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2011-12 Annual Report
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Residents can watch Comcast Cable Ch. 10 for City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings (broadcast live on Monday nights at 7:00pm and rebroadcast daily on the 7s & 1s) as well as 'on demand' at 
If you don't have Comcast cable, you can check out a DVD of meetings at City Hall. Call (630) 232-7494 for more info.
Thank You for Your Donation!
The City would like to thank the following donors to the Geneva Giving Program and Geneva Beautification Committee for the 2nd quarter of 2012:

Susan Cherney
Geneva Park District
Lynn Landberg
Lisa Otto
Pat and Carole Piper
Ron and Marilyn Singer
Herb and Mary Stith
Jim and Sherri Weitl 

The City would like to thank St. Charles Congregational United Church of Christ for volunteering their time and talent in providing the plantings and landscape at Oak Hill Cemetery (shown above) earlier this spring.  If your volunteer organization is interested in donating time to City projects, contact the City Administrator's office at (630) 232-7494 to find out what opportunities are available.
Mayor's Message 



Dear Neighbors,


According to Miss Manners (a/k/a Judith Martin) "We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society.


In other words, we are often forced by pressures from society, peers, family to cast aside our spontaneity in exchange for predictability or; more to the point, practicality.  On some levels, this is a sad and sorry environment we have created for ourselves and others. 


I'm not recommending we all adopt "wild and spontaneous behavior" in all we do.  Heck, such morphing would render most things we value and cherish precarious in every sense.  I am, however, suggesting that we invest some of our time and talent to become a little more spontaneous in all we do, for whom we do it for, and for what we desire to become.  After all, what is the excitement of life if not for a few spontaneous acts of courage, kindness, compassion and daring? 


Our mission in life is not to merely do as we have been instructed to do, or believe we must do, but to carry out our duties in a way that makes our labor enjoyable, rewarding (beyond just accumulation and accolades) and transforming. 


Therefore, next time you are bored by the predictability of everyday life, take a moment to do something out of the ordinary, out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the excitement and thrill of what it feels like to be a little more carefree; but not careless. 


Take a walk in the rain, play in the mud, wear a funky tie or wicked-cool pair of shoes to work, introduce yourself to a stranger for the heck-of-it, order something different at your favorite restaurant, do what your kids want to do one night (regardless of how weird or child like it may be) reach-out to a friend you haven't heard from in a while, hang out with your parents and don't complain about it (imagine that!?)  or, heaven forbid, power down your smart phone for a day or a weekend and spend time truly communicating with your family and friends.  


Strangely enough, sometimes the most thrilling spontaneous behavior is well-planned.  So the next time you're busy making plans that adhere to the strict norms of society as we know it, tweak them just a bit and add a dollop or two of spontaneity and see what happens - you may just discover that being a little more spontaneous will become the norm after all.  




Kevin Burns

 Important Dates






July 8 
Mill Race Cyclery Criterium
downtown Geneva
July 8, 15, 22, 29
RiverPark Concert Series
Peyton & North River Lane


July 21

Shakespeare "Not" in the Park
"The Merry Wives of Windsor"
Third Street btwn James & Campbell


July 28, 29 
Geneva Arts Fair
downtown Geneva 

August 26
Concours d'Elegance
Third Street


Sept. 7-9
Festival of the Vine
downtown Geneva


Sept. 16

Fox Valley Marathon
downtown Geneva
Brush and Yard Waste Pickup Schedule
The City's brush schedule and program details are posted at the following link:  
Collection dates are as follows:

July 9 & 23
August 13 & 27
September 10 & 24
October 8 & 22
November 12 & 26


July 16
August 6 & 20
September 3 & 17
October 1 & 15
November 5 & 19

All brush must be placed on the parkway by 7:00am on the Monday of your scheduled collection week. Crews will not return until the next scheduled date.  In addition, yard waste collection continues weekly. Residents must place a refuse sticker on all yard waste bags that are to be put out on your regular refuse collection days.  Questions?  Call the Public Works Dept. at (630) 232-1501.

New Refuse Sticker Rates Effective July 1

Allied Waste

As a part of the contract with Allied Waste approved by the City Council in 2008, new rates for waste stickers took effect July 1. While any stickers purchased prior to July 1 will remain valid for waste pickup, stickers purchased after that date will carry the new rate of $3.18 per sticker. Stickers are available to City residents at the City of Geneva Finance Office, 15 S. First Street; City Hall at 22 S. First Street; as well as numerous other locations throughout the Tri-Cities.



To view complete details, click here.

In addition, refuse will be picked up one day later than your regular pick-up day for the following holidays:

  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Day
Be Informed When Emergencies Strike - Sign Up on Twitter and Follow "CityofGeneva"

Last weekend's storm and resulting loss of power (several times) was due to a combination of City power lines being pulled down by trees or blown down by wind during and shortly after the major storm went through our community. However, many people may not realize that, although the City distributes power to our community, we do not produce it. We purchase it from Exelon (parent company of Commonwealth Edison). And if you had the ability to watch or hear the news on Sunday or Monday, you probably saw that many of our neighboring communities, directly supplied by ComEd, lost power for hours or even days. Much of the aftermath of the storm that began on Sunday afternoon was due to the loss of a ComEd feeder line to the City's power distribution lines, then the loss of power from ComEd to three City substations and finally issues with a faulty ComEd gear switch.



For emergency or urgent situations like this, the City encourages residents, businesses, and visitors to sign up for the City's email and text messaging alerts. Although some people may not have access to email during such an event, more than 1,400 people that "follow" the City on Twitter did receive text messages on their phones, keeping them informed. The City also has more than 3,400people receiving weekly GenevaMail bulletins and GenevaMail alerts as well.


Anyone can register to sign up for the City's quarterly electronic newsletter, the weekly GenevaMail (email) bulletin, GenevaMail alerts (used in this case of the storm), and the City's Twitter account (text messaging also used in this case of the storm). Residents can choose to receive texts involving City news or only police news or both.


The City sends out alerts for weather, fire and police or other public safety issues, as well as public works projects, public meeting, and upcoming event information, requests for electric conservation, etc.


It's another tool for keeping people informed with what's happening in and around the City. The City will not sell or give away your contact information.  It's a low, or no, cost tool for up-to-the-minute information and the City encourages everyone to sign up for all or some of the communications that the City offers at  SIGN UP TODAY!

City Seeks Comments on Website Update
The City will be updating its website design this current fiscal year and would like citizen comment on ways to improve its accessibility, information sharing, and overall ease of use.  Visit to take the survey.
PACE BUS Offers Employee Shuttle Program

Pace's Employer Shuttle Program Simplifies Commuting Public transportation is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel to work. However, some commuters may not work near a bus route or train line. To address this, Pace offers the Employer Shuttle Program to employers for the transport of employees between area transit centers and work sites. Available in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will counties, the Employer Shuttle Program allows employers to offer an inexpensive employee benefit that helps recruit and retain staff.


A $750 monthly fee covers the use of the vehicle, gas, maintenance and insurance. The employer provides the driver of the vehicle and has the option of charging the employees a fee for the transportation service. Providing this service to employees can relieve the stress of commuting to and from the workplace for employees and free valuable space in the employer's parking lot.


For more information or to sign up for the Employer Shuttle Program visit or please contact:


Mary J. Robb

Community Relations Representative

Pace Suburban Bus

550 W. Algonquin Road

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Mobile: 847-271-1017

Fax: 847-228-2431 

FY 2012-13 Budget Approved April 16




The City's 2012-13 fiscal year budget was approved by the City Council in April. Residents interested in viewing a copy of the budget may review a copy at City Hall or the Geneva Public Library. You can also download a copy at: 


A brief Budget Summary in hard copy format is also available at City Hall or on the website at with questions regarding the Budget may contact City Administrator Mary McKittrick at (630) 262-8495.  

View the City's 2011-12 Annual Report
The City is proud to present its Annual Report to the City Council and Community for Fiscal Year 2011-2012.  The City's fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30 of each year.  The Annual Report is a tool for providing information about how the City delivered public services, through the prioritization of goals set by the City Council for the past year.  The report highlights many of the significant accomplishments throughout the past year and is presented in an effort to provide more information to our citizens about what and how their City government is doing.  Copies of the Annual Report may be obtained at City Hall or online at Anyone with questions regarding the Annual Report may contact City Administrator Mary McKittrick at (630) 262-8495.  
Summer Fire Safety

GFD logo

Every year Americans look forward to summer vacations, camping, family reunions, picnics, and the Fourth of July. Summertime, however, also brings fires and injuries due to outdoor cooking and recreational fires. Annually, there are almost 3,800 Americans injured by gas or charcoal grill fires. (Source: CPSC) Summertime should be a time of fun and making happy memories. Knowing a few fire safety tips and following safety instructions will help everyone have a safe summer.


Residential Grill Fire Facts

  • An estimated 5,700 grill fires occur on residential properties each year in the United States.
  • Almost half (49 percent) of grill fires on residential properties occur from 5 to 8 p.m.
  • Over half (57 percent) of grill fires on residential properties occur in the 4 months of May, June, July, and August.
  • Thirty-two percent of grill fires on residential properties start on patios, terraces, screened-in porches, or courtyards. 

Place your grill a safe distance from play areas and keep children away from the grill area by declaring a three-foot "safe zone."


Grill Safety

  • Propane and charcoal BBQ grills must only be used outdoors. If used indoors, or in any enclosed spaces such as tents, they pose both a fire hazard and the risk of exposing occupants to toxic gases and potential asphyxiation.
  • Position the grill well away from siding, deck railing, and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
  • Place the grill a safe distance from lawn games, play areas, and foot traffic.
  • Keep children and pets from the grill area: declare a three-foot "safe zone" around the grill.
  • Put out several long-handled grilling tools to give the chef plenty of clearance from heat and flames when cooking.
  • Periodically remove grease or fat buildup in trays below the grill so it cannot be ignited by a hot grill.

Charcoal Grills

  • Purchase the proper starter fluid and store out of reach of children and away from heat sources.
  • Never add charcoal starter fluid when coals or kindling have already been ignited, and never use any flammable or combustible liquid other than charcoal starter fluid to get the fire going.

Propane Grills

  • Check the propane cylinder hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year. A light soap and water solution applied to the hose will reveal escaping propane quickly by releasing bubbles.
  • If you determined your grill has a gas leak by smell or the soapy bubble test and there is no flame:
    1. Turn off the propane tank and grill.
    2. If the leak stops, get the grill serviced by a professional before using it again.
    3. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department.
  • If you smell gas while cooking, immediately get away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not attempt to move the grill.
  • All propane cylinders manufactured after April 2002 must have overfill protection devices (OPD). OPDs shut off the flow of propane before capacity is reached, limiting the potential for release of propane gas if the cylinder heats up. OPDs are easily identified by their triangular-shaped hand wheel.
  • Use only equipment bearing the mark of an independent testing laboratory. Follow the manufacturers' instructions on how to set up the grill and maintain it.
  • Never store propane cylinders in buildings or garages. If you store a gas grill inside during the winter, disconnect the cylinder and leave it outside. 

First Aid for Burns

For minor burns, take the following action:

  • Cool the burn. Hold the burned area under cool (not cold) running water for 10 or 15 minutes or until the pain subsides. If this is impractical, immerse the burn in cool water or cool it with cold compresses. Cooling the burn reduces swelling by conducting heat away from the skin. Don't put ice on the burn.
  • Cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage. Don't use fluffy cotton, or other material that may get lint in the wound. Wrap the gauze loosely to avoid putting pressure on burned skin. Bandaging keeps air off the burn reduces pain and protects blistered skin.
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. These include aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen. Use caution when giving aspirin to children or teenagers. Though aspirin is approved for use in children older than 2, children and teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms should never take aspirin.

Talk to a doctor if you have concerns.




Fire Pit Safety

Fire pits are known to be a great source of warmth and ambience. But, with the popularity of fire pits increasing, fire safety has become even more important. There are many things you should consider while setting up and using a fire pit. The City Council recently revised the open burning regulations to allow the use of a fire pit on private property with very specific rules for how, when, and where a pit may be used within the city. Here are a few important points from the approved changes:


Where can you have a recreational fire? Portable fire places must be located on a hard, noncombustible and level surface when in use, this includes but is not limited to, concrete, paver bricks, dirt or asphalt and must be at least 10 feet from the nearest property line. This means you cannot use a portable fireplace on your wooden deck.


How far do you need to locate your fire pit from nearby structures or combustible material? It must be at least 25 feet from all structures and combustibles when the fuel area is between 36 inches and 31 inches in diameter and 24inches or less in height. Or, it must be at least 15 feet from all structures and combustibles where the total fuel area is 30 inches or less in diameter and 24 inches or less in height.


What kind of fuel can you use? You can use untreated, unpainted, clean, seasoned, dry wood and manufactured fire logs. Propane and other similar gases may also be burned as long as the device is rated for that type of fuel. In all instances the burning of processed wood or landscape waste is strictly prohibited.


Who can supervise a recreational fire? You must be over the age of 18 and CONSTANTLY supervise the fire until it is extinguished.


Put The Fire Out: You must have the ability to extinguish the fire using dirt, sand, water, garden hose, or fire extinguisher during any recreational fire. It must be extinguished in such a manner that all air to the fire is cut off or the burning material is wet down with water until it is cool to the touch.


What About Odors and Fumes? Be a good neighbor and be sensitive to the effects your recreational fire may have on your neighbors. If the police or fire department receive a complaint about smoke or odors from your fire, they may determine it is a nuisance because the "emission of smoke and gases onto a neighboring property contributes to a hazardous condition to health or safety" and will order the fire extinguished. If you refuse to extinguish the fire or reignite the fire after the public safety officers have left it will be extinguished for you and you may be fined up to $750.


You Are Responsible: You must maintain the fire in such a manner as to minimize the generation of smoke. Smoke that is a result of a smoldering or dying fire is prohibited and will be considered to be a public nuisance punishable by a fine.


When Can You Have a Recreational Fire? Recreational fires are prohibited between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.


How Long Can A Recreational Fire Burn? You may maintain a recreational fire for no more than 4 hours in any 24 hour period of time.


Are There Weather Restrictions?  YES, there are restrictions. Open burning is prohibited when winds exceed 10 miles per hour, on cloudy days, during announced inversion conditions or ozone alerts, or other local circumstances that make such fires hazardous.

Can my portable fireplace, fire pit, or masonry fireplace be inspected? Yes, it may be inspected by the City Fire Department, Police Department, and/or Building Office at such times as deemed necessary by the City.


Fire Pit Safety Tips

  • Keep away from flammable material and fluids such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and charcoal lighter fluid or vehicles while in use.
  • Do not use flammable fluids such as gasoline, alcohol, diesel fuel, kerosene, and charcoal lighter fluid to light or relight fires.
  • Exercise the same precautions you would with an open fire.
  • Do not allow children to use the fire pit. Keep children and pets away.
  • Do not wear flammable or loose fitting clothing such as nylon.
  • Before starting the fire, make sure that the lid will still close to extinguish the fire in case of emergency. Do not overload.
  • Before you light the fire, check the wind direction.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby.
News & Notes from Economic Development

French Market is Open!

The Geneva French Market is located at South Street and 4th Street in the Commuter Parking Lot and operates every Sunday through November 4 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Customers can find an array of products from fresh produce to fine French linens and custom made jewelry. Each year more vendors are drawn to the market because of its popularity on Sunday mornings. If you have never seen the French Market, please stop by and see what you are missing. For more details, visit


Geneva Green Market - 75 N. River Lane -

The Geneva Green Market is open every Thursday, October 25 from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. and is located at 75 N. River Lane in downtown Geneva, on the west bank of the Fox River. The Geneva Green Market features locally-grown minimally processed produce and products for chefs or everyday people who really care about the quality of the foods they eat. For more information on the Geneva Green Market, please visit        



Classic Car Nights: Thursdays, 6 - 8 pm; July through August; brought to you by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce,


Mill Race Cyclery's Brings Bike Racing Back To Third Street Sunday July 8

Breakaway Events Productions and Mill Race Cyclery are teaming up to bring professional bike racing back to Third Street in July. On Sunday, July 8, 2012, over 500 cyclists will start and finish at Third and Franklin after completing various numbers of laps depending on their competition category. There will be seven races in all beginning at 10:30 am and running continuously through 8:30 pm. If you have never seen a professional bike race, please come and see the excitement for yourself. These cyclists need both strength and endurance to maintain a speed of 30 miles per hour. Some of the sprints at the end will reach 45 miles per hour.


Some businesses and residents may remember the 2010 race which utilized a portion of Third Street. Racers start at Third and Franklin and then turn right quickly at Fulton and then left at Fifth Street before taking a tricky right on South Street. Then they turn right on Sixth Street and climb the gradual incline before accelerating down Campbell Street and taking the final turn to the finish line. In 2010, the race was on a Saturday, this year the race will be on a Sunday. Residents are encouraged to bring a picnic basket or order a light lunch from surrounding restaurants. Also if you would like to help out, the organizer could always use some volunteers to help out on the course. If you are interested, please contact The featured race will start around 6 pm and has attracted competitors from all over the world including China, Taiwan, Netherlands, France, South Africa and Germany. A guide to watching a bike race is posted on 


Shakespeare (not) In The Park (on 3rd Street) - July 21

To Be or Not To Be that was the question pondered by the Shakespeare Committee when they found out that they could not hold their annual performance at Island Park in 2012 because the pedestrian bridge leading to the facility was going to be under construction. After evaluating several facilities, the Shakespeare Committee felt the best location would be on Third Street in front of the Geneva History Center where the Chamber of Commerce often sets up their main stage for Swedish Days. Patrons will be able to gather on the Courthouse lawn and parking is conveniently located behind the Courthouse. Seating begins at 5 pm with the performance beginning at 6 pm. The performance will run continuously without an intermission for 90 minutes.


The play this year is the "Merry Wives of Windsor". The play revolves around one of Shakespeare's most comic characters, the knight Falstaff. Because there is no war to fight, he has no income. Falstaff devises a plan to woo two married ladies for their husband's money. The ladies realize what he is about to do, and turn the tables on him. Subplots include the antics of a jealous husband of one wife and the suitors to the daughter of the other wife.


In keeping with the Shakespeare theme, the Geneva Public Library will host a pre-party in its Literary Garden from 4 to 5 p.m. A Lady and Nobleman will recite sonnets, accompanied by hurdy-gurdy music. Free lemon ice will be served. State Street Dance Studio will also warm up the crowd by performing two dance numbers.


River Park Concerts Provide Sunday Night Entertainment in July

Looking for a relaxing evening in July? Why not stop over to RiverPark and hear the free concerts? On the Sundays in July starting on July 8, you will hear jazz from Geneva High's highly-acclaimed "Swings and Arrows" and the Rajiv Halim Quintet. Then on July 15, you will hear Dennis O'Brien playing with his popular band "Assisted Living." On July 22, live radio theater will take place with the Need to be Seen Troupe. Lastly, a Swedish and Italian immigrant stories will be accompanied by accordion music and dance will take place on July 29. Bring a chair or a blanket and enjoy a fun evening.  


Fox Valley Folk Festival

What will be the only event to be held on Island Park the summer of 2012? It's the Fox Valley Folk Festival, and it's just too big to move! Come join some of the best folk singers in the country for this Labor Day Tradition in downtown Geneva. As schedules are confirmed the organizers will post Festival information at


Sundays Are Special in Geneva - Over 100 Shops Open

Downtown Geneva is OPEN on Sundays! Did you know over 100 shops and restaurants are regularly open on Sundays in Geneva's historic downtown shopping district? Shops and restaurants in downtown Geneva will be hosting special events and activities. A complete list of Geneva Businesses are found at



Annual Update of Geneva's Employer Database

Geneva Businesses will receive a letter from the City in July asking for verification of information. The City's Employer Database is used to market Geneva, and to help consumers find Geneva businesses. The database is used to create the Business Directories found downtown in the Map Tables and Kiosks and on the City website.


On-Line Geneva Business Directory

Geneva at your fingertips! A listing of all Geneva businesses is now on-line to help you identify local goods and services: for something to do this weekend? How about a delicious dinner at one of Geneva's new restaurants, or an evening of theatre at the Geneva Underground Playhouse? Check out our calendar of upcoming events for a variety of events at Geneva's shops and restaurants.


Outdoor Music Grants

Come visit downtown Geneva and listen to the various artists entertaining you. The City of Geneva has funded again this year the Outdoor Music Grant program or OMG for short. The City of Geneva and the merchant split the cost of the entertainment which is available at no cost to the public. Last year the City funded 16 grants that attracted several thousand people over the course of the summer. There are more than 25 events currently planned for this year. If you want to see the OMG events go to or look for the OMG A-frame sign in front of the business on the day of the event.


Cultural Arts Commission Spring Activities

Thank you to all who help make the 5th Geneva Film Festival a success! The 5th Annual Geneva Film Festival, held on March 29-31, 2012, was a major success due to Linda Cunningham who graciously donated her State Street Dance Studio for the entire weekend and the support of volunteers and sponsors. The Geneva Cultural Arts Commission and the many film festival volunteers were thanked for their support and dedication to the festival throughout the year which resulted in a record -breaking performance.


The 5th Annual Geneva Film Festival pulled in a record number of attendees. Over 500 tickets were sold to view a record number of submissions (107 from 18 different countries). The 33 selected films were a huge hit amongst all viewers at the festival. The Geneva Film Festival recognized the following sponsors who without their help the 2012 Film Festival would not have enjoyed such tremendous success:


The Stars Sponsors include: State Street Dance Studio, The Herrington Inn & Spa; and Fox Valley Sudden Values.  The Producer Sponsors include: Wildwood Restaurant and Old Town Pub & Eatery. The Director Sponsor include: Graham's Fine Chocolate and Ice Cream; 7 Eleven; Geneva Ale House; Fletcher Camera; Essanay Studio and Lighting Company Inc.; Riley Drug; and Kernel's Gourmet Popcorn & More.


In-Kind Sponsors include: Comfort Inn & Suites; Riverside Receptions and Conference Center; Ace Hardware; Geneva History Center; and Northern Lighting & Power. Friends of the Festival Members include: Paul Ruby Foundation for Parkinson's Research; Chit Chat Marketing; Dukane; Image Awards;; Boss Automotive Inc.; Oh How Sweet; and The City of Geneva for their support throughout.



New Artist Group Established - Greater Geneva Art Guild

The Greater Geneva Art Guild has been formed in the Tri-City area and now has 40 members. In addition to supporting, encouraging and creating opportunities for the arts in Geneva, the Guild will act as a cultural forum where artists can participate in arts education, critiques, and networking. Please see for more information on membership meetings.



City Special Event Application

Beautiful Geneva is an ideal location to hold a special event or festival. Centrally located as the Kane County seat of government, the City is home to pleasing neighborhoods, short walkable city blocks, the Fox River and Fox River Bike trail, many non-profit agencies, a vibrant Chamber of Commerce, a strong business community, and active citizens.


Since 2002 the number of events held in the City has increased and the City uses a "Special Event Application" form to approve requests to host events in the City which are public events using public property and or services. Application forms are submitted to the City Economic Development Department and then routed to each City Department for approval. If you intend on hosting an event, please contact Ellen Divita, Director of Economic Development at (630) 232-7449, or The form can be found at:



Open Your Business in Geneva!

Considering opening your own business in Geneva? Contact the Economic Development Department at (630) 232-7449. Our Geneva Business Resource Guide will help you identify City, County, and State resources to help you in your business planning. The Geneva Community Profile contains statistics and cost information to help you with your business plan, plus we can help you identify available properties. These documents and more information is found online. Thank you for considering Geneva!


Fabyan Utilization Plan

Kane County has been reviewing future use of properties owned by the County north of Fabyan, east of IL Route 25 and west of Kirk Road. Our County Board representative Mike Donahue has chaired the "Fabyan Utilization Subcommittee, working with Mayors and staff from the surrounding communities. Mayor Burns and various City of Geneva staff have attended all meetings. The Committee has been collecting commentary from the public and has made many changes to the first conceptual drawings, including moving the music venue and bike trails out of the Forest Preserve. Information on the committee's work can be found on the County website in the Committee Agenda and meetings section: 


The governing documents that related to the ultimate plan and oversight of the current landfills contemplated a return of the property in a form that would be an amenity to the City of Geneva and surrounding communities, including all Kane County. The Geneva City Council believes a redevelopment, as contemplated in the concept plan would meet this goal. On June 11, 2012 the Council discussed the conceptual plans and added several comments for County consideration. These included lighting of the trail system, easily identifial and well mapped trail markers, 911 emergency call sections, full access at Old Kirk and Kirk Road, compliance to the Geneva Fire Code, and annexation of unincorporated properties. 


Welcome to these new Geneva businesses:

3B Brothers Burgers, Beers & More                     7 W State #A

All Things Art Studio                                           227 S 3rd U2

America's Treasures Antiques Furniture & Gifts     34 N Bennett

Animal Care Clinic of Geneva                              1115 Randall

Birdie's Nest Resale Shop                                   4 S 6th

Color Me Vintage                                                109 W State

Dancers Dream                                                   322 W State 104

Even Flow Music & Spirits                                   302 W State

Gracious Hall Catering                                         321 Stevens #N

Integrated Natural Medicine, LLC                          501 W State #204

Living Well Cancer Center                                    442 W State & Williamsburg

Mobbela Salon                                                   601 W State

Sage Wellness Therapy                                       202 Campbell #A

Seigle's Cabinet Center                                       728 W State

The Bedding Experts                                          614 Commons #3015

Vein Clinics of America                                       1792 S Randall

West Suburban Concrete                                     2202 Gary

Yester Years Antiques & Collectibles                   830 E State


Congratulations on your new location:

D.J. Tegeler Atty                                                 204 W State #A

F & A Direct                                                       1 W State #203

Liberty Mutual                                                     477 S 3rd #148

Odalisque Beauty Apothecary                             312 S 3rd

Excel Gymnastics                                               1000 S Randall


Coming Soon:

Bella - 4-Ever                                                      515 James #4

Grayson & Graham, LLC                                      5 N 3rd #205 & #206

Investment Planners Inc.                                      423 Hamilton

Law Offices- Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC         501 W State 203

Lee Advanced Breastcare                                    2631 Williamsburg 1-b

Page 5 Inc.                                                         2631 Williamsburg #310

PC House Calls, Inc.                                           1770 S Randall

Ross Dress for Less                                           1660 S Randall

Sounds Fantastic Entertainment                          1770 S Randall

Tilly's                                                                 518 Commons #2245

And, watch for a new restaurant concept on State Street, at the former Bistro Thai!


Geneva Giving Program

Helping Geneva retain its beauty and accessibility with the addition of trees, benches, bike racks and more.


What better way is there to create a memorial than to help beautify our surroundings?  The Geneva Giving Program is an endeavor by the City of Geneva to improve public areas with functional amenities while supporting the various and valuable activities of our volunteer groups.  Individuals and corporations have the opportunity to donate trees, benches, bike racks or contribute financially to the City of Geneva. Potential donors can pick up a brochure at City Hall (22 S. First Street) and the Finance Office (15 S. First Street) or call (630) 262-8495 with questions.

News from Public Works


New Electronic Recycling Program Coming for Geneva Residents

Through an intergovernmental agreement, the city is working on setting up an e-recycling site at its Public Works Facility for public disposal of electronic items.  More information will be sent out through the Geneva Mail when it is opened for operation.


Stormwater Run-Off

After weeks of almost drought-like conditions, stormwater has become somewhat of a distant memory. But it's a topic we really should keep in mind even when it's not raining. Pollution from runoff during and after a storm can negatively impact our waterways and the people and wildlife relying on those resources. So what can we do now, even in the dry weather, to protect our environment?



To avoid poisoning aquatic life or creating hazards for animals and people:

  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly
  • Compost or mulch yard waste or place it at the curb for pick up
  • Select native plants for your landscaping-they are more tolerant to drought and pests
  • Reduce the amount of paved area in your yard
  • Don't overwater your lawn
  • Cover piles of dirt or mulch during landscaping projects
  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly-do not leave it on the ground or wash it into storm drains
  • When you wash your car, use a biodegradable soap or wash your car on an unpaved surface
  • Repair fluid leaks from cars
  • Drop off chemicals/paint/batteries at locations designated for that purpose-not in the storm drain
  • Sweep up litter and debris from sidewalks, driveways, lots, and gutters
  • Cover dumpsters/garbage cans
  • Drain your spa or pool into the sanitary sewer if possible or only drain when chlorine levels are low
Geneva's water restriction information can be found at 


Street Project Update

The contractor is continuing work on the road project with the following roads already completed except for minor cleanup: Cambridge and adjacent cul-de-sacs, Sunset, Maple, Fargo, Country Squire, Cheever, Elm, 6th, High, Locust, and Lancaster.


Water Main Replacements

Over the next few weeks, water main work will continue on Center in an effort to complete that road and Logan prior to the beginning of the Fall session at the high school. Other work will continue on Garfield, Easton, Glengarry, Ray, Eklund, Richards, and Evernia Ct.



2012 Crackfilling and Sealcoating

The city's annual crackfilling and sealcoating project is scheduled to begin the week of July 9th. This work will involve crackfilling of approximately 23 sections of roadway throughout the city and the sealcoating of the following parking lots/drives: City Parking Lot at 110 East State Street, Police Plaza Lot, James/River Parking Lot, 4th Street Parking Lot, and miscellaneous drives to city substations.


Residents can find more information on all of these projects and more at 

2011 Water Quality Report

The City's 2011 Water Quality Report is now posted as required by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Visit to read the complete report.
"Geneva City Stuff" Gift Shop Open at City Hall & Online!


Looking for that perfect Geneva gift for your favorite Genevan?  Look no further - City Hall has it all.  Stop by City Hall at 22 S. First Street to purchase gifts such as a limited edition commemorative pewter ornament, mugs, lapel pins, stadium cushions, pens, tote bags and baseball caps all adorned with the Geneva city logo. You can also purchase items online at  City Hall hours are Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm.  Cash, check, Visa/Mastercard accepted.

City Customer Service Survey Online

The City offers an online customer service survey for our residents. 

Please visit to view and/or submit a form.
Geneva Beautification News
Geneva Beautification 


The Geneva Beautification Committee is a volunteer group of residents and businesses that plant and maintain over 50 gardens in the historic business district of Geneva. While local businesses have generously donated many of our needs, a majority of the plant material and some gardening items still need to be purchased. The committee relies solely on volunteers to plant and maintain the gardens. Visit our web site at to find out more about what you can do to help.

About Geneva


courthouseThe City of Geneva, population 21,495, is located 40 miles west of Chicago in the Fox River Valley.  Geneva's character is found in its historic architecture, adaptive re-use of historic buildings, mature landscapes and open space with over 700 acres of park land.  With festivals and events year-round, Geneva is a place to connect with others for shopping, dining, or browsing art galleries. Home to excellent schools, library, and parks, it continues to be one of the premiere cities in the Chicago area to live, work, play, and raise a family.