GraceNews June 12, 2009
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GraceNews June 12, 2009

The New Face of Preaching

  • Make sure your sermon has three points
  • If you're nervous, scan the wall above their heads
  • Reference scripture at least once
  • Spend one hour of preparation for every minute you'll speak
  • Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them

Any of these sound familiar? All of thm have been taught at one point or another to ordained and lay preachers alike. Many of them have served well. But we are facing a time with different communication challenges. Every generation has a different way in which it "hears." Right now, those traits change about every 8 years. So how do you keep up? There are new approaches that are worth considering because of their powerful impact:

  • Let the biblical story carry the message
  • Center the entire sermon around the text
  • Think out loud without going in a linear fashion
  • Move the congregation to the key question but don't answer it
  • Fill in the background on the biblical text in more detail
  • Give homework or a chance for them to commit to acting on the message

There are many other approaches, including uses of the Lectionary, that refresh our preaching and help us speak a language that is understood today. Take a chance on expanding your repertoire of approaches for the sake of the Gospel.
Taken from "Preaching and Teaching for Change"


Upcoming Event at Grace
Preaching and TeachingPeople don't learn the way that they used to.
People don't hear the way that they used to.
Are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn what communicates best with each generation, how to plan your preaching and teaching for the long haul, different styles of presentation and their benefits, and for those who use the lectionary, learn some creative and impactful ways for preaching through the seasons. 
Preaching and TeachingKids don't learn the way that they used to.
Kids don't hearthe way they used to.
Flannel graphs are a thing of the past.
So are you speaking the language that they understand?
Ways to help children be biblically literate. Principles of effective children and youth ministry. Criteria for judging effectiveness of programs. Learn how to help kids learn about God and discover their place in the story of faith.
At Grace Community Christian Church
9 a.m.-4 p.m 
September 12, 2009

Preaching and Teaching 

Do you wonder how biblical stories fit into history or how they even relate to each other? Come hear the Bible in story formas we tell the whole story in one day.  This is one of the key tools that our church uses to engage and connect people to the Bible. Find out why this event has been the turning point in people's lives.  Learn the Bible in a no-pressure, fun environment. 
Leaders (for children and adults): Learn how you can engage your congregation to want to study the Bible with a pre-workshop briefing, pointers during the workshop on how to offer a Sprint at your own church, and a Q&A afterwards.

At Vine Street Christian Church
Arthur, Illinois
August 15, 2009

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Are you doing the same things that you did 10 years ago?
Does church life feel like you've lost the air out of your tires?
Are people focusing too much on the small issues and not the big picture?
Learn the steps and the process for church revitalization. This 1 day workshop is customized to your church's needs and goals with follow up provided. It will help you set the course of your church's life.  Is it time to make a move? Contact us to learn more and set up a program in your area.
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