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Summer 2011 News from Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC

Happy Summer! In this edition of our newsletter:  
  • Watch a short video (client alert) that summarizes the debt ceiling crisis and learn how it impacts you 
  • Learn some helpful hints on how to stay sane in this crazy market
  • Read a recent Market Watch story about same-sex marriage in NY that features Debra Neiman
  • Discover our new website and social media platforms

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The U.S. Debt Ceiling: What It Is and Why It Matters To You

Client Alert Video by Forefield

This two minute video summarizes the debt ceiling and how it impacts you  


10 Ways to Stay Sane in A Crazy Market


"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."


--Warren Buffett


Here Are Ten Strategies to Help Prepare You Financially and Psychologically to Handle Market Volatility


1. Have a game plan


Having predetermined guidelines that recognize the potential for turbulent times can help prevent emotion from dictating your decisions. For example, many of our client portfolios employ a sailing and rowing strategy, which combines strategic and tactical asset allocation.


2. Know what you own and why you own it


When the market goes off the tracks, knowing why you originally made a specific investment can help you evaluate whether your reasons still hold, regardless of what the overall market is doing.


3. Everything is relative


Most of the variance in the returns of different portfolios can generally be attributed to asset allocation. A diversified portfolio is no guarantee that you won't suffer losses, of course. But diversification means that just because the S&P 500 might have dropped 10% or 20% doesn't necessarily mean your overall portfolio is down by the same amount.


4. This too shall pass


The financial markets are historically cyclical. Even if you wish you had sold at what turned out to be a market peak, or regret having sat out a buying opportunity, you may well get another chance at some point. A well-thought-out asset allocation is still the basis of good investment planning.


5. Learn from mistakes


Anyone can look good during bull markets; smart investors are produced by the inevitable rough patches. Even the best aren't right all the time. Sometimes the best strategy is to take a tax loss, learn from the experience, and apply the lesson to future decisions.


6. Continue to save


Even if the value of your holdings fluctuates, regularly adding to an account designed for a long-term goal may cushion the emotional impact of market swings. If losses are offset even in part by new savings, your bottom-line number might not be quite so discouraging.


7. Cash is your friend


Cash can be the financial equivalent of taking deep breaths to relax. It can enhance your ability to make thoughtful decisions instead of impulsive ones. If you've established an appropriate asset allocation, you should have resources on hand to prevent having to sell securities to meet ordinary expenses.


8. Remember your road map


Solid asset allocation is the basis of sound investing. One of the reasons a diversified portfolio is so important is that strong performance of some investments may help offset poor performance by others.


9. Look in the rear-view mirror


If you're investing long-term, sometimes it helps to take a look back and see how far you've come. If your portfolio is down this year, it can be easy to forget any progress you may already have made over the years. 


10. Take it easy


If you feel you need to make changes in your portfolio, there are ways to do so short of a total makeover. You could test the waters by redirecting a small percentage of one asset class into another. You could put any new money into investments you feel are well-positioned for the future but leave the rest as is. Even if you need or want to adjust your portfolio during a period of turmoil, those changes probably should happen in gradual steps.



adapted from Forefield, Inc.

Gay Marriage Brings Thorny Tax, Finance Questions
Deb Neiman Featured in Market Watch Article
With New York legalizing same-sex marriage, couples considering marriage have to navigate some unchartered financial terrain.  Read the article by clicking on the Market Watch logo below.

market watch

New Website Launch
Check Out Our New Website and Social Media Platforms

We recently launched our new website, complete with videos and more robust capabilities.  Our new encrypted client vault enables clients and other advisors to securely share important documents, such as: Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives, online.



Additionally, Deb Neiman is now tweeting   Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn View my profile on LinkedIn.  Are you?

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