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Focus on Fairfax Newsletter of Delegate David Bulova
June 2007

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Next time you see a Fairfax County Sheriff's Deputy, make sure to say thank you! I am delighted to announce, along with Supervisor Sharon Bulova, a new public-private partnership to improve the appearance and maintenance of Braddock Road. For the past several months, my office has fielded dozens of complaints about the condition of our roads, and specifically the accumulation of trash and the lack of mowing in the rights-of-way. To me, it is a matter of community pride. While VDOT has come out to do spot mowing in areas where the tall grass blocks sight lines, many places haven't seen a mower since last year.

Maintenance is handled by the Virginia Department of Transportation. Plain and simple, it comes down to a lack of resources. More on that later.

Earlier this year, I attended a meeting with the Braddock District Council of Community Associations where road maintenance was the primary topic. After the meeting, I ran into a Sheriff's Deputy that I have known for several years and mentioned my frustration with the lack of State funding. We got to talking about the Sheriff Department's Community Labor Force, which consists of non-violent volunteer prisoners from the Fairfax Adult Detention Center accompanied by guards. I asked whether there might be a way to expand the program to include mowing and litter removal. Much to my surprise, he said that was a real possibility.

Several meetings later, I couldn't help but smile as I watched a partnership unfold among the Sheriff's Department, VDOT, Area Landscaping (a local nursery on Olley Lane), and the Braddock District Council. The result is that the Sheriff Department's Community Labor Force, on a pilot basis, will mow grass, pick up trash, and remove illegal signs on Braddock Road from Shirley Gate Road to Backlick Road starting this past Monday. VDOT has agreed to help with safety measures, including the use of crash-cushion trucks for lane closures.

In addition to mowing, the Braddock District Council is also launching an effort to beautify the medians by removing dead and dying trees and replacing them where appropriate. The trees were originally planted as a "Braddock District Tree Planting Project" which began in 1988. Area Landscaping, which did much of the original planting, has agreed to put together a re-planting plan and a proposal for periodic routine maintenance. They have also agreed to help defray some of the costs. In turn, VDOT has agreed to remove dead and dying trees.

It is a real testament to our community that so many people were willing to step up to the plate when they saw a need. They could have easily said that it wasn't their problem. Rather, in the next few weeks and months, we will all be able to enjoy the benefits.

I will be the first to admit that the last few months have been a learning experience for me as I began meeting with VDOT officials about how to fix the larger problem of road maintenance. Maintenance of our existing infrastructure should be our number one priority – and according to Section 33.1-23.1 of the Code of Virginia, it is. But in reality, this hasn't been the case. An internal VDOT needs assessment estimates that we are only funding 25% of the actual maintenance need. Hence the problem. In the long-run, deferred maintenance will cost us all. The good news is that I believe the message is being heard. I look forward to working with the Secretary of Transportation and others on this issue during the next Session.

I hope that you are enjoying a safe and happy summer. And again, let's support those who are supporting us! Give a smile to the next Sheriff's Deputy you see. Thank the good folks at Area Landscaping. And thank the volunteers who donate their time and talents to running our civic and homeowner associations!


David Bulova

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