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Discontinued Items, $99 Kit & Website Updates 
Summer is FLYING by!  It's only 7 weeks until I go to Cincinnati, Ohio for our big annual training....AND to see the new products!  I LOVE when the new products come out :-)  But with the good is always some bad - product drops.  Attached is a list of what is only available until their stock (and mine) run out.  Don't forget there is a fantastic kit sale going on.  $1000 in products for $349?!  That'll get you started with a bang!  Or dip your toes in the water with the $99 kit - you know you spend that at a party anyway! ;-)
I hope you're all having a great summer! ~ Pam
Discontinued Products 

Bear Necessity
Diving Dolphin
Icicle Swirl
PR Intimacy Kit
Snap On Jelly Tool Belt
Turbo Sleeve
Vibrating Butt Plug
WP Silicone Chubby G 

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Discontinued Products
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$99 Consultant Kit Special 
Pure Romance July Kit SpecialThe $99 kit special is back!  This is a great way to get started in PR with a very minimal investment.  You can hand the catalogs out to your friends and family, let them place orders, then use that money to build on your demo items.  Or get the bigger kits at incredible savings of 60% or more! Anyone can do it and not only would you have me to guide and help you, you would also have a whole team of ladies ready to assist!  The friends we make in this business are unbeatable.  The money we make isn't bad either ;-)  It's sure helped out with the gas prices!
Go to my website at www.pureromancebypam.com to learn more.
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Book a Pure Romance Party NowCheck it out!  Now you can book a party yourself by simply clicking the button like this at my website (www.pureromancebypam.com/home) or the link at the top of any page labeled 'calendar'.  There is also 'Live Help' buttons on every page for you to chat with me if you have a question.  Leave a message for me if I'm not there and I will get right back to you. 

Don't forget to check out my specials on the website.  I'm also still looking for testimonials on my parties.  Shoot me an email and if I can use it, you will get a $10 gift certificate!

Pamela Loveland
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