"Breathe, Relax, Create"
Goddess Art Retreat: Food for the Soul....  
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"Breathe, Relax, Create" Retreat in Wimberley, TexasMay 13-15, 2011
Collaged Journals
We started the retreat by settling in, then opening up to collaging our journals. We used the journals to record & process our creative, spiritual journey, as well have a fun place to doodle and think.

Collaged Affirmation Bags
We made two bags: one for affirmations and one for "releases" (i.e. negative thoughts). We recorded these along the way and dropped thoughts into the appropriate bags. Affirmations are a key component to reaching one's full creative potential.

How much did it cost to make this investment in spiritual and artistic growth and the honoring of the self?
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Day visitors paid $195, Overnight guests paid $415 for shared loft arrangements, or $465 for private rooms. 

Waking up should always be this beautiful....

Relax 26  

The mornings started with organic juices, fruit, bagels, coffee and connection to other women.
And then....
Yoga. Outside Yoga.
RElax YOga

Question: What is a spiritual art retreat:
Answer: An opportunity to connect to a higher source then use that connection to access creativity and relate to others.

After yoga, we did a spiritual exercise where, in silence, each person held another person's hand and gazed into their eyes, and connected to them spiritually. We rotated until everyone had connected with everyone else. End result: connectedness and compassion for humanity, self-centering, and clarity.

After this activity, we connected to source even more, as we hiked through the woods.
Relax 23

From an open space, we began the artistic process.

 Do blocks, questions and frustrations ever come up during the artistic process?
Of course they do. And that is why taking yourself to a sacred place, where you are surrounded by people you trust, is such an important part of allowing that struggle to evolve into joy and self-expression.
Relax 22
My motto: "When you start having fun, you know you're doing it right."

And the results are always, always, always unique to you, because you are the thinking, feeling human that created that particular piece of art.
Relax 9 
The Nurturing Power of Having a Talented Chef Prepare Food....Wow!

The talented Michelle Gatto was the chef in charge of the culinary delights at this retreat. Our first night's dinner consisted of Insalata di Strada: endive, new potatoes, grilled chicken and blood orange dressing served with warm, rustic, artisan bread and herbed olive oil. Dessert: cranberry shortbread cookies and sorbet with prosecco and fresh rasberries. The flavors popped in our mouths.

Saturday's dinner: pouched fish with lemon, capers, and fresh rosemary, lemon zest asparagus, and cous cous with chocolate ganache brownie for dessert.

And to enjoy these meals together, as one, even better!
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What did this retreat give us?

Connection to other women...
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Connection to source...
breathe 40

An empty space for self-reflection, focus, open-mindedness and spiritual peace...

The visceral experience of painting outside...
breathe 43

And last, but not least, Permission to trust ourselves, on all levels. To listen to our own needs and affirm ourselves, for ourselves.

 Thank you to everyone who came....I was honored to be with you and assist you in your sacred journey.
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Heidi Schlenk