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March 15, 2011


Welcome to our newsletter! March brings werewolves and an island of the dead as well as award nominations and author interviews. So let's get started!

Norse Werewolves Unlike Any Others

M. D. Lachlan begins an extraordinary new fantasy series with Wolfsangel. This is the myth of the werewolf as you have never Wolfsangelseen it.

The Viking king Authun leads his men on a raid against an Anglo-Saxon village. Men and women are killed indiscriminately, but Authun demands that no child be touched. He is acting on prophecy-a prophecy that tells him that the Saxons have stolen a child from the gods. If Authun, in turn, takes the child and raises him as an heir, the child will lead his people to glory.

But Authun discovers not one child, but twin baby boys. After ensuring that his faithful warriors, witnesses to what has happened, die during the raid, Authun takes the children and their mother home, back to the witches who live on the troll wall. And he places his destiny in their hands.

So begins a stunning multivolume fantasy epic that will take a werewolf from his beginnings as the heir to a brutal Viking king down through the ages. It is a journey that will see him hunt for his lost love through centuries and lives, and see the endless battle between the wolf, Odin, and Loki, the eternal trickster, spill over into countless bloody conflicts from our history and our lives.

"Savage, dark, strange, and unpredictable. Recommended." - Joe Abercrombie, author of the First Law trilogy 


"The most powerful and original fantasy I have read for some time." - Interzone

The Misfit Adventurers Return

Sam Syke's mismatched band of adventurers returns in Black Halo, the second book in the Aeons' Gate trilogy.

The Tome of the Undergates
has been returned, and the gates Black Haloof hell remain closed. Lenk and his five companions set sail to bring the accursed relic away from the demonic reach of Ulbecetonth, the Kraken Queen. But after weeks at sea, tensions amidst the adventurers are rising. Their troubles are only beginning when their ship crashes upon an island made of the bones left behind from a war long dead.

And it appears that bloodthirsty alien warrior women, fanatical beasts from the deep, and heretic-hunting wizards are the least of their concerns. Haunted by their pasts, plagued by their gods, tormented by their own people, and gripped by madness personal and peculiar, their greatest foes may yet be themselves.

The reach of Ulbecetonth is longer than hell can hold.

"Wildly descriptive slaughter-fest with a surprising pathos." - Stephen Deas

"Tome of the Undergates could be called blunt force trauma fantasy...  I am keen to find out more... Sign me up for the next bloody adventure." - Walker of Worlds blog   

Don't miss Sam Sykes and Ari Marmell (The Goblin Corps, forthcoming) guest blogging at Borders Babel Clash today through March 28th!

Odds and Ends

Congratulations to Sam Sykes (Black Halo) and Jon Sprunk (Shadow's Son,) both of whom are finalists for the Compton Crook Award. We're delighted for both authors.

Kay Kenyon, author of the Entire and the Rose quartet, will be Bright of the Skyreading with Brent Weeks and Jay Lake in Portland on April 19 at McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, OR, for the inaugural session of the Pacific Northwest Reading Series. Further details here.

Ian McDonald's work is the subject of a Locus Roundtable that includes Fabio Fernandes, Rachel Swirsky, Cat Rambo, Paul Graham Raven, and Pyr Editorial Director Lou Anders. They discuss developing economies and exoticism, cyberpunk, and global science fiction, among other things. McDonald's The Dervish House has been nominated for the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award.

The Curious Case of the Clockwork ManIf You're Just Joining Us interviews Mark Hodder (The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man) in the first of a series of podcasts with the 2010 Phillip K. Dick Award nominees.

Elitist Book Reviews posts their picks for the 2011 Hugo Ballot. We're thrilled to see the number of Pyr books they suggest. 

GetFanged.com talks to Jasper Kent (Thirteen Years Later) about vampires, Thirteen Years Latersetting, and the research that goes into the Danilov Quintet.

And on our blog, we've posted the second of our Pyr Author Roundtables, with Mark Hodder, M.D. Lachlan, and Sam Sykes, in which they talk the origin of stories, genre tropes, and writing a second book.
That's it for this issue. Don't forget our coupon below! As always, please check out our entire catalog and drop by our blog.

Happy Reading,

Rene Sears
Editorial Assistant, Pyr

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For March only, we're offering Silverheart, by Michael Moorcock and Storm Constantine, at half price. This hardcover edition has a beautiful cover by John Picacio.  


A novel of the Multiverse, the universe of Michael Moorcock's world-famous Eternal Champion novels.  


This is a novel set at the very heart of Michael Moorcock's multiverse, in Karadur, city of metal, steam, and ancient families, the mighty clans of the metal. In six days, Max Silverskin, thief and trickster, must discover the secrets of his heritage or die from the witch mark - the silverheart - which will devour his heart. Lady Rose Iron, daughter of the leader of the powerful Clan Iron is thrown into an edgy alliance with Max as she searches for the secrets that could save the city's future. Captain Cornelius Coffin, head of the clans' security forces, is in love with Lady Rose and obsessed with capturing Max. And there are others, in Shriltasi, Karadur's underworld twin, who know the prophecy which says that only Max Silverskin can save both realms.


In Silverheart, Michael Moorcock and Storm Constantine have combined their talents to produce a novel that is both surreal and gothic.


"This collaboration brings out each author's strong points: the elegant and highly visual imagination of Moorcock (the Elric Saga) and the lush and evocative storytelling of Constantine (the Wraeththu trilogy). Fans of both authors and gothic fantasy aficionados will enjoy this tale of intrigue and rebellion set in a unique double city on the edge of change. Highly recommended."  

-Library Journal

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