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 Silk Exotic Bottles
Topic: Learn how to make an aromatic love potion 
When: February 11, 2010
Time: Thursday 8:30pm EST
Fee: Free for NAHA Members
$50.00 for non-members

Presenter: Kris Wrede; Aromatic Alchemist,
Natural Perfumer
Kris WredeKris will speak about:
How to make an Aromatic Love Potion.

In Aromatica Erotica....How to make a Love Potion you will learn ancient secrets of lust and enhancing libido. Based on time explore the Kama Sutra, Romantic Poetry, Sensual Massage, Foods for Arousal and tried and true uses of essential oils for your most intimate exploits. These are wondrous techniques that have been used for thousands of years to heighten sexual desire and make lovemaking infinitely more pleasurable.

I will further explore these time honored mysteries and will also give you recipes your own beguiling love potion that will be yours to try on your partner...or experiment with on yourself! You will also get euphoria inducing recipes for your Valentine's frolicking and beyond.


About Kris Wrede: The use of plant and flower essences for therapy of mind and body and spirit were once considered the exclusive provenance of Egyptian Priests. Unlock this ancient knowledge with Kris Wrede, Aromatic Alchemist, Natural Perfumer, and Corporate Consultant. Kris has been practicing aromatic alchemy and perfumery since 1990 and is a dedicated teacher and researcher.


Her knowledge of essential oils is enhanced by a passion for their history. Allow Kris to share her wisdom with you, let her lead you through the world and imagine the possibilities aromatherapy may play in your life.


Kismet Potions practices the traditional perfumer's art using top, middle and base notes in each blend. Over the years we have developed numerous aromatic product lines and custom fragrances based on the tenets of perfumery for a wide variety of exclusive corporate and individual clients. Some of our clients include W Magazine, Jones New York, Mirage Hotel Las Vegas, Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas, Urban Oasis Spas Chicago, and Epicuren Discovery.


Constant research and practical application of aromatherapy and perfumery in product development and training has given Kris the background to teach the secrets of this ancient and potent art and science. Kris has worked in the cosmetics field and fashion industry for over 25 years, bringing that expertise into corporate product development.  By keeping a watchful eye on the current trends and by continually researching products, retailers and consumers, she can assess future market needs.


From 1994 to 1996 Kris received certification in aromatherapy and teacher training from the Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies. In 1997 she received advanced training in the chemistry of essential oils and aromatherapy from Purdue University's International Training Program in Essential Oils. In 1998 she completed the advanced aromatherapy course through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy with Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. In 1999 she received advanced training in natural perfumery and aromatherapy from Master Perfumer Kathryn Degraff. Kris continues to advance her education at conferences and seminars regularly.


Kris's classroom approach stems from her extensive research into the mystical rituals of ancient cultures, her philosophy of perfume as medicine, and the miraculous healing energy apparent in the diverse methods available for essential oil use.


Kismet PotionsTo learn more about Kris Wrede, her products, services and educational programs visit her website at
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2010 Tele-conference schedule:  
Thursday's at 8:30 pm EST
March 11: Sara Holmes BS, RA LMT;
First Do No Harm; Safe Alternatives to Neat Application of Essential Oils in Massage and Spa Treatments
April 8: Dr. Vivian Lunny MD, RA, MDMA, FIFA;
Hormonal Balancing with Essential Oils
May 13: Mindy Green MS, RA, RH (AHG);
Aromatic Medicine in a Clinical Setting
June 10: Candace Newman MAT, LMT;
Touch With Oils® Hand Massage: Process and Benefits 
July 8: Dr. Joie Power Ph.D.; Aromatic Pathways through the Brain - How Smells Affect the Mind and Body 
August 12: David Crow L.Ac.
Essential Oils as Botanical Pranic Intelligence
September 16: Dorene Peterson Dip. NT, Dip. Acu, RH (AHG); 
The Aromatherapy Registration Council and Becoming a Registered Aromatherapist  
October 14: Cathy Gins;
Making and Marketing Aromatic Jewelry
November 11: Kayla Fiorvanti;
Create Simple and Effective Bases for your Aromatic Blends
December 9, 2010: TBA
Ann Harman: TBA 
Jim Llewellyn; TBA   
and many more exciting presenters/topics to be announced soon.
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For NAHA Members we hope to also make the recordings of the classes available via a direct link that you can click-and-listen and save to your computer or a disc. Recordings may also be available on the NAHA website's bookstore in the future.
More details to be posted as this projects develops.
NAHA Director's Corner 
 Katherine Graf
Katherine Graf, MFA is an award-winning author, aromatherapy consultant, trainer, and editor. She is owner of Aroma Studio, LLC and webmaster of  She has studied aromatherapy with leading trainers in Provence and the United States. She was certified in massage therapy by Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. She has attended Cornell Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener training. She holds a BS degree in Management Science/Computer Science cum laude from Kean University and an MFA in English/Creative Writing summa cum laude from Brooklyn College.


Kathy is the author of The Business of Aromatherapy: The Insider's Guide to Success, Therapeutic Essential Oil Guide, Reminiscing With Aromatherapy™, and Empowered Pregnancy: A Resource Handbook.  She is the creator of Aroma Studio, LLC's Aromatherapy Home Study Certification for Retailers, Practitioners, Consultants, and Manufacturers which is available in 3 levels: Foundation, Advanced, and Master. This course is a NAHA approved certification. She also served as the founding editor of Aromatherapy Journal, the quarterly publication of NAHA.


She has taught aromatherapy in schools, museums, libraries, health practitioners' offices, stores, convention halls, and homes. Kathy has taught students from all over the world, including those whose first language is other than English. Her students include massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, entrepreneurs, trainers, and manufacturers. She is a national representative and trainer for Oshadhi USA. She has been a featured speaker for NAHA's World of Aromatherapy, Perfumania's corporate meeting, Extracts at Jacob K. Javits Center, and The New York Botanical Garden's continuing education program. Kathy is a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and has served NAHA as a committee member and as regional director for the Hudson Valley in New York. She is a member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). 


Contact Katherine at

Please Welcome New NAHA Regional Director:
Connecticut: Belinda Davis Murano BS, CHHC

Old Saybrook, CT  06475

Ph: (860) 304-1645



More updates to be posted to website shortly on New NAHA Regional Directors.
Interested in becoming a NAHA Regional Director for your area?
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2010 E-Journal Theme Concepts
2010.2 Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils-Going Green
2010.3 Professional Applications for Aromatherapy Volume II
2010.4 Sacred Scents; Practicing the Ancient Arts of Ceremony, Ritual and Anointing
Special Edition E-Journal Topics:
Aromatherapy for Natural Skin Care at home and in the Spa  
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2010 

The Mother's Issue: Aromatherapy for pregnancy, childbirth, infant and child care-Submission Deadline: August 1, 2010

As always, well researched, anecdotal articles on specific essential oils are appreciated as are current event news-making items.

2009.4 NAHA JournalWant to submit an article for the NAHA Aromatherapy Journal or E-Newsletters?
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Do not include endangered botanical species in the article content (unless the article subject pertains to endangered or threatened species).
Some of these essential oils include: Agarwood, Frankincense, Rosewood and Sandalwood. To learn more about the endangered botanicals please visit
All information is subject to The NAHA Board of Directors approval. All articles and data are subject to editing by the editorial board.
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Kelly and MarcoNAHA New Location update:
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Happy Valentine's Day!
We are seeking articles for the 2010 Aromatherapy E-Journals.
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NAHA Aromatherapy E-Journal 2010.1  'Exploring Subtle Aromatherapy Techniques'
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2010.2 Natural Cleaning-Going Green-Submission Deadline March 15, 2010
2010.3 Professional Applications in Aromatherapy Volume II-Submission Deadline May 1, 2010
2010.4 Sacred Scents; Practicing the Ancient Arts of Ceremony, Ritual and Anointing-Submission Deadline July 1, 2010 
Special Edition Issues Submission Deadline Dates:
Aromatherapy for Natural Skin Care at home and in the Spa 
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2010 
The Mother's Issue: Aromatherapy for pregnancy, childbirth, infant and child care
Submission Deadline: August 1, 2010
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Thank you to the members that have registered for the NAHA Tele-conference for February 11, 2010. There is still time to register for this upcoming event. You will receive call-in instructions directly from me via                                                                                                             
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Aroma Studio LLC
Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy 
International Cosmetology Training Institute
Rebecca International College of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Educators and Schools are a wonderful source for building a strong foundation and awareness in true aromatherapy. Please support the NAHA Approved Schools & Educators.
Many Thanks to the following NAHA Members who renewed their Memberships:
Sheryl Beller-Kenner-International Professional
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Rhavda Cooper-Emison/Scents of Success Business Member/Director (TX)
Laura Cumming-Friend Member
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Svetlana Ageev-Friend Member
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We are pleased to announce a new e-news section that packs a powerhouse of marketing tips into a mini-segment shared by Kayla Fioravanti RA
KaylaAttack from Multiple Fronts:
Most CEO's and owners focus on improving the bottom line by doing one of three things and do not look at all three. Successful businesses look at all three all the time.
1. Increase sales (1%)
2. Decrease cost of goods (1%)
3. Increase price of goods sold (1%)
If you did all 3 you have moved 3% to your bottom line. Chose to make it 2% or 5% or whatever changes you wish, but the idea is to work on many fronts simultaneously. All of these are changes and increases that are small enough to not impact the buyer and big enough to impact the bottom line of your company when done together.
If this technique works for you please share your thoughts with Kayla at the NAHA Blog or email her direct at or visit her website                                                                                         
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Essential News-Going Green
E-tips for Aromatherapy Awareness
Exotic BottlesContributed by  Kris Wrede
Travel an exotic journey steeped in aromatic ritual

Let your mind slowly drift and picture yourself in an era many years the 1st century B.C. in Egypt. Cleopatra was setting sail on the Nile with her entourage, her handmaidens busily scenting her sails with jasmine to announce her presence to her adoring multitudes. Of course, any prospective suitors she might encounter along the way would be intoxicated by the luxurious aromas wafting through the air. Cleopatra and other members of the royal family had their own priest perfumers, who deigned the exclusive right to create scent for rituals, religious events, lovemaking, childbirth and remedies for various maladies. Since Cleopatra felt she was above all that, she also created her own scents and cosmetics. Because she was the Queen, they did not cause friction by trying to stop her. For her, perfume was sacred, but it was also one of her main tools used to ensnare and entrap everyone from lovers to confidantes and servants. It was her preferred method of seduction. She oozed self confidence and power, and the fragrances she wore enhanced that sexual power even more.


The Latin word for perfume is actually "per-fumem", translated as "through smoke". One of the most famous incenses of all time was the Egyptian Kyphi, which came in many forms and was used for centuries as "per-fumem". In this era scent was based on the burning of macerated plant and flower essences as an offering to the Gods. It was also used in a cone shaped mixture of beef tallow and essences called a "kit" which was worn as a perfume on top of the wig, the aroma released as the fat melted in the heat of the Egyptian sun or a night of dancing and frivolity.


Cleopatra had land along the Dead Sea that was bequeathed to her by Marc Anthony, a place fittingly called "En Bouquet". There she had her own perfume and cosmetics factory, using the rich bounty of flowers and plants from the region including the olive trees and Dead Sea salts. From here, she sent her minions out to scour the far reaches of the globe to find exotic and unusual plants and oils for her to use in her elixirs.


One of the legends of when Cleopatra met Julius Caesar for the first time centers on scent. She knew that she had to win Caesar over in order to keep her dominion over her precious Egypt, instead of her letting the power go to her evil younger brother, who was also her husband. The practice of marrying a sibling was often done in ancient times to control the bloodline. Caesar was in the harbor waiting to figure out her impending doom, while Cleo silently plotted away. Cleopatra was not known as a great beauty, but she was known as the most seductive and cunning woman of her day. She was said to have a rather large proboscis, which would explain her highly attuned sense of smell. She used this to create a potion so powerful that no one could resist it, even the most powerful man in the world. Using this important asset to get the job done, she applied this potion all over her body and hair in copious quantities. She also donned her most suggestive and alluring gown, custom made for the occasion. Then she chose a tapestry of the most exquisite detail and beauty imported from Persia, and had her manservant wrap her delicately in it and prepare to go to the boat and offer herself to Caesar. When her aide guided her by boat to the harbor, Caesar was astounded at the magnanimous gift. As the servant slowly unfurled the carpet he felt himself become dizzy with scent.. And he was even more besotted when Cleopatra herself, catlike, slowly emerged from the offering festooned with more ribbons of scent. He was amused but also enchanted by this sorceress, and so one of the greatest love stories of all time began. That is of course until Marc Anthony hit the scene!


Cleopatra's Love Elixir


This is a recipe that I devised that has many of the ingredients that were used in the time of Cleopatra; all of them available today. However some of ingredients, like Blue Lotus, are extremely rare, but can be found if one is willing to pay the price. This blend can be made in a base of perfumer's alcohol or in an unscented jojoba to be used as a perfume oil. If using it as a body oil cut the recipe to only 15% of what is listed below, or divide each of the ingredients by 6. This recipe is for a 1 ounce bottle at a 15% solution, an eau de parfum strength.

For topical use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis) 50 drops

Lemon  (Citrus limon)  25 drops         

Opoponax (Cassie)(Acacia farnesiana) 13 drops      

Jasmine Sambac Absolute (Jasmin sambac) 18 drops

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) 7 drops

Rose Absolute  (Rosa damascena) 13 drops

Blue Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera) 5 drops

Myrtle  (Myrtus communis) 11 drops             

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) 8 drops

Vanilla  (Vanilla planifolia) 12 drops 


A poem inspired by Cleopatra's time heralding the virtues of scent.

From the book Sacred Luxuries by Lise Manniche:


"If you go to the room of the beloved

She being alone and without another

You can do what you wish with the latch

The door hangings flutter

When the sky comes down in the wind

But it does not carry it away, her fragrance,

When she brings you an abundance of scent

Intoxicating those present......"


Kris Wrede

 Krise Wrede Aromatic Alchemist ~ Natural Perfumer
Want to learn more about exotic oils and aphrodisiac potions? Join us Thursday Feb. 11 at 8:30pm EST for a special tele-conference presented by Kris Wrede on the topic; 'How to make an aromatic love potion'. Feb 11, 2010 Thursday 8:30pm EST
To learn
more about this presentation scroll to the left side of this enewsletter for presentation details. Click here to Register via the NAHA Online Feedback Form Tele-conferences are FREE for NAHA Membership. $50.00 non-members.                                                                                                
Krise Wrede Aromatic Alchemist ~ Natural Perfumer

Contact: Kismet Potions

505-275-6508 office 505-213-5257 cell Albuquerque, NM 87111

 If you have enjoyed reading Kris's and past e-news tips, please let us know.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and share your feedback with the volunteer contributors and members. 

Want to contribute to the NAHA Essential E-News column? We are currently accepting articles for March thru December 2010 E-newsletters.
We'd love for you to share your helpful aromatherapy recipes and green-awareness tips. We are also looking for information on the following: Marketing your aromatherapy business tips, diffusion blends, what do you do to be green etc,
Please email us to request a copy of the NAHA Writer's Guidelines and Submissions Requirements Outline. If your e-news article is accepted for publication in a future NAHA e-newsletter you will be notified via email.
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Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email: |

February 5, 2010
Event Title: Skintastic Salts & Scrubs Workshop
Educator: Sharon De Rose
Facility: New Directions Aromatics Showroom
Address 21 Regan Road Suite B Brampton Canada
Contact Name: Catherine Bourque
Phone 1-877-255-7692
Email: |


February 5, 6 through February 7, 2010
Event Title: Aroma101: Foundations Certificate program
Educator Jade Shutes
Facility: EWSHAS
Address: Willow Spring/Raleigh, NC
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
Phone: 919-894-7230
Email: |

February 6, 2010
Event Title: Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu (CE Available)
Educator: Shellie Enteen BA RA LMT (NCBTMB # 158498-00)
Facility: Carolina Continuing Massage Education
Contact Name: Shellie Enteen Phone: 864-877-8594
Email: |

February 11, 2010
Event Title: Making a Love Potion
Educator: Kris Wrede
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
 Register via NAHA Online Feedback Form


February 17 through May 12, 2010
Educator: Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C
Facility: Via Tele-seminar
Contact Name: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky
Email: |



February 19, 2010
Event Title: Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making
Educator: Jen Benham FSBTh., BABthC., CNHP, RAHP.
Facility: New Directions Aromatics Showroom
Address 21 Regan Road Suite B Brampton Canada
Contact Name: Catherine Bourque
Phone 1-877-255-7692
Email: |


February 20, 21 and 22, 2010

Event Title Aroma101: Foundations
Educator Michelle Thibert
Facility: Country Village
Address: Bothell, WA
Contact Name: Michelle Thibert
Phone: 253.221.7312
Email: |

February 21, 2010
Event Title: Introduction to Aromatherapy (CE Available)
Educator: Shellie Enteen BA RA LMT (NCBTMB # 158498-00)
Facility: Carolina Continuing Massage Education
Contact Name: Shellie Enteen Phone: 864-877-8594
Email: |

February 26, 27 and 28, 2010
Event Title: Aroma101: Foundations
Educator Jade Shutes
Facility: Massage Associates
Address: Rockville, MD
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
Phone: 919-894-7230 |


March 11, 2010
Event Title: NAHA Tele-class; Safe Alternatives to Neat Application of Essential Oils in Massage and Spa Treatments
Educator: Sara Holmes BS RA LMT
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Register via NAHA Online Feedback Form



March 13, 2010
Event Title: 39th World Health Fitness Wellness and Martial Arts Expo
Facility: University of Michigan Dearborn Field House
Address: 4019 evergreen Dearborn, Michigan USA
Contact Name: Dr Ibraham Ahmed
Phone: 3138158767
Email: |


March 20, 2010
Event Title: Advanced Massage Techniques
Educator: Beverley Hawkins
Facility: West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Address: 120 5421 10 Ave, Delta, BC, Canada
Contact Name: Beverley Hawkins
Phone: 604-943-7476
Email: |


March 20 and 21, 2010
Event Title: Aromatic Applications for the Skin
Educator Jade Shutes
Facility: EWSHAS
Address: Willow Spring/Raleigh, NC
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
Phone: 919-894-7230
Email: |

March 21, 2010
Event Title: Advanced Blending Techniques (CE Available)
Educator: Shellie Enteen BA RA LMT (NCBTMB # 158498-00)
Facility: Carolina Continuing Massage Education
Contact Name: Shellie Enteen Phone: 864-877-8594
Email: |

March 26, 2010
Event Title: Aromatherapy 101
Educator: Sharon De Rose
Facility: New Directions Aromatics Showroom
Address 21 Regan Road Suite B Brampton Canada
Contact Name: Catherine Bourque
Phone 1-877-255-7692
Email: |


March 26 through March 28, 2010
Event Title: Aromatic Blending
Educator: Andrea Butje
Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email: |


March 26 through March 28, 2010
Event Title: Aroma101: Foundations
Educator Jade Shutes
Facility: Augusta School of Massage
Address: Augusta, GA
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
Phone: 919-894-7230
Email: |

March 27, 2010
Event Title: Aromatherapy Skin Care
Educator: Sharon De Rose
Facility: New Directions Aromatics Showroom
Address 21 Regan Road Suite B Brampton Canada
Contact Name: Catherine Bourque
Phone 1-877-255-7692
Email: |

April 6 through May 11, 2010
Event Title: Flower Power for your Pets (sm)
Educator: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP CBFP LMT
Facility: 6 week Online course via computer
Contact Name: Kelly Holland Azzaro


April 8, 2010
Event Title: NAHA Tele-class; Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance and Support
Educator: Dr. Vivian Lunny
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Register via NAHA Online Feedback Form



April 8 through April 10 2010
Event Title: The Business of Aromatherapy
Educator: Andrea Butje
Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email: |

April 11, 2010
Event Title: Aromatherapy Full Body Technique (CE Available)
Educator: Shellie Enteen BA RA LMT (NCBTMB # 158498-00)
Facility: Carolina Continuing Massage Education
Contact Name: Shellie Enteen Phone: 864-877-8594
Email: |


April 14 through April 18 2010
Event Title: Teacher training
Educator: Andrea Butje
Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email: |


April 17 through April 18, 2010
Event Title: Seated Chair Massage
Educator: Beverley Hawkins
Facility: West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Address: 120 5421 10 Ave, Delta, BC, Canada
Contact Name: Beverley Hawkins
Phone: 604-943-7476
Email: |


April 24 and 25, 2010
Event Title: Aromatic Applications for the skin
Educator Jade Shutes
Address: Snohomish WA
Contact Name: Jade Shutes
Phone: 919-894-7230
Email: |


April 24 through 25, 2010

Event Title: Aromatherapy and Essential Oil in Practice - Level I
Educator: Joie Power, Ph.D.
Facility: The Aromatherapy School, North GA / Western NC
Contact: Dr. Joie Power Phone: 828-835-2231
Email: |

April 24 through May 7, 2010

Event Title: "C.C.A. Certified Clinical Aromatherapist" program
Educator: Marlene M. Mitchell
Facility: International Certified Aromatherapy Institute
Address: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-448-2965
Email: |

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