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Spring 2010

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City Budget Update
Municipal Income Tax Revenues Threatened
Brush Pickup Schedule
Red Light Photo Enforcement
Geneva Giving Program
When to Dial 9-1-1
Volunteers Recognized
Fire Dept. Offers Programs
Public Works Projects
Economic Dev. News
U.S. Census - Have You Been Counted?
Earth Day Event April 17
Historic Preservation News
Premise Alert Program
Severe Weather Season
Customer Service Survey
Geneva City Store Open
Beautification Fundraisers
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If you don't have Comcast cable, you can check out a DVD of meetings at City Hall. Call (630) 232-7494 for more info.
Mayor's Message 

Mayor BurnsDear Neighbors,
175 years ago, the community we call home was "born".  Geneva's reputation is rooted in its history and how we approach the future; in its great successes and its response to setbacks; its elasticity during economic depressions and recessions and its moderation during periods of growth and a myriad of pressures to change for change sake. 


Throughout 2010, we will celebrate our eight score and 15 years of "growing up" but never growing old.  The City of Geneva remains healthy in virtually every measure that matters and, in particular, the one that is often overlooked or not spoken off often enough - our reliance, resilience, and our curiosity. 


We are resilient because we are engaged.  The table set 175 years ago has many chairs. Today nearly 25,000 people sit at those chairs that are as important as the one I sit in during City Council meetings or in my office at City Hall.  For, you see, Geneva's table is round - allowing for and encouraging discussion, debate, disagreement and direction.  


We are curious because we are always looking forward.  We recognize when mistakes are made and together set out to minimize their impact and resolve to do better the next time.  Our curiosity is our cornerstone from which all things that have been developed (buildings, neighborhoods, and ideas) and all that may be developed rest.  If we fail to exercise our curiosity in all issues facing us, we will surely fail to sustain what has made Geneva special and fail to bestow future generations the same treasure that we enjoy today.  


Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated but not punctuated.  This is not a time in our city's history to "rest on our laurels" or "pat ourselves on the back" because of what we have accomplished.  Instead, this is a time for all of us to recall those who made Geneva what it is today by reasserting our pride in the community we call home and rededicating our commitment to each other to ensure that the thousands of tomorrows will be as meaningful as the thousands of yesterdays because of what we strive to achieve and accomplish today. 


Happy Anniversary City of Geneva! Congratulations on an extraordinary journey thus far.'s back to work. 
My best, 
Kevin Burns
Important Dates
April 15-17
Geneva Film Festival
April 17
Earth Day
9am - noon
Courthouse Parking Lot at Third/James St.
April 19
Public Hearing on
2010/11 City Budget
109 James Street
Visit the Viking Ship
Good Templar Park
April 24-25
Northern Illinois LEGO Train Show
Geneva History Center
April 29
International Cultural Exchange Committee Hosts
Wine Tasting at Wildwood Steak House
For info, email Ernie Mahaffey at
May 7
First Friday Art Gallery Walk
downtown Geneva
May 7
60 Men Who Cook
Benefit for Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Geneva History Center, Lions and Rotary Clubs
Kane County Fairgrounds
May 22
Viking Visitors Day
Good Templar Park
May 31
Memorial Day Parade
begins at Crescent & Third St.
and travels north to Wheeler Park
June 4
First Friday Art Gallery Walk
downtown Geneva
June 22-27
61st Annual Midsommar Swedish Days Festival
downtown Geneva
July 2
First Friday Art Gallery Walk
downtown Geneva
July 17
Viking Visitors Day
Good Templar Park
July 24-25
Geneva Arts Fair
downtown Geneva
2010-11 City Budget Update & Public Hearing Information
The City Council recommended approval of the proposed fiscal year 2010-2011 budget at their March 15, 2010 Committee of the Whole meeting.  The budget will be presented at a public hearing on Monday, April 19th at 6:45pm followed by the regular City Council meeting at 7:00pm. The City's fiscal year begins on May 1, 2010 and the budget must be adopted no later than April 30, 2010 in accordance with law. 

The City has responded to the current economic downturn by cutting the General Fund by 20% in the current budget, deferring capital projects, and freezing vacant positions.  The proposed budget includes an additional 1% cut to the General Fund, incorporating reductions in staffing, materials and supplies, and equipment, while committing to maintaining a superior level of customer service for our community.

The City's revenues are decreasing and costs for goods and materials continue to rise.  To date, sales tax revenues have decreased by about 15% since last fiscal year.  Sales taxes account for approximately 36% of the City's general operating fund.  Income taxes paid by residents, which are collected by the State to be distributed to the City are in default by four (4) months or approximately $600,000.  Income taxes account for approximately 11% of General Fund revenues.

The City has historically been conservative in its expenditures.  Over the past six (6) years, the City's tax rate has declined from 69.5 cents in 2004 to 54 cents in 2010 per $100 of assessed valuation.  Reductions have been made in every department budget to offset normal and abnormal increases in operating expenses including medical insurance, gasoline expense, and retirement contributions.

The City's property tax portion of the average tax-payer's bill accounts for about 9% of the total.  For example, in 2010, a homeowner with a home valued at $250,000 will pay approximately $424 in property taxes to the City.  Homes valued at $350,000 and $450,000 will pay approximately $605 and $785 respectively for services that include police and fire protection, traffic control, street and sidewalk maintenance, development, building and historic plan review and inspection, and community support for local events.

As the City continues the budget process to begin the fiscal year on May 1, the Mayor, City Council and staff are taking a "maintenance" approach to services, especially within the operating budgets.  It is anticipated that the City of Geneva (like all other cities) will face a funding gap in future years if the State of Illinois follows through on its threat to seize municipal funds (such as income taxes) in order to subsidize its own budget deficit.  Potential future funding gaps will be addressed by a continued reduction of City expenditures.  The City has, and will continue to implement spending reductions such as leaving open positions unfilled, decreasing equipment and vehicle purchases, limiting or eliminating overtime, reducing fuel consumption, and adapting to the challenges ahead.  Capital projects may be limited only to those necessary to address the safety and welfare of the community. We are committed to a balanced and fiscally sound budget that will provide high quality public services, while managing the challenges of stressful economic times.

As in the past, City staff will provide on-going updates to the City Council and the public at City Council meetings.  On April 5th, a copy of the proposed 2010-2011 budget will be available at City Hall for inspection, the Geneva Library, and on the City's website (  Please contact City Administrator Mary McKittrick at with questions.
City of Geneva
Proposed 2010-11 Budget Snapshot: 

     General Fund: $15,886,225

     Electric Fund: $33,346,642

     Water/wastewater Fund: $8,384,111

     Total: $57,616,978

     General Fund Expenses: Decrease of 1% in addition to 20% decrease in current budget

     Electric Fund Expenses:  Increase of 1%

     Water/wastewater Fund:  Decrease of 2.8%

     Tax levy: $5,944,407

     Tax levy rate: $0.5421 per $100 of assessed valuation

     Homeowner tax bill: Approximately 9% of the average tax bill

Gov. Quinn Proposes Cuts to Municipal Government Income Tax Revenues

Gov. Pat Quinn announced his State Budget Proposals on March 10th concerning income tax revenue shared by municipal, county and state governments. The governor's budget proposal includes a $300 million cut to monies guaranteed to municipal governments under the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF). The proposal will cut the amount of income tax that goes to local governments from 10 percent to 7 percent. This 30 percent slash in local tax revenue will undoubtedly increase the burden that municipalities are already feeling during this recession.


This cut comes at a time when local governments are trying to balance their budgets for the next fiscal year. The fiscal year of most municipalities begins on May 1. The governor's proposal would force them to re-evaluate an already dire budget situation without sufficient time to fill the gaps created by this cut.


The $300 million that would be cut from local governments will not do much to help solve our state's nearly $13 billion deficit. However, $300 million pulled away from local governments will be felt on Main Street. The re-allocation of these funds will impact personnel and services in localities all over the state. Local governments are at the core of the struggle during this recession and they are feeling the pain more than the governor acknowledges.


The governor's remarks came after he made a pledge at the Illinois Municipal League's Annual Conference in September guaranteeing that municipalities would retain the existing 10 percent of income tax revenue and 10 percent of any additional tax revenue created from a tax increase. Pending a tax increase, this would have resulted in a growth of the funds distributed to municipal governments under LGDF. Gov. Quinn has now backtracked on his promise and wants to strip local governments of these funds. The governor's budget proposal must be approved by both the House and Senate in the Illinois General Assembly before becoming law.


Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns explains, "A $23.10 per capita reduction means the City of Geneva would lose approximately $500,000 dollars from our community. This represents serious cuts in services to our citizens who, quite frankly, see more of a return to themselves on the 10 percent than they do in the state's 90 percent of income tax they spend.  Additionally, the state is four months behind in the state income tax payments." 


Geneva City Administrator Mary McKittrick stated, "The income tax funding that the City receives from the state is generated by income taxes paid by citizens.  Geneva citizens pay their taxes and the state acts as a pass-through device for these funds.  It appears that Governor Quinn is literally taking our citizens' hard earned money to make up for the state's poor budget-related decision-making.  Our citizens should not have services cut because the state has not been able to balance its budget as required by state law.  Unlike the state, the City of Geneva has a balanced budget, cut approximately $3 million dollars from its general operating fund last year to make ends meet, and still continued to pay its bills on time."


Residents are urged to contact their local legislators regarding these potential cuts to local services:


District 49

Rep. Tim Schmitz

127 Hamilton St.

Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 845-9590 
District 50

Rep. Kay Hatcher

P.O. Box 1150
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 553-3223


District 95

Rep. Michael Fortner

135 Fremont St.

West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 293-9344
District 25

Sen. Chris Lauzen

52 W. Downer Place, #201
Wheaton, IL 60506 

(630) 264-2332

District 48

Senator Randall Hultgren

1725 S. Naperville Rd., #200

Wheaton, IL 60189 

(630) 682-8100

Need to know what district you're in? 
Click here
Brush and Yard Waste Pickup Information
The City's brush schedule and program details are now posted at the following link:  
Collection dates are as follows:
April 5 &19
May 3 & 17
June 7 & 21
July 5 & 19
August 2 & 16
September 6 & 20
October 4 & 18
November 1 & 15
April 12 & 26
May 10 & 24
June 14 & 28
July 12 & 26
August 9 & 23
September 13 & 27
October 11 & 25
November 8 & 22
All brush must be placed on the parkway by 7:00am on the Monday of your scheduled collection week. Crews will not return until the next scheduled date.  In addition, yard waste collection resumes this month.  Residents must place a refuse sticker on all yardwaste bags that are to be put out on your regular refuse collection days.  Questions?  Call the Public Works Dept. at (630) 232-1501.
Red Light Photo Enforcement Information
red light camera
The City of Geneva, through an agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems, has launched its red light photo enforcement system. The Geneva City Council approved the installation of these systems in January 2008.
As of 12:01am on Tuesday, March 9th, 2010, the camera system is fully activated and tickets will be administered for subjects who fail to come to a complete stop when the law requires. It is imperative that motorists know that the City of Geneva and Geneva Police Dept. have adopted the policy of reviewing EVERY violation, inclusive of right turn on red, and will then (and only then) determine if a ticket will be issued.
The locations of the red light photo systems are:
*  Northbound and Southbound Randall Road at Williamsburg Avenue
*  Northbound and Southbound Randall Road at Fargo Boulevard
The City is contracted to also install a red light photo system at Kirk Road and Fabyan Parkway, although construction and installation dates have not yet been determined.
It is the hope of the City and the Police Dept. that this red light photo system results in safer driving conditions for all of those traveling on these roadways.
If you have any questions, please contact the Geneva Police Dept. at (630) 232-4736, ext. 1025, email at or visit the "Red Light Photo Enforcement" page on the City website at
Geneva Giving Program

Helping Geneva retain its beauty and accessibility with the addition of trees, benches, bike racks and more.

treeWhat better way is there to create a memorial than to help beautify our surroundings?  The Geneva Giving Program is an endeavor by the City of Geneva to improve public areas with functional amenities while supporting the various and valuable activities of our volunteer groups.  Individuals and corporations have the opportunity to donate trees, benches, bike racks or contribute financially to the City of Geneva. Potential donors can pick up a brochure at City Hall (22 S. First Street) and the Finance Office (15 S. First Street) or call (630) 262-8495 with questions.
Important Information from Tri-Com 911

You may have been startled out of bed in the early morning hours of February 10th by the earthquake that hit the Pingree Grove area.  Although it was only a 3.8 magnitude earthquake it was strong enough to rattle houses throughout the tri-cities area.  When an event like this occurs many of us instinctively reach for the phone to call 9-1-1 for some answers but 9-1-1 is not the most appropriate resource for information gathering. 


Tri-Com is the 9-1-1 center that serves the tri-cities area, including Geneva.  With limited staff on duty at the time we fielded 250 phone calls in one hour after the earthquake hit and the bulk of those calls came in during the first 25 minutes of the event.  We received so many calls in fact that many of our calls overflowed to other 9-1-1 centers in the surrounding areas or people received an "all circuits busy" phone message when they tried to get through.  Not a single caller reported any damage or injury requiring police and fire assistance.  All of the callers we spoke to simply wanted to know what had happened and why.  In fact, the only known resident that actually had an emergency during the event was a resident of St. Charles who woke up to the earthquake with severe chest pains and could not get through to 9-1-1.  Fortunately a quick and responsive family member drove him to the hospital for emergency care.    


9-1-1 has limitations.  Not only do we have staffing limitations, we also have phone line limitations.  If there is no obvious emergency requiring a police or fire department response we encourage you to use other resources for information rather than resorting to calling 9-1-1.  The internet, television and radio can be extremely helpful and in this particular case, those sources had more current information than the dispatchers on duty at the time.  Also keep in mind that Kane County utilizes a rapid notification system called Code RED which enables us to send an urgent message out to county residents if an emergency strikes that requires immediate action.  In this particular case there was no immediate threat or action required so Code RED was not utilized.  Please see the Kane County OEM web site to learn more about Code RED: 


When should you call 9-1-1?

-          To stop a crime

-          To report a fire

-          To save a life

-          Anytime a response is required by police, fire and/or medical


Stay Safe!

Stacy Guercio

City Recognizes Local Volunteer Efforts
The City would like to recognize and thank the following groups for volunteering their time to help make Geneva a more clean and beautiful community:
Christ Community Church - Mary O'Malley, coordinator
volunteer graphicThe Parma Family
Pack 111 Tiger Den
The Pietsch Family
The Finley Family
Cub Scout Pack 138
The Fournier Family
The Green Group Girls
Want to join the list?  Contact (630) 232-7494 to learn of upcoming opportunities.
Geneva Fire Department Offers First Aid and Risk Watch Courses

school busFor children ages 14 and under, the number-one health risk isn't drugs or disease: its injuries. Each year, unintentional injuries kill more than 5,000 kids and injure more than 6 million.  Every time a child is injured or killed by an unintentional injury, everyone suffers - the child, his or her family, classmates and friends, and the entire community. Sadly, the vast majority of these injuries are not random "accidents" - they are predictable and preventable. With education, motivation, and the support of caring adults, we believe that children can learn to be much safer.

Join the Geneva Fire and Police departments for our annual Risk Watch Summer Camp.  The program is for Geneva kids entering first grade.  The program consists of a 2 hour session using fun activities and lessons to teach the kids how to avoid preventable injuries.  The dates for the program are as follows:

Session #1:  July 5, 2010-July 7, 2010 from 9:00 am until 11:00 am

Session #2:  July 5, 2010-July 7, 2010 from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm

Session #3:  July 12 2010-July 16, 2010 from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm

* There is a $20 refundable deposit for the class.  The deposit will be refunded after the end of the program and the student has attended 3 of the 5 days of the program.

If you would like more information, or would like to sign up for the program please feel free to contact Officer Frangella of the Geneva Police Department at (630) 232-4736.


First Aid Classes at Geneva Fire Department

Fire Dept. logocprThe Geneva Fire Department is pleased to announce that due to popular demand we have added a First Aid class to our roster of life safety classes for 2010. 

Heartsaver First Aid:  May 26, 2010  6 pm

         Adult 1st Aid (general principles, medical emergencies & injury emergencies)

         4 hour class consisting of video and instructor lessons

         $40/pp includes all materials needed for class

If you are in need of a specialty class or would like to arrange a class for your group or workplace, please contact us for information on pricing and availability at 

Our past Healthcare Provider
and Heartsaver CPR courses will also continue to run during alternating months throughout the year.

Please visit our website at for more information and schedule dates. To register for a class, please call (630) 232-2530.

Public Works Improvement Programs for 2010

This year, the city will concentrate on the following improvements:


Resurfacing of Anderson Boulevard -This project has a total estimated cost of $416,000 and involves the resurfacing of Anderson Boulevard from State Street to Gray Street. The project will be funded through the use of ARRA and city funds. If approved by IDOT as scheduled, the project will be let on July 31, 2010, and construction will begin a month or two after this letting date.


Resurfacing of Kaneville Road - In Nov. 2009 the state awarded this project to Plote Construction at a cost of $685,000. This project involves the resurfacing of Kaneville Road from State Street to Randall Road and will be funded through the use of ARRA funds. The current start date is in May with an expected completion date in late June.


2010 Street Program - This year's street program has an estimated cost of just over $1,000,000. The expected bid opening date is in April. Construction will begin soon after. The roads to be resurfaced under this project are as follows:







Blackberry Drive

Bricher Rd

1000 feet South


Bloomfield Circle

Blackberry Drive

Blackberry Drive


Dempsey Circle

Blackberry Drive

Blackberry Drive


Stratford Drive

Pepper Valley Drive

Kaneville Road


Regency Court


Stratford Drive


Harrison Street

100 block

South 300 block South


Whitfield Drive

Hill Road

Glengarry Drive


Hill Road

Kirk Road

Glengarry Drive


Glengarry Drive

Hill Road

N end Cul-de-Sac


Cheever Avenue

Third Street

Dunstan Road


Lincoln Avenue

Ford Street

State Street


Dunstan Road Storm Sewer - This project was recently awarded to Bish Excavating at a cost of $176,960.71. The project involves the reconstruction of the detention pond on Western Avenue and the installation of approximately 1300 feet of storm sewer along Dunstan Road between Cheever and Ray. Depending on weather, the project could begin as early as April with plans for completion by June.


Watermain Replacement on Kaneville Court-This project will involve removing and replacing a water main along Kaneville Court that has experienced numerous breaks. The city plans to install the main using city staff and equipment and begin work on the project near the end of summer.


Manchester Alley Reconstruction-Over the last several years, the city of Geneva has been replacing alleys with concrete pavement. This year the city will design the next alley scheduled for replacement-Manchester Alley. And if funding permits, the city will reconstruct the east half of the alley over the next fiscal year. This portion of the alley is estimated to cost $300,000 and runs along the southern edge of the Geneva East Subdivision from the middle of the subdivision to Geneva Drive.


Contact Pam Broviak, Asst. Dir. of Public Works/City Engineer at (630) 232-1501 with questions.

News & Notes from Economic Development
This totally redesigned website is your gateway to everything Geneva. Learn all about upcoming events and new shops and restaurants in town. All the information you're looking for about downtown Geneva is just a click away. Find a comprehensive list of Geneva's downtown shops, including what sort of products they sell. View a list of Geneva's restaurants, sorted alphabetically or by cuisine. Visit today and you're sure to discover something new!
Downtown Going Green - Gardenology

gardenologyOn May 15th Geneva's downtown will be invaded by 50 gardening experts from around the region who will be here to offer specific gardening classes or answer your gardening questions.  Gardenology will take place Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm along S. Third Street from James Street to the Commuter Train Station. You will find out all sorts of gardening tips and be able to buy specific plants to create your dream garden.  This year the event sponsor is Ball Horticultural and a portion of the donations will benefit the Geneva Beautification Committee. If you would like to volunteer to help out with this project, please call Country Naturals at (630) 232-1172.  Updates as available will be found at
Dancing with the Geneva Stars Shines Again

The Geneva Cultural Arts Commission and the Geneva Academic Foundation were elated with the results from this year's Dancing with the Geneva Stars event held at Eagle Brook Country Club on February 6.  A full house of 369 people had a wonderful evening which included a dance exhibition by 6 local couples, dancing and hors d'oeuvres. 
Harry & Marcia Smith
Smith Dancing Winners
The team of Harry and Marcia Smith were the champions.  This year over $18,000 was raised to help the two non-profit organizations.  The Dancing with the Geneva Stars Committee would like to thank all the sponsors and supporters of this year's event for making it such a success. For details on how to purchase a video tape of this year's event, please visit  Please contact Vic Portincaso at (630) 845-9369, if you would like to volunteer to help out with this event next year. 


Geneva Film Festival Returns April 15-18

film festivalIt's showtime!! The Geneva Film Festival is back in town and has expanded to a four-day event, April 15-18! Check out the hottest ticket in town. The festivities begin Thursday, April 15, with a Kick-off party at Wildwood, 477 S. Third St. Here's your chance to mingle with industry professionals.  Movie screening will begin at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 16, at Riverside Receptions, 35 N. River Lane; Mill Race Inn at 4 E. State St.; and The Herrington Inn at 15 S. River Lane and continue through 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 17. Take a peek behind the scenes by attending several Saturday workshops on aspects of the film industry.  An awards reception will be held Saturday night at Mill Race Inn, 4 E. State St. Volunteers are needed to assist with event set up, ticket sales and other duties. For more information, visit

Fall in Love with Downtown Geneva

Grand Prize Winner Patti Harrison (r) of Aurora, IL with her husband
FIL winners
The Economic Development staff estimates that 5000 entries were received this year in the Fall in Love with Downtown Geneva contest. Patrons who visited one of the 66 participating businesses and completed the entry form were eligible for one of 59 prizes. The grand prize was given away on-air on The River 95.9 FM on February 12 and the $50 gift certificates and dinners for two were given away weekly throughout the month of February. Thanks to all for shopping Geneva and supporting our local stores. 

Sno Sculpting 2010

Despite an uncooperative thermometer that was melting all the snow, artists managed to finish their sculptures in time for Saturday's voting.  Over 500 people came out to Geneva Commons on January 23 to vote.  The winning teams were: 

1st place Adult team - Sno Shoe - Joe Gagnepain, Ashley Zamp, Gina Olzowski, Mike Carey, Beckey Gagnepain 

2nd place Adult team - Katkey - Todd Willing, Jake Deuchlew

1st place HS - Batavia Drifters - Peacock - Dawn Zalkus, Art Instructor

Logan Janik, Ellyn Theis, Leslie Billing, Rose Allen, Calvin Chambers

2nd place HS - Kaneland Heartbeat - Emily VanDelinder, Art Instructor

Marina Alcantara, Heather Clark, Sarah Morgan, Alexis Taylor, Kalee McPhee, Michael Caballero

Thanks to all the sponsors and to the Geneva Commons for hosting this yearly event coordinated by the Geneva Cultural Arts Commission. 

French Market to Open in April

The Geneva French Market will open on April 25 this year.  The French Market is located at South Street and Fourth Street in the Commuter Parking Lot and operates every Sunday through October from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Customers can find an array of products from fresh produce to fine French linens and custom made jewelry. For more details, visit

Geneva Green Market will open on June 3

Green MarketThe Geneva Green Market, located at 75 N. River Lane, will be open every Thursday from June through October from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm.
The Geneva Green Market features locally-grown minimally processed produce and products for chefs or everyday people who really care about the quality of the foods they eat.  Chef Jeremy Lycan, of Geneva's Niche Restaurant and Mark Weaver, of Geneva's Inglenook Pantry are both actively involved in getting local chefs to support the Geneva Green Market and buy fresh, locally grown product, as well as offering the public educational information and demonstrations on cooking with fresh product.  For more information on the Geneva Green Market, please visit

RiverPark Concert Series this Summer

Summer evenings in Geneva will now give residents even more to look forward to.  Geneva resident, Sharon Jones, has proposed a series of programs for the RiverPark Amphitheater with the support of the Geneva Cultural Arts Commission.  These concerts are free (although a donation is appreciated) and will offer a variety of experiences, all tied in with Geneva's history, from the sounds of a 30 piece brass band to the lively sounds of jazz.  Other new experiences will be an enactment of the celebration the Potawatomi held each spring as they returned to set up their summer camp here along the Fox River, and a show bringing back the old days on radio, live mystery theater.  All shows will start at 7:00 pm.  The RiverPark Amphitheater is located two blocks north of State Street on North River Lane.  The schedule is as follows: 

June 12 - A Potawatomie Thunder Fest

July 11 - Prairie Brass Band

July 18 - Jazz Night

July 25 - Radio Mystery Theater 

New Businesses

Business Name


Business Type

Phone Number


Fresh & Delicious Up on Third

227 S Third St




Midwest Gold Buyers

1879 S Randall Rd

Jewelry & Accessories



1188 W State St


Sofa Solutions

1772 S Randall Rd

Home Furnishings



Bears Gone Wild

426 S Third St



Kara Schultz-Storyteller/Photographer

227 S Third St



610 Home

610 S First St

Antiques & Decor



Peaceful Parlour

212 S Third St

Specialty Shop


Dr. Jeffrey Soldati

1000 S Randall Rd




Dr. Stephen Lavrisa, DDS

2631 Williamsburg Ave.



Hair Designs by Amie

612 James St

Beauty Salon



Pro*fusion Geneva

31 N Second St

Specialty Foods



Now Open:
The Dam Bar & Grill, 65 N. River Ln.
Sportsman Barber Shop, 107 W. State St.

Coming soon:

Cradles & All relocating to 205 W. State St. 

Janeen Home Interior relocating to 215 W. State St.

US Census and P.O. Boxes


Is your mail delivered to a Post Office Box?  If so, you may not have received a census questionnaire.  Apparently there was a conflict determined in how the census forms were mailed and mail delivery regulations by the U.S. Postal Service.  If residents in a municipality receive their mail to a PO Box rather than to a physical street address, it is possible that the post office received census questionnaires addressed to the street address, but then returned the forms to the Census Bureau because they were not addressed the residents' PO Boxes.


So what can you do if you did not receive a census form?  The Geneva City Hall has been designated as a Be Counted (BC) site.  A BC site is a location where people who feel they have not been counted can go to pick up a blank "Be Counted" questionnaire.  If you have not yet received your questionnaire - please stop by City Hall and pick up one today!  City Hall is located at 22 South First Street and is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


From April through July, Census Bureau employees will physically knock on doors of all residents who did not return a completed questionnaire. Don't wait to be counted - pick up a form today! 
The 2010 Census: It's in our Hands!
Earth Day Event April 17th 

Come down to the old courthouse Saturday, April 17 from 9:00am to noon at Third & James for Earthrecycle Day 2010 in Geneva. Residents can drop off electronics for recycling, have access to a document shredder, purchase rain barrels and receive free giveaways. Call City Hall if you have any questions regarding acceptable items for recyling.


Sponsored by The City of Geneva and the Natural Resources Committee.

Celebrate Historic Preservation Month in May! 

Watch for a schedule of events on the City's website or contact Preservation Planner Karla Kaulfuss
Property owner Joe Stanton (l) receives an HPC award from Mayor Burns in 2008.
stanton burns
at (630) 938-4541 or for more information. 


Information about Historic Preservation Month will be located on the City's website at  This year's events will include the 2010 Historic Preservation Awards and a presentation about energy efficiency and historic buildings. Please join us!
Illinois Premise Alert Program 

Public safety agencies are required by law to publicize the Illinois Premise Alert Program and accept notifications from special needs individuals, families, or caregivers.  Agencies are then required to be able to identify and be aware of these situations when responding to calls or coming across individuals. The goal is to provide more knowledgeable care through advance notice of special needs.  Interested individuals can submit their information by filling out a form at the Geneva Police Dept., or by printing the form found on their website at:

Be Prepared for Severe Weather Season 
tornadoSevere weather in the form of tornadoes, deadly lightning, flash floods, damaging winds, and destructive hail strike Illinois each spring, summer and fall - sometimes with incredible violence.  The Geneva Fire Dept. urges you to develop a safety plan for use at your home, workplace, school, vehicle, and for outdoor activities. Be aware of severe weather safety rules.  Planning ahead and knowing what to do might save your life.
Tornado Watches & Warnings
A TORNADO WATCH means severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible in your area. Be prepared.
A TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been sighted by a trained spotter or intense cloud rotation that could produce a tornado has been detected by Doppler Radar. Get to a place of safety immediately.
City Customer Service Survey Online

The City offers an online customer service survey for our residents. 

Please visit to view and/or submit a form.
"Geneva City Stuff" Gift Shop Open at City Hall 
gift shop 
Looking for that perfect Geneva gift for your favorite Genevan?  Look no further - City Hall has it all.  Stop by City Hall at 22 S. First Street to purchase gifts such as mugs, lapel pins, stadium cushions, pens, and tote bags all adorned with the Geneva city logo. City Hall hours are Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm.  Stop by during Swedish Days to purchase a special edition pewter "Geneva 175th Anniversary" commemorative holiday ornament!
Geneva Beautification News
Geneva Beautification 


The Geneva Beautification Committee is a volunteer group of residents and businesses that plant and maintain over 50 gardens in the historic business district of Geneva. While local businesses have generously donated many of our needs, a majority of the plant material and some gardening items still need to be purchased. The committee relies solely on volunteers to plant and maintain the gardens. Visit our web site at to find out more about what you can do to help.