Cloud-Based Services. Are You Ready?


If not, let Satellite Engineering Group lead the way. With world-class products and software from Zixi, Haivision and Telvue bundled to deliver Cloud-base video backhaul service, coupled with SEG's product delivery, integration and installation solutions, you will be well on your way in no time.

The Zixi, Haivision and Telvue products work together to minimize lost packets and jitter, allowing you to maximize your revenues in the new cloud-based ventures, including:

  • Central Cast
  • Broadcast
  • Contribution
  • Point to Point                   
  • Point to Multipoint                         
  • Bi-Directional                    
  • Distribution


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Cloud-Based Solutions 

ZiXi enables a limitless spectrum of broadcast applications for content contribution and distribution, play-out services, and news gathering and distribution. ZiXi is a software solution that enables broadcasters to transmit video in Full HD to multiple locations globally over the Internet. ZiXi transmits securely and flawlessly at a reduced cost and enables networks to extend their reach by bringing signals to the headend inception points of any distributor. 


The Haivision Mako™ is a high performance encoder/decoder (codec) designed for interactive communications, achieving an end-to-end latency as low as 70 milliseconds for up to 1080p H.264. The Mako is ideal for telepresence-style connections between facilities as required within boardrooms, between house of worship locations, or between broadcast locations for remote interview contribution.


The TelVue Digital Broadcaster is an all-in-one video system.  Uploading video files and ingesting DVD programming to the B100 Digital Broadcaster is as simple as drag and drop. Add remote Internet access via Web browser from anywhere in the world. Automatically publishes a searchable program guide for your website.  Schedule a full day of programs in just a few minutes.

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