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GraceNews July 31, 2009
Today's Stained Glass Windows 
    Arguments can rage when a suggestion is made to put up a screen and projector in the sanctuary to use in worship. For some, it's just one more sign that the worship they've always known is disappearing along with hymnals and traditional bulletins. For others, it means spending money on reconfiguring the worship space to allow for the new technology.
    The argument seems new...but it's one that has happened before. There was a time when the idea of hanging a banner on the wall was a point of contention. Heated discussions were held about what kind of mural would be painted on the baptistry wall.
    But let's back up even more. In the early days of the church, as cathedrals were being constructed, stained glass windows were put in. Not just for the colors or design, but to tell stories. Most of the congregation members were illiterate and couldn't read the Bible stories. So the stories were told in pictures. It was not unusual to have windows that would trace the biblical story from beginning to end around those who gathered for worship. Even after the emergence of the printing press, stained-glass windows were still popular because people relate to pictures in ways they don't with words.
    Many of the early banners were created to do the same thing. Tell stories, remind people of special seasons in the church year, highlight the acts of God.
    Ironically, we are entering a period today when fewer and fewer people read. Experts will tell you that younger generations are visually oriented and remember things better if they see it in a picture. When used well, a screen and projector can perform the same functions as these previous visual aids...even better. The images can change, people can develop pictures in their minds to accompany the Bible stories they hear, a picture can drive home a point in the sermon, and a mood can get set. If we can see projected images as an aid to worship in the same way as the original stained-glass rather than a novelty, we can utilize a very powerful communication tool and leave lasting, positive impressions.
From Preaching and Teaching for Change
Preaching and Teaching

Do you wonder how biblical stories fit into history or how they even relate to each other? Come hear the Bible in story formas we tell the whole story in one day.  This is one of the key tools that our church uses to engage and connect people to the Bible. Find out why this event has been the turning point in people's lives.  Learn the Bible in a no-pressure, fun environment. 
Leaders (for children and adults): Learn how you can engage your congregation to want to study the Bible with a pre-workshop briefing, pointers during the workshop on how to offer a Sprint at your own church, and a Q&A afterwards.

At Vine Street Christian Church
Arthur, Illinois
August 15, 2009

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Teaching and Preaching for Change
 Preaching and Teaching
People don't learn the way they used to.
People don't hear the way they used to.
Are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn what communicates best with each generation, how to plan your preaching and teaching for the long haul, different styles of presentation and their benefits, and for those who use the lectionary, learn some creative and impactful ways for preaching through the seasons. 

 When Kids Meet God
Preaching and TeachingKids don't learn the way that they used to.
Kids don't hear the way they used to.
Flannel graphs are a thing of the past.
So are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn ways to help children be biblically literate, principles of effective children and youth ministry, criteria for judging effectiveness of programs. Learn how to help kids learn about God and discover their place in the story of faith.
At Grace Community Christian Church
September 12, 2009
9 a.m.-4 p.m 
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