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 Winter Holiday
Topic: Aromatherapy Relief during the Holidays-keep your immune system strong. 
When: December 10, 2009
Thursday 8:30pm EST
Fee: Free for NAHA Members

Presenter: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone 
Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Jennifer will speak about: Aromatherapy Relief during the Holidays.
It's no surprise that one of the most stressful times of the year is the Holidays. It is a time for family gatherings, last minute deadlines, end-of-year paperwork, holiday shopping, parties, personal reflection and somewhere in between, rest.

Join us to learn ways to manage all of these responsibilities with a little more ease, less stress, stronger immune system, increased mental clarity, reduced fatigue and a greater emotional stability.

We will discuss several essential oils, share recipes and other tips for you to have a joyous and healthy Holiday season. 

Tele-conference attendee's will receive a 20% discount off JennScents books and 15% off any JennScents Holistic Aromatherapy Certificate Courses. 
Offer Expires 12/31/09  Discount code:

Jennifer Hochell Pressimone is a Holistic Aromatherapist and Herbalist, NAHA Regional Director, author, educator and Natural Health Consultant. She is the owner of JennScents®, Inc. and the Clermont Herb Shoppe & Day Spa in Clermont, Florida.  Jennifer contributes regularly NAHA publications. 
To learn more about Jennifer visit her website at
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Space is limited so please be sure you will be able to attend before registering.
Jan 14: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky;
The Soul-Level Roots of Female Hormonal Disharmony; Comparing Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Vetivert 
February 11: Kris Wrede;
How to Make an Aromatic Love Potion 
March 11: Sara Holmes;
First Do No Harm; Safe Alternatives to Neat Application of Essential Oils in Massage and Spa Treatments
April 8: Dr. Vivian Lunny;
Hormonal Balancing with Essential Oils
May 13: Mindy Green;
Aromatic Medicine in a Clinical Setting
June 10: Candace Newman;
Touch With Oils® Hand Massage: Process and Benefits 
July 8: Dr. Joie Power; Aromatic Pathways through the Brain - How Smells Affect the Mind and Body 
September 16: Dorene Peterson; 
The Aromatherapy Registration Council and Becoming a Registered Aromatherapist  
October 14: Cathy Gins;
Making and Marketing Aromatic Jewelry
Ann Harman: TBA 
Jim Llewellyn; TBA   
Kayla Fiorvanti; TBA 
and many more exciting presenters/topics to be announced soon.
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More details to be posted as this projects develops.
NAHA Director's Corner 
 George Cox (OH)
NAHA Director (OH) George Cox
George has been teaching aromatherapy for 14 years.
His classes are accredited by NCBTMB and as such, he is an approved provider of continuing education for licensed massage therapists. He teaches or has taught at 21 Massage Schools in 4 states. Additionally he has worked with Skilled Nursing Facilities to incorporate aromatherapy into their treatments, has presented to hospitals and hospital support groups, worked with the AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland and the Ohio AIDS Coalition as well as the general public.

His clinical approach to aromatherapy has lead the way for him to develop professional relationships to use aromatherapy in a clinic specializing in headaches, test a hot flash product with an OB/Gyn, and work with an MD to assist with muscle cramps and Restless Leg Syndrome. He developed the curriculum and teaches a three credit hour class on Aromatherapy at Cincinnati State College that encompasses 18 hours of lecture and 18 hours of laboratory.

In 2003 he founded Natural Options Aromatherapy. This company is dedicated to providing the finest essential oils, the best possible blends, and excellent education. He has developed effective formulas to assist conditions including hot flashes, muscle cramps, arthritis, insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, and anxiety.

Prior to finding aromatherapy, he has been in field management for Revlon, Inc., been the VP of Marketing and Sales for Fashion Two Twenty Cosmetics, owned and managed a cosmetic company, and held the position of Senior Director Business Development for a chain of Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Contact George at:
Natural Options Aromatherapy
Please Welcome New NAHA Regional Directors:
Keren Dolan: Virginia
Connie Henry: New Mexico
Ph: (505) 343-0552
More updates to be posted shortly on New NAHA Regional Directors.
Interested in becoming a NAHA Regional Director for your area?
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New Directions Aromatics
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NAHA BLOG Updates and Blog Survey Question
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NAHA 2009.1 Cover 
Call for 2010 Articles
Do you have a professional quality article that we can consider for publication in the NAHA 2010 E-Journals Or Special Edition
We are particularly interested in receiving proposals for articles on the following:
2010 E-Journal Theme Concepts
Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils

Carrier oils and Infused oils

Aromatherapy for
First-Aid of Body-Mind-Spirit

Aromatherapy Profession; Essential Oils
in Application Volume II
All About Lavender
Special Edition E-Journal Topics:
Aromatherapy Education
We want to hear from Aromatherapy Teachers and Educators

Share your teaching style and tips
History of Aromatherapy-what is the foundation that you teach your students

Essential Oils and Chemistry-an added level of education

Aromatherapy Around the World-how is aromatherapy being taught in other countries

The Business of Aromatherapy-marketing tips and aromatic advice to promote your products, services and educational offerings
Aromatherapy for Birthing, Infant
and Child Care
Essential Oil Safety and Awareness during and after Pregnancy
How is Aromatherapy helpful for children and teens
Children and health issues and how aromatherapy can be beneficial
As always, well researched, anecdotal articles on specific essential oils are appreciated as are current event news-making items.
NAHA Aromatherapy E-Journal Topics/Themes are scheduled to change based on content received. We are open to ideas and suggestions for future e-journal publications.
Article submissions sent to NAHA are not guaranteed to be published. Articles must be sent in WORD Doc. New Roman Times Font size 12pt, Essential Oil Common Name and Latin binomial(s) in italic. We request that you put your documents through computer spell-check for a pre-edit.
Do not include endangered botanical species in the article content (unless the article subject pertains to endangered or threatened species). To learn more about the endangered botanicals please visit
All information is subject to The NAHA Board of Directors approval. All articles and data are subject to editing by the editorial board.
Authors are not promised that their submission will be included in any specific journal.
If your article is accepted you will be asked to submit a brief bio and your contact information in WORD DOC.
and a JPEG (High Resolution 300dpi) Headshot image.

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Kelly Holland Azzaro
Editorial Team:
Shellie Enteen
Kelly Holland Azzaro
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Keep all aromatherapy products out of reach of children and pets. 
Before using essential oils and aromatherapy products please consult with a professional aromatherapist.
NAHA website is a resourceful area for information on Aromatherapy Safety, Applications and Uses.
All Questions pertaining to essential oils and aromatherapy must be submitted via the online Feedback form which is on the Contact NAHA page and Membership Resources page.
All incomplete forms will be returned to sender.
NAHA can not diagnose or prescribe essential oils, please note that any information shared is for educational purposes only.
NAHA E-News  Issue: 2009.7 December
Dear NAHA Member and Aromatherapy Supporter, 
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December Highlights
*Membership Appreciation
*Approved Schools Renewed and New Listings
*Membership Discount Program
*E-Scents-green tips for aromatherapy awareness
*Calendar of Events
*Director's Corner 
*Tele-Conference Schedule Update
*NAHA Aromatherapy E-Journal Updates
*Call for 2010 Journal Articles
Kelly and MarcoNAHA New Location update:
New address and phone numbers                                            
PO BOX 1868
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(828) 898-6161 office (EST)
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Please use the NAHA Online Feedback Form for all NAHA Membership communications and Aromatherapy questions etc.
Continued Communications: Marco and I are continuing to process memberships and online bookstore orders. We have already begun the process of contacting expired members and getting great feedback on the new office, tele-conferences, journals, articles and support for NAHA!
NAHA Aromatherapy E-Journal 2009.1 and 2009.2 PDF issues were emailed to current NAHA Members and 2009.3 is on its way.
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From here we will build a strong foundation for communication and support for the Membership as a whole.

We appreciate everyone's patience while we organize all the NAHA Memberships, Approved Schools and begin moving the remaining 2009 NAHA e-journals forward and start anew with 2010 Journals.  

RENEW OR JOIN Online: If your membership or school has expired you can renew online via the NAHA secure store option. NAHA Approved School Renewal Online renewal for advertisers coming soon. Please use the NAHA ADV. Media Form to place or renew an advertisement. You can mail or fax to the NAHA office.
We'll continue to keep you posted!
Aromatic Blessings,
Kelly & Marco
Our New NAHA Board:
NAHA President, Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Kelly Holland Azzaro
NAHA Vice President, Shellie Enteen BA LMT
Shellie Enteen 

NAHA Membership Appreciation-Tele-conference Registration updates
hands and heart
Thank you to the members that have registered for the NAHA Tele-conference for December 10, 2009. There is still time to register for this upcoming event. You will receive call-in instructions directly from me via
*Please be sure to completely fill in your online registration form information and don't forget to include your email address (a few forms came in without contact email addresses, we were able to find current email address for all except one). *Include the contact phone number you will be using to call into the tele-conference center for attendance records.
Click on the direct link to find out more on aromatherapy schools and educational programs available in the USA, Canada and Internationally around the world. Many schools also offer distance learning, home-study programs and online courses.
THANK YOU to the following Aromatherapy Schools for joining/renewing as a NAHA Approved School.  
Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy

Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy Certification Program 
East-West School for Herbal & Aromatic Studies
International Aromatherapy Research Association (IARA)
International Aromatherapy Society (I.A.S.)
International Association of Aromatherapy

JennScents® Institute of Aromatherapy
Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc. (Canada)
Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Inc. (Taiwan Branch)

Siyanli Professional Beauty Academy
Spark Academy and Consultants
The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy 

West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy Inc.

Aromatherapy Educators and Schools are a wonderful source for building a strong foundation and awareness in true aromatherapy. Please support the NAHA Approved Schools & Educators.
Many Thanks to the following NAHA Members who renewed their Memberships:
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Jacqueline Bloom-Friend of Aromatherapy
Salvatore Burgio-Friend of Aromatherapy
Andrea Butje-Professional Member
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Focus on the money making aspects of your business first. Don't get busy doing busy work while setting aside the most important tasks of your day. It is easy to choose to do the easiest things first and then get around to the hard things later (if you have time left over) and commonly the hard things are the things that help you make money. Your daily to do list should say, "First do hard things, second do the hard thing that makes money first!" 
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Aromatics International   
20% off all essential oil orders, at checkout use the code: NAHA
Essential News-Going Green
E-tips for Aromatherapy Awareness
Contributed by Andrea Butje, LMT Clinical Aromatherapist
 Winter Season 
Staying Healthy Using Essential Oils High in 1,8 cineole
Certain essential oil components provide an impressively wide range of well-researched therapeutic properties.  1,8 cineole stands out as a particularly effective chemical component worth considering in your aromatherapy blending-especially during the winter season.
Here are the major properties of 1,8 cineole: Cineole
Airborne antimicrobial
Increases cerebral blood flow
Reduces tension headaches
Smooth muscle antispasmodic
Cough suppressant
Generally, when I read a long list of therapeutic properties, it becomes a blur. Until you examine this list closely, it may not be clear why oils high in 1,8 cineole are particularly effective during the cold and flu season. Let's look more carefully at the range of healing properties of 1,8 cineole by grouping the therapeutic properties together.
Clearing the Air
When we diffuse the oils high in 1,8 cineole, we can reduce the number of microbes (viruses, bacteria and fungus) in the air. This is especially useful when someone in the house is sick, or if you work in an environment with large groups of people. Try using an electric diffuser when no one is in the room. Add 50-100 total drops of 1,8 cineole high essential oils, leave the room, close the doors and run the diffuser for a few hours. Once you re-enter the room, open the doors and windows and clear the air. This is a very effective way to kill airborne microbes.
When blending for a sick individual, use a more direct approach. Blend oils high in 1,8 cineole for steam inhalation or use with blank essential oil inhalers. Using steam or inhalers introduces a strong, undiluted dose of essential oils directly to the upper respiratory track.  This can provide both immediate relief and longer-term support during healing. Keep in mind that using these oils diluted on the skin can contribute to a faster recovery as well. 
Releasing Tension and Relieving Pain
When 1,8 cineole acts as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, mucolytic, expectorant, increases cerebral blood flow, and reduces tension headaches-relief is the key result.  The antispasmodic, anti-infectious, and anti-inflammatory nature of 1,8 cineole can be highly effective at reducing pain.
Any time blood flow and oxygen circulation to tight muscles increase, the body is supported and pain decreases.  This is why 1,8 cineole's ability to increase cerebral blood flow and reduce muscular tension offers relief for tension headaches and back and neck pain.  Blend in dilutions appropriate for topical application when treating muscle pain and headaches.
Those who suffer mucus congestion are often eager for relief in the form of cleared sinuses, reduced swelling and clearer breathing.  Essential oils high in 1,8 cineole are known to help reduce congestion, perhaps calm a spastic cough and therefore reduce tension in the head, upper body and sinuses.  Blend for inhalation through steam or essential oil inhalers when treating mucus congestion.
A Selection of Essential Oils High in 1,8 Cineole
Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus radiata
Helichrysum - Helichrysum gymnocephalum
Laurel Leaf - Laurus nobilis
Niaouli ct 1,8 cineole - Melaleuca quinquenervia ct 1,8 cineole
Ravintsara - Cinnamomum camphora ct 1,8 cineole
Rosemary ct camphor - Rosmarinus officinalis ct camphor/ 1,8 cineole
Saro - Cinnamosma fragrans
Cautions When Blending
It's important to keep safety in mind when working with oils high in 1,8 cineole.  When used properly, these oils can be highly effective and safe.  If oxidized, essential oils high in 1,8 cineole may cause skin or mucus membrane irritation or sensitization. These oils may antidote homeopathic remedies. These oils are too strong to use with babies or children under five years old.
Do not use with animals. Care must be taken when using with asthmatics, as they may not respond well to these oils.
A 1,8 cineole Medicine Chest
I use oils high in 1,8 cineole when blending for my own health. I make several blends that could be used to support my body at the onset of a cold or flu. I start by creating a few "stock blends" of pure essential oil in 5 ml bottles. I keep these stored in a cool, dark place. When the time comes to use them, they are already made, so blending into carriers is easy and fast. I might make an inhaler, do some steams, make a bath salt, a body butter, or diffuse the undiluted oil. I use the blends actively for a few days, or for up to 1-2 weeks, depending on the situation.
If you have not used some of these essential oils high in 1,8 cineole, I encourage you to try them. Saro is my new personal favorite. Enjoy the oils and have a healthy winter!
Andrea ButjeAndrea Butje has been teaching courses in the therapeutic uses of essential oils since 1995. She offers business classes, teacher training, and advanced blending programs. Aromahead Institute classes are held in Sarasota, Florida, Ithaca NY and online.
Andrea's essential oil retail business, Aromatics International, is at the forefront of quality control and chemical analysis. Andrea is a professional member of NAHA. In addition, Andrea currently serves on the education board of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists and contributes to the organization's efforts to create educational standards. By working directly with distillers around the world and participating in research and teaching, Andrea remains on top of current issues and trends in the growing practice of Aromatherapy. Contact Andrea at or visit her website at and   

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Back to school flowersNAHA Calendar of Events
Click on the above link to view more classes, lectures, workshops and educational programs
December 2009-January 2010
December 1 through January 5, 2010
Event Title: Animal Aroma 100; Beginner Level;
Aromatherapy for Dogs, Horses and Farm Animals
Educator: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Facility: Online via your computer
Address: Online 10 week course Tuesdays
Contact Name: Kelly Holland Azzaro
Email:  |

December 5, 2009
Event Title: ACHS 6th Annual Winter Celebration
Educator: American College of Healthcare Sciences
Hosted by: American College of Healthcare Sciences (formerly Australasian College)
Address: 5940 SW Hood Ave, Portland, OR, 97239
Contact Name: 503-244-0726
Email:  |  

December 6, 2009
Event Title: Women´s Essence
Educator Shanti Dechen
Facility: Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy
Address: 8100 Ganttcrest Drive, Austin, TX, US
Contact Name: Aroma Apothecary
Phone: 1-888-276-6278
Email:  |  

December 10, 2009
Event Title: NAHA Tele-Conference; Aromatherapy for Holiday Stress-keep
your Immune System Strong
Educator: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
December 12, 2009
Event Title: Bach Flower Remedies
Educator: Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMT
Facility: Astralessence Education
Address: Greenville, SC
Contact Name: Shellie Enteen
Phone: 864-877-8450
Email: /
December 12 through December 13, 2009
Event Title: Aromatherapy Caddy Chemistry
Educator: Beverley Hawkins
Facility: West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Address: 120 5421 10 Ave, Delta, BC, Canada
Contact Name: Beverley Hawkins
Phone: 604-943-7476
Email: |

January 7 through February 25, 2010
Event Title: Clinical Aromatherapy Level 1
Educator: Shanti Dechen
Facility: Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy
Address: 8100 Ganttcrest Drive, Austin, TX, US
Contact Name: Aroma Apothecary
Phone: 1-888-276-6278
Email:  |  

January 8 through January 10, 2010
Event Title: Component Blending
Educator: Andrea Butje
Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email:  |  

January 11 through March 26, 2010
Event Title: C.C.M.A.Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist Program
Educator: Marlene M. Mitchell
Facility: International Certified Aromatherapy Institute
Address: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-448-2965
Email:  |  

January 14, 2010
Event Title: NAHA Tele-conference;The Soul-Level Roots of Female Hormonal Disharmony:
Comparing Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Vetivert 
Educator: Dr. Bruce Berkowsky N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone) Special 2 hour Presentation
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Register via NAHA Online Feeback Form
January 16, 2010
Event Title: Indian Head Massage
Educator: Beverley Hawkins
Facility: West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy
Address: 120 5421 10 Ave, Delta, BC, Canada
Contact Name: Beverley Hawkins
Phone: 604-943-7476
Email:  | 

January 19 through March 23, 2010
Event Title: Animal Aromatherapy 101; Animal Meridian Theory and
Aromatherapy Application (sm)
Educator: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Facility: Online via your computer Tuesdays
Address: Online 10 week course Pre-requisite Animal Aroma100
Contact Name: Kelly Holland Azzaro
Email:  | 

January 20 through March 21, 2010
Event Title: Aromatherapy Certification Program
Educator: Andrea Butje
Facility: Aromahead Institute, Sarasota Florida
Contact: Andrea Butje Phone: 941-323-3483
Email:  |   

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