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February 2010 
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Happy New Year and it looks like 2010 is going to be another year of  new and growing cognitive neuroscience applications in the field of market research.
And to kick-it off (pun intended), everyone's Super Bowl Ad Rankings. This is SRI's third year measuring all 70+  commercials and you can receive our report by signing up via the link below.
BTW, if you have ever wanted to run a inexpensive test of your spot, we will be running a syndicated study the week of February 15th.  More information follows on how to participate.
Due to the previous success and interest, SRI will be running another webinar this month with our Chairman and Chief Scientist, Dr. Steve Sands.  This is a great way to understand the good, the bad and the ugly of neuromarketing.
Finally, SRI continues its growth around the world and in the varied services we offer.  A listing of Our Services is outlined at the bottom of the newsletter.
We have sent teams (and equipment) to most major markets (and some minor).  Let us know if we can offer you a proposal to assist you and your team.
All the best,
Ron Wright
President / CEO
2010 Super Bowl Be one of the First to Receive SRI's Annual Super Bowl Ads Neuromarketing Analysis
Each year, the Sands Research team prepares for the big event - our annual neuro-engagement ranking of the seventy plus television advertisements that run during the big game.  Will this year's Bridgstone spot repeat in the number one position or is a new champion crowned?  In 2009, three out of our top five ranked spots were nominated for Emmy's and the Coke Heist spot from Super Bowl XLIII created by Wieden + Kennedy, won the 2009 Emmy Award for outstanding TV commercial.
Now is your opportunity to sign up and be one of the first to see the Sands Research Super Bowl Neuromaketing Ranking.  Each of the TV spots will ranked by the Company's Neuro-Engagement Factor™ (NEF) scoring system which is based upon measuring EEG (brain wave) activity from viewers and Sands Research's proprietary software and algorithms that measures the viewer's attention levels.
To Sign-Up for the Ranking Report - Click Here
Click on these links to see the Sands Research 2009 Super Bowl or 2008 Super Bowl Neuro-Engagement Ranking of all the television comercials plus movies demonstrating the brain's response to the top five spots.

A Great Opportunity - Have You Wanted to Test Neuromarketing But Concerned About the Cost of running a full Pilot Study ?  

SRI will be running a Syndicated Study the week of February 15th in our Texas lab and offering you the opportunity to test one or two of your television spots at a substantially reduced per spot price (50% off our list price).   We will be consolidating your ads with the top 5 and bottom 5 Super Bowl Ads.
For each ad you would like to include in the Study, you will receive:
- Real-time data movie per ad (see example)
- NEF Score and ranking within the SRI Normative Database
- Interpretation of the analysis
- Eye-tracking movies/scores and interpretation
- Recommendations from a Neurophysiological perspective
(Please note the report provided includes most but not all of our typical deliverable metrics.)
For more information:
Contact Brett Fitzgerald ([email protected])
Scott Raspa ([email protected])

IsraelGoing Global - Sands Research Neuromarketing Services in Europe, Asia and the Middle East
SRI is pleased to announce that it has established offices and/or representative relationships in several major markets to now offer its full range of neuromarketing services internationally. 
Today we announced our relationship with one of the leading Israeli market research and public polling firms, Market Watch Ltd.  Our services for television (video) and print ads, product packaging, retail design and display and digital media can all be acquired via Market Watch.
Recently we announced the opening of a Sands Research office in the UK to manage our growing number of studies being performed in Europe and our sub-contracting relationships with ad-agencies, brand strategy and market research firms in the EU. Additionally, we will soon be announcing representative relationships in China and other key markets of Asia.  Sands Research performed the first neuro-marketing study in China last year in Beijing.
Via Sands Research's vast network of cognitive neuroscientists worldwide, we have the capability to put a team and equipment on the ground quickly in almost any market and provide an objective, detailed analysis of your marketing effort. 
Contact us at [email protected]    

 Steve Sands

Webinar on: The Basic Science Behind Neuromarketing and Exploring Metrics and Sample Deliverables with Dr. Steve Sands, Chairman SRI

An in-depth Information session related to the release of our two new Powerpoint presentations plus a follow up Q&A period. 
Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 

2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST
To log-on from your desk and on your computer - send an email to [email protected] for the password (please request 24 hrs. before the start).
Abstract:  Dr. Steve Sands, Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Sands Research will present an explanation of the science of neuromarketing, our Neuro-Engagement Factor scoring system and examples / case studies from print and video advertising.
Grocery Neuromarketing
Our Services
Sands Research (SRI) has lead the way in innovating and offering neuroscientific data collection for a broad array of marketing applications in often the most challenging environments.
Below is a quick summary of our services.  However, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you any specific challenge you may have in obtaining unique consumer insight. 
Television and Video Advertising - Measuring video and TVCMs was the first effort by SRI and is a major part of our activity.  We have built a large database for comparison and recommendations for your video material, whether destined for national television or the most active website.   We have measured consumer response to storyboards, animatics and final production from :30 second commercials to full length television and film productions. Creatives and editors receive frame-by-frame, millisecond-by-millisecond reaction to their work. For more information click here.
Print Advertising, Product Packaging and Logo Evaluations - By combining EEG data collection with advanced eye-tracking technology, SRI provides unique insight on targeted response to your print, packaging and logo creatives.  SRI's multi-dimensional scaling correlated with eye-tracking data results in a powerful, objective definition of what works, what level of engagement was achieved by your targeted audience and how they rank your various creatives.  Reduce the risk of that new campaign.  Click here.
Mobile Applications in Retail, Etc. Environments & Product Design and Testing - SRI was the first to bring together EEG and Eye-tracking in a portable, mobile environment for data collection.  As the picture above demonstrates (however, note normally the participant is camouflaged in hats and scarves), SRI measures consumer response in the real world, in real time.  Theme parks, hotels, retail outlets, restaurants, etc. or "hands-on" viewing or use of our client's products in use.  Opening a package, shelf position response, label response, auto design, response to display signage or store layout, there are many, many applications for this form of consumer measurement.  For more informationclick here
Just the beginning.  Contact us at [email protected] for measuring objective targeted demographic to your new campaign, design, packaging or product. Thank you.