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March 2010
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bloodwood restaurant
Ferran Adria International Scholarship

The Government of Catalonia has the honor of inviting all the cooking professionals and students that might deserve the opportunity to participate in the Ferran Adrià International Scholarship. You'll find all the terms below. Some phrases might display an interesting use of the English language but it's the thought that counts and the meaning is perfectly clear.

Good luck for all those who decide to participate!
bloodwood restaurant

bloodwood restaurant

By Franz Scheurer

March 2010


When three ex Claude's chefs band together to open a new restaurant then the result is sheer magic. Claire Van Vuuren, Mitchell Grady and Jo Ward opened Bloodwood in Newtown, essentially a funky neighbourhood restaurant, with no pretence at being a fine diner but succeeding at serving terrific tapas-style shared plates, backed up by some interesting beverages. The food is not just good but superb and the wine list, although fun for the initiated wine buff, might be a little difficult for the label drinker. Some excellent spirits and interesting beers supplement the wines and the whole package works.


Young, local designer Matt Woods managed to achieve a hip industrial look without spending millions. Exposed raw bricks are highlighted by yellow pipes, recycled wood and a collection of old doors on the ceiling hold your attention and the open kitchen, all stainless steel, is at once functional as it is good theatre.


We ordered quite a few dishes, starting with 'polenta chips and gorgonzola dipping sauce' ($9) a dish so moreish you have to remind yourself that you have many more dishes coming. A plate of 'crispy chicken wings' with yoghurt rémoulade ($12) is finger-licking good and the 'fried bean curd roll' ($15) made with crab, pork and shitake, rolled in bean-curd skin is taken straight out of Cheong Liew's repertoire. Jo Ward was Cheong Liew's number one in the kitchen at the Grange in Adelaide for years. One of the highlights was the 'saltcod brandade' ($15) brandade pan-fried with a crisp bottom served on ox heart tomato salad with Pedro Ximénez vinegar. This dish stands out texturally and convinces with a contrast of dark and bright flavours.  The next two dishes 'duck sausage' ($28) with crispy duck breast and plum sauce and 'lamb kibbeh' ($28) a stylised take on classic kibbeh with the crunchy burghul crust and a moist interior due to the Merguez sausage in the centre, served with eggplant, kale and bull horn capsicum sauce, were both sensational. The duck sausage every bit as good as Searle's at Vulcan's in Blackheath and the kibbeh so moreish I almost ordered another serve.  We barely had room for dessert, so we shared a 'bloowood trifle' ($12) with pomegranate jelly and it was simply heavenly (except for the addition of tasteless, pointless blueberries).


Service was friendly, efficient and unobtrusive. I was impressed to find Buffalo Trace whiskey on the list and loved the Monteith Black Beer from Auckland.


Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 5pm to late, Friday and Saturday from midday to late and Sunday from midday to 10pm. Closed on Tuesdays


Noise: 70db average

Did I like it: a resounding YES

Would I go back: absolutely


Score: 7.5/10


For more information:

bloodwood restaurant

416 King Street


Tel.: 02 9557 7699

Email bloodwood restaurant



Ferran Adria International Scholarship
FA scholarship Promoted by the Municipality of L'Escala, Young Chefs and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Government of Catalonia - PRODECA

Catalan cuisine is living the best time in its history thanks to the success and the international projection of high profile renowned chefs, among which the figure of Ferran Adrià highlights, who is considered the best chef in the world.

The international promotion of Catalonia and Catalan products, which are part of the culture, history, landscape and the uniqueness of this innovative cuisine that has risen from tradition and has improved it, has the best ambassadors thanks to its chefs.

At the same time, professional chefs and cooking students become interested by Catalan cuisine and the new ideas cooked in the stoves of our country, especially if we talk about Ferran Adrià.

For this reason, the City Council of l'Escala, Young Chefs and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Governmet of Catalonia - Prodeca foster the International Scholarship Ferran Adrià, dedicated to a young foreigner chef, who, through one stay in Catalonia, is able to learn closely more about our products and our cuisine.


1. Aims and content of the scholarship

The aim of the scholarship is to create a group of professionals from all over the world to become prescribers of our cuisine and our products.

The content of the scholarship concretes in a three-months stay at the House of Forestry of Sant Martí d'Empúries, in l'Escala. The House is an apartment / studio by the sea in which the granted person will make all his/her gastronomic projects come true. The House stands on the Mediterranean waters' feet, next to the Greco-Roman ruins of Empúries and beaches of the Costa Brava, inside the medieval precinct of Sant Martí d'Empúries. An ideal space, in the seafront, from which you can see the bay of Roses and understand why the landscape of the Empordà and its coast were always an inspiration for artists now and forever.
During the stay, the winner will develop a project related to Catalan products. Several routes to restaurants, markets, guilds, museums and food companies will also be proposed.

The kitchen of the House of Forestry is equipped with necessary tools to carry out various gastronomic projects. Moreover, the housing consists on two double rooms with sheets and blankets, bathroom and living room - dining room with television. It also has a wide study of 70m2, on the second floor, with large windows overlooking the sea.

The granted person will have an amount of € 2,000 to purchase the necessary products and for other expenses. The City Council of l'Escala will pay the costs for supplying water, gas and electricity, as well as to make a basic weekly cleaning of the apartment. If the winner moves his/her materials to develop the gastronomic project, the City will provide a small truck both at the arrival as when leaving the housing, from the train station or airport to l'Escala. The distance must not exceed the 200 km.

During the period of the scholarship, the City Council will schedule some cultural activities related to his/her specialty. Prodeca may also schedule a suitable route to improve the food production processes knowledge.

Annually, coinciding with the end of the stay, a dinner will be held in tribute to local products, where the scholarship will have to submit the results of the developed gastronomic project.

The jury will evaluate and assess it in accordance with a scale of quality and innovation, and will finally score it.

2. Beneficiaries

The scholarship beneficiaries may be non-Spanish final year students or freshly graduated in cookery, over 18 years.

3. Tutorship and stay

The length of the scholarship is three months, from September to November.

The granted person will have a tutor, proposed by the Young Chefs Association and appointed by the Jury of the Scholarship.

During his/her stay he/she will be accompanied to the ruins of Empúries, to the anchovies and salt Museum, and to the most emblematic places of the town. He/She will be provided with information on the cultural sites of both the municipality and nearby sites and will also receive information about local sports facilities. Meanwhile, he/she will visit the companies proposed by Prodeca to improve knowledge of food production processes.

After the stay, the City Council will review the housing state. The possible damage caused will be paid by the granted person.

4. Requirements to apply for the scholarship

To apply for the Scholarship, candidates will have to submit, by email or post, a proposal for an innovative recipe that includes at least one Catalan product as the main ingredient and two as secondary ingredients.

Along with the proposal, applicants must submit the following documents:

1. Photocopy of passport
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Certify the studies done related to cooking and gastronomy
4. Recommendation letter written by the tutor/director of the current or finished cookery studies done by
    the candidate

Information will be sent on CD, whenever there is also a paper copy and a brief summary at the beginning.

All the documentation and the proposal of an innovative recipe will have to be presented in one of the languages: English, Spanish or Catalan.

The jury may request additional information about the suitability of the works presented before making the decision.

5. Deadline fot he documentation submitting

The application projects will have to be submitted to the Secretariat of the International Scholarship Ferran Adrià, between 20th February and 30th May 2010

6. Verdict

The Jury of the Scholarship will be chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action and nine more members, chosen among chefs, restaurateurs, food journalists, prescribers and producers, under proposal of the scholarship promoters.

The Jury and the promoters of the Scholarship will monitor the work undertaken by the winner during his/her stay.

7. Bases acceptance

The participation in this competition implies acceptance of its bases and the resolution of the Jury.

8. Documentation return

The documentation submitted by non-awarded applicants will be sent back by the secretariat of the International Scholarship Ferran Adrià at the indicated addresses. The Scholarship secretariat will take care of the conservation and integrity of documents, but will not be liable for any loss or damage that may suffer when delivered.

9. Scholarship secretariat

Oficina d'Atenció al Ciutadà (OAC)
C / Pintor Joan Massanet 34-36
17130 l'Escala
Àrea de Cultura de l'Ajuntament de l'Escala
Tel: +34 972 774 848
Fax: +34 972 770 762

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