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When the message we send isn't the message they get...
    All across the country, churches are filled with teachers who work very
hard and take their responsibilities seriously, trying to pass on the faith to another generation. Yet, in spite of their best efforts, 7 out of 8 kids drop
out of church in their teens, the national average age of spiritual growth is 14 years of age, and biblical illiteracy continues to escalate. 
    These statistics indicate some pretty sad things: With each generation there is a diluting of the story that holds us together;  adults are trying to deal with what life drops at their door with a teenage understanding of God; and, sadly,
it means that church is not seen as a place to mature but a place to leave.
    But, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, all of that can be reversed with
an intentional strategic process. Here are a few steps that are a part of that process:
1. Make sure that pastors' or confirmation classes are constantly framed as a beginning and not a graduation. It isn't an accident that many youth leave
the church shortly after finishing such a class.
2. Develop a goal-oriented education system that takes into account growth stages. It helps teachers and students alike in focusing what they study.
3) Invest some accountability in the learning. Put in place ways to ask kids what they know and understand.  It adds value, increases learning and retention, and helps learning build from year to year. By not holding them accountable to what they are learning we are actually sending the message that it is optional.
    When we make a few basic adjustments in what we do with an eye on the horizon of trying "present everyone mature in Christ" (Colossians 1:28), then
it changes everything. The stakes are so high, why wouldn't we try?


Upcoming Preaching and Teaching Event
Preaching and Teaching for Change
Preaching and Teaching
People don't learn the way that they used to.
People don't hear the way that they used to.
Are you speaking the language that they understand?
Learn what communicates best with each generation, how to plan your preaching and teaching for the long haul, different styles of presentation and their benefits, and for those who use the lectionary, learn some creative and impactful ways for preaching through the seasons.

At Grace Community Christian Church
9 a.m.-4 p.m 
September 12, 2009
Upcoming Children and Youth Training
When Kids Meet God
When Kids Meet God
Kids don't learn the way that they used to.
Kids don't hearthe way they used to.
Flannel graphs are a thing of the past.
So are you speaking the language that they understand?
Ways to help children be biblically literate. Principles of effective children and youth ministry. Criteria for judging effectiveness of programs. Learn how to help kids learn about God and discover their place in the story of faith.
At Grace Community Christian Church
September 12, 2009 

Sprint through the Bible in Arthur, Illinois
sprint with words
Do you wonder how biblical stories fit into history or how they even relate to each other? Come hear the Bible in story formas we tell the whole story in one day.  This is one of the key tools that our church uses to engage and connect people to the Bible. Find out why this event has been the turning point in people's lives.  Learn the Bible in a no-pressure, fun environment. 
Leaders (for children and adults): Learn how you can engage your congregation to want to study the Bible with a pre-workshop briefing, pointers during the workshop on how to offer a Sprint at your own church, and a Q&A afterwards.

At First Christian Church
Arthur, Illinois
August 15, 2009
Transform Your Church
Is your church stuck?
Are you doing the same things that you did 10 years ago?
Does church life feel like you've lost the air out of your tires?
Are people focusing too much on the small issues and not the big picture?
Learn the steps and the process for church revitalization. This 1 day workshop is customized to your church's needs and goals with follow up provided. It will help you set the course of your church's life.  Is it time to make a move? Contact us to learn more and set up a program in your area.
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