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GraceNews July 17, 2009
Stories that we take for granted 
Not long ago, I was having a conversation with a very active member of our congregation and part of the conversation went like this:
Me:  "All the songs that we are singing this week are coming straight from the psalms."
Man: "The what?"
Me:  "The psalms...The songs that are included in the Book of Psalms."
Man: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Me:  "You the 23rd Psalm--The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...."
Man:  "I really don't know what you're talking about."
Me:  "Do you remember David--the one who killed the giant?"
Man:  "Oh Yeah."
Me:  "Well he was also King of Israel. And wrote many songs that are included in a book of the Bible called Psalms."
Man:  "Oh. I didn't know that."
Me:  "Yeah, they've been used in a lot of songs that we've been singing at church--especially the new ones."
Man: "I didn't know that. Kinda cool."
My lesson: What I learned in childhood and take for granted is like a foreign language to many. And what I rely on in times of difficulty is non-existent for others--even those who are active members in our church.  But the biggest lesson is the realization of the huge loss when our church activities/worship are not informed by biblical understanding.
The good news is, it's not too late. We can learn how to share God with children and adults by leading them to the Bible and showing them the truths found in the stories. It's not enough to direct them there, we need to help unpack,connect, and reveal the flow within the stories. And let God be revealed.
I don't to keep this to you?
Taken from: Sprint Through the Bible
Preaching and Teaching

Do you wonder how biblical stories fit into history or how they even relate to each other? Come hear the Bible in story formas we tell the whole story in one day.  This is one of the key tools that our church uses to engage and connect people to the Bible. Find out why this event has been the turning point in people's lives.  Learn the Bible in a no-pressure, fun environment. 
Leaders (for children and adults): Learn how you can engage your congregation to want to study the Bible with a pre-workshop briefing, pointers during the workshop on how to offer a Sprint at your own church, and a Q&A afterwards.

At Vine Street Christian Church
Arthur, Illinois
August 15, 2009

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Two exciting programs offered on the same day: 
Teaching and Preaching for Change
 Preaching and Teaching
People don't learn the way they used to.
People don't hear the way they used to.
Are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn what communicates best with each generation, how to plan your preaching and teaching for the long haul, different styles of presentation and their benefits, and for those who use the lectionary, learn some creative and impactful ways for preaching through the seasons. 

 When Kids Meet God
Preaching and TeachingKids don't learn the way that they used to.
Kids don't hear the way they used to.
Flannel graphs are a thing of the past.
So are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn ways to help children be biblically literate, principles of effective children and youth ministry, criteria for judging effectiveness of programs. Learn how to help kids learn about God and discover their place in the story of faith.
At Grace Community Christian Church
September 12, 2009
9 a.m.-4 p.m 
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