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NAHA Tele-Conference
Directors Corner
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NAHA Tele-Conferences
FREE for NAHA Members! 
 Kelly and Sandy
Topic: Aromatherapy for You and Your Animal Friends. 
When: November 12, 2009
Thursday 8:30pm EST
Fee: Free for NAHA Members

Presenter: Kelly Holland Azzaro
Kelly with Sandy and TazKelly will speak about: Aromatherapy for you and your Animal Friends.
Aromatherapy and essential oils can be a very easy and effective tool for holistic health awareness for you and your animal friends.
Tele-class emphasis is on the safe use of essential oils as well as which animals are more receptive to aromatherapy than others. Learn about effective ways to use pure essential oils and natural botanicals with specific animals.

Natural Holistic healing with aromatherapy can be used for many issues including abscesses, skin issues, sweet itch, allergies, upper respiratory care, arthritis, muscular aches and pains, immune enhancement and stress related problems. By incorporating aromatherapy you can help create a healthy and peaceful environment for your animal friends for healing, training, stables, office, travel and home.

Tele-conference attendee's special offer: 20% off Ashi Aromatics Aromatherapy Product Line via our secure online web-store which offers over 100 natural products for you and your animal friends. Mention NAHA Tele-conference in the comments box during online check out. Your discount will be applied once your order is processed. 
Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP CBFP LMT Registered Aromatherapist, Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Bach Flower Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner. Additional training and professional experience in Canine/Equine Acupressure-Massage, Intuitive Animal Communication, Crystal-Gemstone Therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Therapy for people and their animal friends for over 20 years.
Kelly and her husband Marco a Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Qigong Practitioner- Instructor have a Holistic Healing Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. secure online web-store over 100 natural products for your and your animal friends (sm).  

To learn more about Kelly visit her website at 
  Ashi Aromatics Inc.
To Register for Tele-conference
Please fill out the
NAHA Online Feedback Form and follow these three steps to complete your registration.
1. Completely fill out entire form 
(please do not forget to include your email address. In the 'comment box' please include the contact phone number you will be using to call into the tele-conference center for attendance records.)
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Incomplete forms will not be accepted. Please fill in all information on the form in order to register for the tele-conference.
Tele-conferences are open to NAHA Members only. Your NAHA Membership must be current in order to register.
In order for attendance credit to apply you must arrive on time and stay until the end of the presentation. An attendance code will be given at the end of the tele-conference for your records. Please do not hang up until you receive the code. 
Space is limited so please be sure you will be able to attend before registering.
Upcoming 2009-2010 Teleconferences to be scheduled with:
Jennifer Hochell- Pressimone; Dec 10:
Aromatherapy Relief for Holiday Stress - Keeping a Strong Immune System
Dr. Bruce Berkowsky: Jan 12:
Spiritual PhytoEssencing (specific topic TBA)

Sara Holmes March 11:
First Do No Harm; Safe Alternatives to Neat Application of Essential Oils in Massage and Spa Treatments
Dr. Vivian Lunny; April 8:
Hormonal Balancing with Essential Oils
Mindy Green; May 13:
Aromatic medicine in a clinical setting
Candace Newman; June 10
Touch With Oils® Hand Massage: Process and Benefits 
Dorene Peterson; September 16, 2010
The Aromatherapy Registration Council and Becoming a Registered Aromatherapist  
Jim Llewellyn; TBA
Dr. Joie Power; TBA

Lesley Wooler; TBA 
and many more exciting presenters/topics to be announced soon.
Tele-conference date, time, presenter and fees are scheduled to change without notice. Tele-conference may also be rescheduled due to technical difficulties.
Are you interested in presenting a
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All submissions will be reviewed by the NAHA Board. If your tele-conference is approved you will be notified by email.
Tele-Class Schedule will be posted on the NAHA website.
Each tele-conference will
be advertised via links on the NAHA web-pages.
The tele-conference will also be highlighted in
NAHA E-newsletters.
An additional weblink will be placed to your website on the NAHA website and in E-newsletters.
And as an added way to show our appreciation for you sharing your time and energy you will also have the opportunity to post a special complimentary advertisement via your business logo with direct weblink.
For NAHA Members we hope to also make the recordings of the classes available via a direct link that you can click-and-listen and save to your computer or a disc. Recordings may also be available on the NAHA website's bookstore in the future.
More details to be posted as this projects develops.
NAHA Director's Corner 
 Pam Conrad

Pam Conrad RN,BSN first fell in love with aromatherapy in Jane Buckle's Clinical Aromatherapy program. With her family, she moved to England and has recently returned to the US after two years living and studying throughout the UK. Her journey included a six month internship with Denise Tiran in her Complementary Therapy Maternity Clinic at Queen Mary's Hospital. While there, she practiced aromatherapy with prenatal, laboring and post partum patients. In addition, she consulted with midwife aromatherapists at John Radcliffe and Sheffield hospitals, which both have successful long-term maternity aromatherapy programs.

In London, she attended The University of Westminster Graduate School of Integrated Health and completed a Graduate Diploma in Complementary Therapy Studies.

She also attended Gabriel Mojay's classes, an IFPA conference and an Aromatours aromatherapy retreat in Provence which were real treasures to balance the journey. The generosity and knowledge of England's aromatherapy community will forever remain in her heart.

Pam's practice and business Aromas for Healing focuses on aromatic complementary therapies for women's health.
Contact Pam at:
Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Safety Awareness
Visit the NAHA website
via this link for more information on
Or contact NAHA Safety Chair Sylla Sheppard Hanger at
NAHA BLOG Updates and Blog Survey Question
Visit the NAHA Blog to participate in Survey questions posted at bottom of blog page. 
NAHA Enewsletter Layout:
Kelly Holland Azzaro
Editorial Team:
Shellie Enteen
Kelly Holland Azzaro
The information on the NAHA Website or contained in NAHA Email Communications are not intended to diagnose or take the place of professional healthcare. Please consult your health care practitioner if you are pregnant or have been diagnosed with any serious healthcare problems.
Keep all aromatherapy products out of reach of children.
Do not get near eyes. If essential oils get in the eyes, flush
with water and seek proper healthcare advice.
Before using essential oils and aromatherapy products please consult with a professional aromatherapist.
NAHA website is a resourceful area for information on Aromatherapy Safety, Applications and Uses.
All Questions pertaining to essential oils and aromatherapy must be submitted via the online Feedback form which is on the Contact NAHA page and Membership Resources page.
All incomplete forms will be returned to sender.
NAHA can not diagnose or prescribe essential oils, please note that any information shared is for educational purposes only.
NAHA E-News  Issue: 2009.6 November
Dear NAHA Member and Aromatherapy Supporter, 
Welcome to NAHA's E-News. You are receiving this email as a current Member of NAHA or if you signed up to receive NAHA Enewsletters. If your contact information has changed please let us know so we can update enewsletter database.
November Highlights
*Membership Appreciation
*Approved Schools Renewed and New Listings
*Membership Discount Program
*E-Scents-green tips for aromatherapy awareness
*Calendar of Events
*Aromatherapy in the News
*Director's Corner 
*Tele-Conference Schedule Update
Kelly and MarcoNAHA New Location update:
New address and phone numbers                                            
PO BOX 1868
Banner Elk, NC 28604
(828) 898-6161 office
(828) 898-1965 fax
Please use the NAHA Online Feedback Form for all NAHA Membership communications and Aromatherapy questions etc.
Marco and I are beginning to process memberships and online bookstore orders. We appreciate everyone's patience while we organize all the NAHA Memberships, Approved Schools and begin moving the NAHA e-journals forward.
The NAHA Constant Contact database will be revamped as we go through each member's file to ensure that all current Member's email address is listed. From here we will build a strong foundation for communication and support for the Membership as a whole.
We'll keep you posted!
Aromatics Blessings,
Kelly & Marco
Our New NAHA Board:
NAHA President, Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Kelly Holland Azzaro
NAHA Vice President, Shellie Enteen BA LMT
Shellie Enteen

NAHA Membership Appreciation for Tele-conference Registration
hands and heart
THANK YOU to the members that have registered for the NAHA Tele-conference for November 12, 2009. There is still time to register for this upcoming event. You will receive call-in instructions directly from me via
*Please be sure to completely fill in your online registration form information and don't forget to include your email address (a few forms came in without contact email addresses, we were able to find current email address for all except one). *Include the contact phone number you will be using to call into the tele-conference center for attendance records.
click on the direct link to find out more on aromatherapy schools and educational programs available in the USA, Canada and Internationally around the world. Many schools also offer distance learning, home-study programs and online courses.
Aromatherapy Educators and Schools are a wonderful source for building a strong foundation and awareness in true aromatherapy. Please support the NAHA Approved Schools & Educators.
Visit the NAHA Blog
to read past NAHA e-newsletter mini-articles, share comments and participate in the new blog survey question (posted at bottom of blog page). We invite NAHA Members to submit their blog web-link for reciprocal link with NAHA Blog.(some restrictions apply, see past NAHA e-news announcement for more details).
NEW!  NAHA Mini-MarketingTips: Contibuted by Kayla Fioravanti, RA
We are pleased to announce a new e-news section that packs a powerhouse of marketing tips into a mini-segment shared by Kayla Fioravanti RA
KaylaLet Technology Work for You. Social media is the single most cost effective means of increasing sales available on the market today.  If you don't have a blog, newsletter, e-commerce website, twitter account or Facebook page you are losing thousands of contacts per day.  Consumers are living their lives out on the internet.  They make purchasing decisions, form loyal relationships and spread incredible word of mouth advertising on the internet every day.  A company not having a social media presence is almost like having a retail business with no outside signage in today's society.  Also, you can't direct the conversation to your business or your industry unless you join the conversation. 
If social media looks to overwhelming to you just sign up and follow me for bit.  You will get the hang of it.  On twitter follow @EssentialU and @EssentialWhlsl or on Facebook friend me under Kayla Fioravanti and Essential Wholesale.  
If this technique works for you please share your thoughts with Kayla at the NAHA Blog or email her direct at
Visit the NAHA Blog a place where you can share your comments about the NAHA E-News Articles and Kayla's Marketing Tips.

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The Professionals, Schools and Businesses that offer a discount to NAHA Members. Please mention that you are a active member of NAHA when placing an order in order to receive a discount.

Do you want to offer a discount to NAHA Members?

If so, please fill out the Online Feedback Form and be sure to include your complete contact information along with discount amount and for what items; ie; products, services etc
Aromatics International
Aromahead Institute   
$50 gift certificate to Aromatics International when you register for an Aromahead institute class (applies to all classes except the free online class)
Aromatics International   
20% off all essential oil orders, at checkout use the code: NAHA
WOM BannerWorld Of Massage Conference
Nov. 12 thru Nov 17, 2009
50% off registration for NAHA Members!
The World Massage Conference is an international web based online conference featuring over 70 of the world's top leaders in the massage industry. It will be the largest event in the history of massage with over 10,000 massage practitioners already registered. Topics covered will include Research, Business, Technique, Self-care, Treatment, Spa, as well as a special stream for Educators.
The World Massage Conference offers high quality continuing education through online presentations by the massage industry's top experts from around the world. This method of delivering continuing education is environmentally green and is highly affordable. It is accessible to practitioners in all areas and has been especially beneficial to practitioners in smaller or more remote communities.
In our commitment to maintain affordability and accessibility we are very excited to be able to extend the opportunity for your association to register for the World Massage Conference at 50% off the full access registration price through our Association/School Partnership Program: Only US$99.50 (normally $199). 
With Full Access registration your community has access to over 70 hours of industry related educational content. With Full Access registration they can attend any of the live presentations during the 6-day event from November 12th to 17th. In addition to the live presentations they will enjoy access to the presentation downloads and replays until May 31st 2010, a full six months following the conference. They will have the ability to take presentation quizzes for continuing education purposes, be able to send in questions to the presenters during the live event, enter prize draws, and join the World Massage Conference social networking area where they will be able to connect with over fellow practitioners from around the globe.
Continuing Education Credits
All Full Access registrants have the opportunity to take a quiz at the end of (most) of the presentations to produce a certificate of participation and completion. Many organizations across the US, Canada and internationally have recognized these online educational presentations for Continuing Education credits.   

WOM Banner
Essential News-Going Green
E-tips for Aromatherapy Awareness
Contributed by Candace Newman
MeditationAromas, Prayer, Meditation and Gratitude
Throughout the history of spiritual practice, fragrance is repeatedly associated with the Divine. Aromas are an invisible expression of love and spirit. Aroma, prayer, and meditation are all cross-cultural and languages of no words...and move us to a place of stillness and solitude. It is no wonder we find them together since the beginning of time. As we all yearn to commune with God and place ourselves in the presence of the Divine, combining our concentration with a sense of wonderment can be greatly assisted by fragrance and aroma. We strive to transcend our worldly concerns, be still, and find the Holy Joy of the innocent. It is by grace that we are given these momentary releases from restlessness and the mundane.
Since flowers are among the elements of enlightenment, it only makes sense that they are here to guide us into what Eckhart Tolle calls "our own inner flowering". He goes on to say that aroma taps into an inner opening that connects to the realm of spirit. In my own work, I am always in awe of how genuine aromas seem to open the heart and call in the spirit...and settle us reverently with our soul. There is a sense that the soul recognizes all soulful elements. Our hearts know the pure aromas of the flowers and plants of nature, and it feels like home.

In times of prayer and meditation, we look to shift our emotional state, and move to a spiritual place of quiet. Historically, aromas have been used in religious and spiritual practices to induce and enhance this desired contemplative and transcendent state of being. My year in Saudi Arabia, with side trips to Cyprus and Thailand, showed me the strong reverence for aromas in their ancient cultures. Frankincense and Myrrh were burned as Holy incense. Jasmine and Rose petals were laced into necklaces. The spirit of joy and the sacredness of these precious gifts from nature permeated your being, as did the aromas. There was an immediate sense of the ancient and the holy.
One time when passing a lady of the market in Thailand our eyes met over a rose. There was an aromatic glance, a recognition, a silent nod. There are certain soulful elements that bring us together in stillness and matter the age, condition, language or culture.
The transcendent vapors from pure and genuine essential oils perform like an alchemist, shifting us from the ways of the heavy body to the lightness of spirit. Aroma knows no boundaries and goes beyond the veils, blessing us with an aromatic glimpse, and transporting us into the field of our soul. Here we can rest in the presence of God.
It is this joy and gratitude that we all seek in our meditative times. Having precious aromas with us throughout the day can gently remind us of this inner garden. I spent a month above the cloud line in the Andes of Ecuador with an Incan Yachak (translated as "the one who knows") and several of his apprentices. Aromas played an integral part in their prayers and celebrations. They breathed in and honored the aromas of nature, to connect with God. This was done with great joy and a reverent sense of gratitude for Mother Nature.
Being in awe of the mystery is a wonderment that we must hold sacred in our hearts. Einstein stated: "The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of religion as well as of all serious endeavor in art and in science."
Many essential oils and their aromas assist your prayers and meditations to quietly bring you home to your heart with gratitude as this reverent time of year.
Love starts in the Heart ...
The Place where God always is...
Patiently waiting for us...
To quietly ... come ... home.       
Some Essential Oils that were traditionally used historically for Prayer and Meditation are Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine and Sage.
Important note: Sandalwood is listed as and endangered species and many of the Frankincense species are listed as threatened on the Cropwatch website's database. To learn more about endangered and threatened species that effect aromatherapy please visit for more information.  

Candace NewmanCandace Newman, MAT, LMT, The Oil Lady®, has practiced Aromatherapy for 18 years. She is the founder of The Good Medicine Tin®, Oil Lady Aromatherapy®, and the Touch With Oil® Hand Massage. She and her husband, John, own The Good Medicine Tin Company LLC.   866.304.3451.
If you have enjoyed reading Candace's and past e-news tips, please let us know.  We'd love to hear your thoughts and share your feedback with the volunteer contributors and members.

Want to contribute to the NAHA Essential E-News column?
We'd love for you to share your helpful aromatherapy recipes and green-awareness tips. We are also looking for information on the following: Marketing your aromatherapy business tips, diffusion blends, what do you do to be green etc.
Please fill out the Online Feedback Form and submit your writings in a WORD Document to Kelly at If your e-news is accepted for publication in a future NAHA e-newsletter you will be notified via email.
NAHA Calendar of Events
Click on the above link to view more classes, lectures, workshops and educational programs
November 8, 2009
Event Title: Lighten Up!
Educator: Shanti Dechen
Facility: Clear Springs Studio 605 Copeland Street Austin, TX
Contact Name: Aroma Apothecary
Phone: 1-888-276-6278
Email:  |

November 10, 2009
Event Title: Holiday Aromatherapy Gifts
Educator: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Facility: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Address 702 W Montrose St, Clermont, Florida
Contact Name: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Phone: 352.243.3588
Email:  |
November 11, 2009
Event Title: Soap Making with Essential Oils
Educator: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Facility: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Address 702 W Montrose St, Clermont, Florida
Contact Name: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Phone: 352.243.3588
Email:  |
November 12, 2009
Event Title: Clean Green
Educator: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Facility: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Address 702 W Montrose St, Clermont, Florida
Contact Name: Clermont Herb Shoppe
Phone: 352.243.3588
Email:  |
November 12, 2009
Event Title: NAHA Tele-class; Animal Aromatherapy;
Using Holistic Aromatherapy to help your Animal Friends
Educator: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Contact Name: Register via NAHA Online Feeback Form  
December 1, 2009 through January 5, 2010
Event Title: Animal Aromatherapy; A Holistic Horse in a Botanical Barn (sm)
Educator: Kelly Holland Azzaro RA CCAP LMT
Facility: Online via your computer
Address: Online 10 week course
Contact Name: Kelly Holland Azzaro
Email:  |

December 6, 2009
Event Title: Women´s Essence
Educator: Shanti Dechen
Facility: 8100 Ganttcrest Drive Austin, TX
Contact Name: Aroma Apothecary
Phone: 1-888-276-6278
Email:  |
December 10, 2009
Event Title: NAHA Tele-Conference; Aromatherapy for Holiday Stress-keep your Immune System Strong
Educator: Jennifer Hochell Pressimone
Facility: NAHA Tele-Conference Center (Via your phone)
More info: NAHA Tele-Conferences
Contact Name: Register via NAHA Online Feeback Form
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