Happy Valentine's Day!  Februay 2009 - Vol 3, Issue 2
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Green Earth 
Animal lovers - be GREEN!
Instead of sending old rugs to the landfill, check with local animal shelters to see if they can use them. Old towels, blankets and sheets are also appreciated.
It's February, the month of St. Valentine's Day, a time to for each of us to cherish our loved ones. With this in mind, I want to share with you a great website, Smile and Move - a reminder to be hapily serve. And excerpt from this website's author, Sam Parker:
"I want to be needed. You want to be needed. We all want to matter to the world. And the way we matter is through our service to others ... by giving more. If we want to matter and to be happy, if we want more freedom, more flexibility, more responsibility or more money, we need to give more to those we're supposed to be serving.
We need to smile & move.
To smile is to...
         Be awake, attentive, and engaged with others.
         It's being thankful for our opportunities, for our people, and for the occasional chance we have to be in the path to serve.
         It's being approachable and accessible to our customers, our subordinates, and our leaders.
         It's complaining less because we all have work to accomplish.
         It's smiling, really.
To move is to...
         Start our days early and go long more than once in a blue moon.
         It's exceeding expectations for others and dismissing mediocrity in our work.
         It's having a sense of urgency with our efforts, predicting and pre-sweating the details for others.
         It's being resourceful and resilient when we fall short, making it all about results - exceptional results.
The truth is ... you're at my service and I'm at yours. To enjoy more, we need to give more."

It would be our pleasure to serve you.  Read on for finding out more about the  REVOLUTION we are a part of and lots special savings opportunities, our "Green Tips", this month's Color Corner, and of course our online decorating tool.
Join our Revolution - No More Naked Windows!
RevolutionThere are so many types of window coverings, each with a different function and price point. Contact us to cover your naked windows, and we'll determine what YOUR needs are, YOUR budget is, and make our expert recommendation. 
Watch clips below on just a few  window coverings that we carry and how they work:
Color Corner - Plum CRAZY
plum crazyGo Plum Crazy this Valentine's Day!
Spotted at Heimtextil last month's week, textile manufacturers have gone plum crazy!
All hues from deep, rich regal purples to plums showed up in the halls. Deep mauves are edging out other shades as the color of the moment. Edgy color schemes coming out of this obsession with the color purple are charcoal, plum and black or spearmint green, mustard and plum. Plummy hues top the list based on the fact that they are born from the move away from reds.

PURPLE:  Purple is the most abundant color in nature. It heals insomnia and helps to calm stressed people. Leonardo da Vinci believed that working under a Purple light increased meditation and concentration.   Plum Crazy 2
To schedule a consultation for Brilliant Window Solutions with expert color combinations, call Roberts Drapery at 303.934.4599 or contact us today for more information!
Virtual Decorator
Virtual DecoratorTry out our free, online virtual decorator to help with your next room decorating and window covering project. 
Virtually decorate your windows with the BlindCrafter interactive decorating tool. Our interactive window treatment decorating tool will help you choose the custom window shades and blinds best suited to your needs. View different styles of Woodwinds wood blinds, Cellular shades and Harmony Vertical blinds, and select the best options for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or sitting room windows. When you have chosen the window treatments right for your home, we will custom build your new shades or blinds.
Quote to Note"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives."  ~ Albert Einstein

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