July 28, 2012 

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"It is not the magnitude of our actions, but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."  ~ Mother Teresa    


Summer Harvest

sunflower mullien
 Summer Blossoms 
 The season of abundance is upon us.  While the big fall harvest is not yet here, I have begun to put up extra veggies.  I put a bag of green beans we didn't eat last week in to the freezer for a winter treat before tomorrows share of green beans arrive, and made pesto with last week's basil share to freeze as well. We will have more basil this week too.  If it more than you care to eat in a week, consider freezing your veggie's for the time when the earth is resting from it's season of growth.

 I  truly enjoy grabbing something from the freezer during the dead of winter and reminising on harvest day.  It leaves me in awe of the changing of seasons.  It is truly humbling to watch the abundant green earth, lush and full, burst forth with fall color, while the sunflowers bow their heads to the earth and surrender to the call to let loose
farm winter
Winter days 
their seeds and fade away, until it is time for them to awake and rebirth with the coming of spring.  It lifts my heart to remember this ever changing flow we are in the midst of when the weeds seem to be taking over this extra rainy July. "This too shall pass."  Be grateful, appreciate it.  The rain is a blessing.  The weeds are consistently being pulled and will too fade away.  

The garden mirrors to me with such perfection the state of my heart and pulls me back into trust and surrender with all of it's gifts and r
eminders of the perfection of our Creator, and for that I am very grateful this week.   

As the summer harvest turns to fall, we anticipate produce to sh
farm autumn
Fall flashing red 
are beyond the  current forty shares, God willing.  We  intend to grow and harvest for an additional 10 shares.  These shares are being reserved for delivery to a Women's Shelter and the Local Food Bank. Both do not have a source of fresh produce, and serve many families in need of the nourishment and support. If you heart feels called to offer a full or half share for delivery to these locations, please visit farmofpeace.com to reserve a share and indicate donation in the comments. If you would like to make a partial donation towards a share or donate more than the full share amount, you can enter any amount of donation in the box below the full and half share payment options.

Often the only types of foods donated are denatured and fresh produce is not on the menu. We would like to support our sisters and brothers in eating fresh nourishing foods. May you receive abundant blessings for all you give. 

 Whether or not you feel called to support this cause, we are thankful for the choice you have made to support local agriculture and make mindful choices about your produce.  This extends beyond your own health  and is generous act.  I  invite you all to take a moment to feel gratitude for all the nourishment you receive, and be in awe of the mystery in the unseen.  All of the food in your share this week emerged from a tiny seed, beyond our ability to create.  It is a gift from our Creator, who is so generous and kind.  
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Spring Greens 

"And a Sign to them is the lifeless earth of winter.  We give it life and bring forth from it seeds, so that from it they may eat.
And We have made in it gardens of date palms and grapes, and from it caused springs to gush forth so that they may eat of His fruit even though their own hands didn't make it.  Will they not give thanks?"  ~ Q36:33-35 

Thank you for joining us this season to share in the harvest and all of it's beauty, nourishment, and healing.  

Please contact us any time with questions.  You are always welcome to come visit!

  Amin and Halima2
Peace and Blessings~

Halima Willett
Fall CSA
September 22nd thru November 10th
We are inviting new members to join us for the Fall season!  
 If you have a Spring/Summer membership and would like to continue through the fall, we are now accepting enrollments.
Please share with others this opportunity to support local agriculture while receiving the healing nourishment it provides. 

This Weeks Harvest

Eggplant shares
Green Peppers
Green beans
Garlic & Onions
Sage & Basil


New addition to your share 
"In 490 BC the Greeks defeated the Persians in a battle that was fought  in a 
fennel field.  Thus, one of the most famous battle in history was named after a vegetable.  A runner raced 26 miles to carry news of the victory to Athens.  The word fennel in Greek is marathon.

A member of the anise family, fennel is common in mediterranean markets as celery and carrots are in ours.  The stalks form a kind of false bulb that has many of the properties of celery.  In fact, fennel can be used in place of celery in a variety of recipes.  Fennel is a good source of carotenes and is said to help in weight reduction."
~Nourishing Tradions Cookbook


Green Tomatoes

fried green tomatoes
Fried Green Tomatoes
Jesse Amin, Benjamin and Andy spent the day clearing out some tomato bushes to let more air flow through with all this rain.   There are abundant ways of preparing them, beyond what I had imagined.  Rather than sharing one recipes, I would like to share this link I found full of ideas and tips on preparing them, such as Warm Nectarine and Green Tomato Salad With Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette and Blue Cheese & Green Tomato and Zucchini Gratin With Feta Cheese and Oregano!