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Take a bite out of these wholesome online green links.  Whether you have just stepped foot on your path to sustainability, or you are a seasoned green, these links are useful.

The French Connection

Sebastien Bachollet

DotGreen welcomes Sebastien Bachollet, our European Liason.  Dotgreen Founder Annalisa Roger met Bachollet through the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) conferences this past year.
On January 27th, Bachollet was re-elected as the Chairman of the Internet Society of France.  He is the Vice Chairman of the At Large Advisory Committee to the ICANN, CEO of BBC International Consulting, Co-Founder of EGENI Europe and as a new member of the DotGreen Team, he brings experience and expertise in both policy and technical areas of Internet business.
ThoughtAnnalisa Rogert, Founder of DotGreens From
The DotGreen Founder
Annalisa Roger

We are a global community.  The Internet and technology have connected our world, making it smaller as our population grows larger.  We share everyday experiences with each other around the globe.  Our actions connect one region of the world to another.  We face tremendous environmental issues affecting the health of our planet and ourselves.  Economic and humanitarian challenges affect all of us.  We must re-think the way we live.

The timing is right for the .green Top Level Domain.

DotGreen will help boost the green movement and the green economy. The gTLD .green community on the Internet will add speed to an urgent situation by providing GREEN, a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities.
ICANN update

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the non-profit global, multi-stake holder governing organization responsible for keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet's unique identifiers.

Below are links to their website offering recent updates regarding the new generic Top Level Domains roll out.

ICANN Blog - video update with ICANN President, Dr. Paul Twomey

ICANN's Next meeting schedule in Mexico City
Follow-up Links

Welcome to the DotGreen
February 12, 2009
Featured Article
Promoting The Green Movement

DotGreen Public Transportation 1

The DotGreen Registry Corporation
and its .green gTLD will provide an unprecedented branding opportunity worldwide: the potential to purchase a .green domain name.  It's the opportunity for universal awareness, online support to the green movement and placement in the growing market of DotGreen.

It is also an income stream for green.  The DotGreen Registry will boost the green economy online.  Profits from domain name sales will be Distributed On Target (DOT) through
Earth Share and The DotGreen Foundation to organizations and projects of sustainability around the world.
Website Live
website leaf

You will notice a new, bright green tab at the top of our landing page, making our online presence more interactive.  DotGreen team members Jennifer Bullock of Jennifer Bullock Productions and USC student volunteer David Hodge added the new features.  There are links to additional pages, information about DotGreen and a rapidly growing list of DotGreen friends and supporters.  Make the website a favorite on your browser and visit often.  New information will be posted regularly, so hit refresh often and tell your friends.
DotGreen inDotGreen Founder in Paris Paris

It was the first outreach for DotGreen among the European community.  The CEO of  MailClub,
Monsieur Charles Tine, invited DotGreen to present the new .green gTLD initiative and project. 
DotGreen presented to the domain name industry and intellectual property (IP) attorneys at the Rencontres Internationales des Noms de Domaine hosted by MailClub Domain Name Services and .sedo.

Annalisa  Roger , January 2009
DotGreen representatives Annalisa
Roger and Sebastien Bachollet received positive feedback for DotGreen and an applause from the audience of 150 domain name industry leaders and IP attorneys.  Many attendees had expressed their concerns about some issues of ICANN's new TLD roll out, scheduled for later this year; however, the DotGreen initiative and project were received positively.

The event was held January 26 and 27, 2009 at the Forum de Grenelle in Paris, France.  It was sponsored by AFNIC; the registry of .fr, the country code Top Level Domain for France; EURID, the registry of .eu, the gTLD of Europe and .bzh of Brittany, France.

Learn more, see DotGreen In The Press

DotGreen and EarthShare
DotGreen and Earth Share StaffDotGreen collaborating with EarthShare at the National office in Bethesda, Maryland on January 30, 2009. 
Left to Right: Arlene de Blanc, Jennifer Knoll, Renny Perdue, Annalisa Roger, Audrey Edmonds
Front: Robin Perkins
Doug Engelbart
Doug Engelbart
DotGreen spent a morning with technology titan Doug Engelbart, a pioneer of the digital age.  Among many achievements, he invented the computer mouse, and led interactive computing and hypermedia decades before most had computers in their homes.

On February 10th, in his office at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, he told us he wants humanity to use technology to move us faster towards our urgent goals.  He feels strongly that we need to network, collaborate and harness our collective I.Q.

We discussed his ideas, some of his inventions, the Internet, DotGreen and the future.  Over lunch, we shared our personal stories.  Engelbart is warm, genuine and fun.  The world has benefitted tremendously from his many contributions.

With John Deneen, Jennifer Knoll and Engelbart's assistant Mary Coppernoll looking on, he gave DotGreen Founder Annalisa Roger a personal tutorial on one of his many inventions: the five key chord.  This innovative technique allows a person to type with different strokes of the left hand while using a mouse in the right hand. 

According to his website, "The Doug Engelbart Institute was conceived by Doug Engelbart to further his lifelong career goal of boosting our ability to better address complex, urgent problems. As he sees it, both the rate and the scale of change are increasing very rapidly worldwide, and we as a people must get that much faster and smarter at anticipating, assessing, and responding to important challenges collectively if we are to stay ahead of the curve, and thrive as a planet. In other words, we must get faster and smarter at boosting our Collective IQ."  Read more by visiting: 

Internet Pioneers and The Bootstrap Institute
WIRED - The Mouse Turns 40 (video)

         DotGreen at SRI
       Annalisa Roger, Doug Engelbart, Jennifer Knoll, John Deneen

Greensprouts with DotGreen
Seedlings For Your Own Path Towards Sustainability

Tip 1.  Avoid standby power waste by unplugging your cell phone charger when not in use.
Tip 2.  At the grocery store, switch to brands packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials.
Tip 3.  Start a compost in your backyard.
The DotGreen eNews will keep you connected to the latest developments as we work to reach our goal of creating and managing the .green namespace on the Internet.  The DotGreen eNews will report when the land rush for .green domain names will begin.  Current ETA is early 2010.