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Introducing the 4th Generation of MaxCell 
MaxCell 4G


MaxCell, the exclusive provider of fabric innerduct solutions for multiple cable applications, has introduced 4G MaxCell, representing a new generation of technology that provides a number of performance-enhancing benefits.

The new 4G MaxCell features an updated fabric design with ridges that lowers cable pulling tensions by reducing surface contact, resulting in improved installation time.  The new fabric is 10 percent stronger than previous versions of MaxCell, providing enhanced durability for difficult installations.

In addition, the new configuration of 4G MaxCell allows for easier placement within conduits while accommodating a larger sized cable then before. New 4G MaxCell also reduces tension when overlaying existing cables in conduits.


Maxcell Innerduct
Maxcell Innerduct
Features & Benefits of the 4G vs. 3G MaxCell

 4G Reel Image 

New Fabric

           Decreased pulling friction

           Ridges allow cable to glide - less surface contact

           Less rigid - opens to allow easier cable flow

           10% stronger

           75% Improvement in tear strength

           Lower elongation/stretch - less chance of bunching

Product Design

           Seam is closer to edge

           Slimmer product but allows larger cable insertion

           Easier to place in small conduits

             5 times the seam strength


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