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February 15, 2011


Welcome to our newsletter! This issue, Pyr authors are busy around the web, we've made a few more best-of lists for 2010, and we round up our books so far for 2011. Let's get started!

Pyr Authors Around the Web
Tim Akers (The Horns of Ruin) and Mark Hodder (The Strange Horns Of RuinAffair of Spring Heeled Jack,) along with Jay Lake (Mainspring) and Felix Gilman (The Half-Made World,) spent the last two weeks discussing steampunk at Babel Clash . Is steampunk utopian or dystopian in nature? What's so appealing about retro-futurism, the Victorian age, the decline of empire, and the Romantic Inventor? Here's the first post in the series.
The Greyfriar

Clay and Susan Griffith (The Greyfriar) talk collaboration over at All Things Urban Fantasy.  Specifically, the tribulations and rewards of writing together as a married couple, and how they work through disagreements about the books. 


Jon Sprunk (Shadow's Son) has started a series of essays on writing at www.tor.com.  He talks about worldbuilding, characters (and their flaws,) writing what you don't know, and how well role-playing games translate into fantasy stories (or don't.) It's an interesting series- check it out!

More Best-of-2010

Pyr books continue to garner more accolades! Locus released its Recommended Reading list for 2010.  Ian McDonald's The Dervish HouseDervish House made the Novels-Science Fiction list, while James Enge's The Wolf Age was on the Novels-Fantasy list.

The Dervish House also made Adam Roberts' Ten Best SF Novels of 2010. He writes, "A rich, accomplished portrait of near-future Istanbul that maybe is the best thing McDonald has written-and that's saying something. It is the product of a writer at the top of his game: beautifully styled, complexly characterised and plotted without ever feeling heavy or dull."

We were delighted to see Pyr's heavy presence on Elitist Book Review's Best of 2010 list.  We publish six of the thirteen featured authors, and ten of the seventeen books! The full list:

*Geosynchron by David Louis Edelman
*James Barclay's novels Elfsorrow and Shadowheart
Swords & Dark Magic, edited by Jonathan Strahan and Lou Tome of the UndergatesAnders
* The Ragged Man by Tom Lloyd
*Adrian Tchaikovsky's novels Empire in Black and GoldDragonfly FallingBlood of the Mantis and  Salute the Dark
Mr. Monster by Dan Wells
* Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes
* Twelve by Jasper Kent
Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
The Bird of the River by Kage Baker
Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis
Nights of Villmajur by Mark Charan Newton
Congratulations to our authors!

Recently Released

In bookstores now:


Mark Chadbourn's The Scar-Crow Men sees Elizabethan spy Will The Scar-Crow MenSwyfte in a dark place. It's 1593, and the Black Plague has come to London. Spymaster Sit Francis Walsingham is dead, and English spies are being murdered all over the city. England's greatest enemy, the Unseelie Court, prepares to realize a scheme years in the making.  With enemies on all sides, Swyfte may find that all his skills are no match for the forces arrayed against him.   


Check out Chadbourn's posts at Pyr-o-mania on writing fantasy based in history- on writing in a specific era, and writing about historical figures.


Jasper Kent revisits Russia in Thirteen Years LaThirteen Years Laterter. In 1825, Europe- and Russia- are at peace, as is Colonel Aleksei Ivanovich Danilov. Not only have the French been defeated, but so have the monstrous creatures that once ravaged Moscow. Aleksei's duties are still to protect the Tsar, but against merely human threats.  But now the one who was betrayed by the Romanovs has returned to exact revenge for what has been denied him. And for Aleksei, knowing this chills his very soul. For it seems the vile pestilence that once threatened all he believed in and all he held dear has returned, thirteen years later...


At Suvudu.com, Jasper Kent relates five historical facts you might not know about Russia to Thirteen Years Later.  


The Raven return in James Barclay's Demonstorm, theDemonstorm Cover third volume in the Legends of the Raven. The dragons have gone home, and the elves are safe, but fate isn't finished with The Raven. An old enemy sees an opportunity for revenge in the continuing war between the colleges. When the veil between the dimensions tears, demons catch the scent of countless souls in Balaia. Can even The Raven prevail against this predatory evil?


"Military fantasy, well-developed characters, and masterful storytelling make this an outstanding choice for fans of Glen Cook's "Black Company" novels."
    -Library Journal starred review


In the world of Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels, the first Turing Cowboy Angels Covergate was opened in 1963. Three years later, the first man steps into an alternate reality, and an empire is born. The version of America calling itself the real sees its manifest destiny to impose its ideology across all realities.  Adam Stone, a Cowboy Angel- one of the CIA field agents who've done covert work in other realities- comes out of retirement when an old friend goes on a killing spree across alternate realities. His mission uncovers a startling secret about Turing gates, and leads him to an audacious conspiracy to change the history of every America in the multiverse- including our own.


You can read the first three chapters of Cowboy Angels online, kindly hosted by io9.com.   


"If Christopher Nolan (director of Inception) wrote SF, it would be much like what McAuley gave us in Cowboy Angels. It's fast, gritty, terrifying and wonderful...Definitely recommended."

            -Shiny Book Review


"...this gripping tale, which calls to mind both the Stargate TV series and any number of spy thrillers... provides nonstop action, a believably damaged hero, and a complex set of mysteries that will keep the reader breathlessly turning pages."

            -Publishers Weekly

That's it for this issue. Don't forget our coupon below! As always, please check out our entire catalog and drop by our blog.

Happy Reading,

Rene Sears
Editorial Assistant, Pyr

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Meet Will Swyfte-adventurer, swordsman, rake, swashbuckler, wit, scholar and the greatest of Walsingham's new band of spies.

His exploits against the forces of Philip of Spain have made him a national hero, lauded from Carlisle to Kent. Yet his associates can barely disguise their incredulity-what is the point of a spy whose face and name is known across Europe?


But Swyfte's public image is a carefully-crafted facade to give the people of England something to believe in, and to allow them to sleep peacefully at night. It deflects attention from his real work-and the true reason why Walsingham's spy network was established.


A Cold War seethes, and England remains under a state of threat. The forces of Faerie have been preying on humanity for millennia. Responsible for our myths and legends, of gods and fairies, dragons, griffins, devils, imps and every other supernatural menace that has haunted our dreams, this power in the darkness has seen humans as playthings to be tormented, hunted or eradicated.


Will plays a constant game of deceit and death, holding back the Enemy's repeated incursions, dealing in a shadowy world of plots and counter-plots, deceptions, secrets, murder, where no one... and no thing... is quite what it seems.

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