The "You've Done Enough"  

Goddess Art Retreat was Beautiful...

I have a friend who said her husband is constantly telling her, "You've done enough! Put your feet up!" We, as women pull so much together with our feminine glue. This retreat was created to help us let go and have fun with other goddesses.  We collaged our way through the summer heat as we experimented with a variety of collage supplies. Read more to find out how we also worked on accessing our full power and honoring our own paths.   


Nature's View Breathtaking

The location of this retreat was resplendent... soothing to the soul. labyrinth
After a meditation based on reflections from The Power of Now and

The Big Leap

, we each brought an object that represented what we were honoring or conjuring for that day and walked through the labyrinth. At the center of the labyrinth we used these items to create a shrine, pictured below.







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Plentiful were the Collage Supplies  

collage supplies
Simple images were exciting to manipulate with stamps, paint, and embellishments. inkOne of our guests brought alcohol ink which we used in a variety of ways to add to prints. Super easy and fun!theresa collageThis balanced, luscious finished 3-D collage was created by Theresa Zelazny.


Personal Rituals
zenPersonal rituals are an everyday part of my life and this retreat was the perfect opportunity for me to try new spiritual experiences. So... early Sunday morning I got up and visited the Zen Garden. Intuitively, I felt I needed to make it "zen" and cleared the leaves and pebbles, raked the sand and stacked the stones. I found this process very relaxing. By the way, the minimalism of a zen garden is "meant to impart upon the viewer a sense of contemplation and enlightenment."


I then approached the  Reflexology Path.  

My feet started in sand


 then stepped into glass


which was, surprisingly, a total treat for my feet. Then I walked the actual path of stones which "target all reflex areas of the foot with occasional specific pressure applied to a reflex area as the foot meets a well placed object."  

This is how I felt afterwards:



cleansed, satiated, connected to a bigger force and  

full of Joy. 


Collaging: the Most  Social of Art Forms

heather monica
A large variety of collage materials were supplied, but this group  also brought tons of their own materials,  which they shared readily,  shaping our day into a motivating treat!group workingLots of techniques were shared as well, including embossing and ways to make your own tags and stickers.maggieWith coffee in the mornings, and yummy snacks around at all times, it was a perfect way to socialize and create.

hug katherine  

Thank you friends for making this event a gift to me. Gratitude.