging effectiveness of programs. Learn how to help kids learn about God and discover their place in the story of faith.
At Grace Community Christian Church
September 12, 2009
9 a.m.-4 p.m 
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Is your church stuck?
Are you doing the same things that you did 10 years ago?
Does church life feel like you've lost the air out of your tires?
Are people focusing too much on the small issues and not the big picture?
Learn the steps and the process for church revitalization. This 1 day workshop is customized to your church's needs and goals with follow up provided. It will help you set the course of your church's life.  Is it time to make a move? Contact us to learn more and set up a program in your area.
Contact us today to learn more about how you can Rev up your church.
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