June 2, 2012 

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"If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in." ~Rachel Carson


Helping Hands 
Kids Helping hands
Jillian's Huge Beet

Gardens should be a place for children to delight in, to play in , to explore the generosity of our Creator in; tasting the sweetness of the earth and basking in the perfume of her flowers. My heart is brimming with happiness this week, as I have seen the garden become such a haven, fulfilling my dreams for our CSA program.  This is the beauty of organic gardening, its safe, kids can play here!  There are no chemical fertilizers, or too much heavy equipment.  There is a row of collard greens that have gone to flower, now  a magical sight to see with hundreds of pollinators flying about and lots of things to taste and discover.  Pulling up roots crops is always so much fun for kids... and me!

During our first spring harvest, Trish, a member of our team, brought 3 of her 6 children to help with the harvest.  Jillian, pictured above, helped cut spinach, wash beets, and pull radishes.  Her sister Jacyln loved the salad spinner!  The oldest of the three, Jenna, pulled over 200 scallions with her mom and helped bunch them for your shares. 

Later in the week, we hosted the 6th grade field trip from the Montessori School in Fred
Fall Swt Potato Harvest
Fall Sweet Potato Harvest
erick, MD.  A new row of Sun Gold cherry tomatoes is in the ground graced by their many helping hands and we thank them.  They also had a garden tasting tour, wild edible plant sightings, orchard visit and even got tohelp bottle feed two of our baby lambs!

Please know we also welcome visitors of all ages, and groups small or large.  Please pass it along and know that it feeds our hearts to share the beauty of farm and all it many facets with others.    We hope it fills the hearts of thosewho visit as well, and leaves them imprinted witha sense of awe and gratitude at the magnificence of our Creator.
Spring Greens 

Spring is full of greens and leafy crops... makes sense right, it is the time for the green leaves to return and flowers to reappear after the dead of winter.  Soon enough, Summer comes bearing her fruit, but in the mean time we receive all life force and energy of the nourishing spring greens.  I honestly get rather impatient sometimes to hand out watermelons and cucumbers, so it's helpful for me to remind myself and you that they will come, and to enjoy the spring with all it's leafy greens as it's offered to us with gratitude.

This week's share will include lots of lettuce for fresh spring salad
Squash tendril
Spring View of the Summer Squash Leaves and Tendrils 
s, spinach, asian greens, young scallions, garlic scapes, little baby sweet white turnips, and maybe, just maybe some sweet peas...they are so close!  For any mom's, dads's or kid's at heart, I read an article with creative ideas for getting your kid's to enjoy their greens.  Chop spinach or other up like confetti and allow them to sprinkle them all over their meal.  Add to smoothie's (I do this all the time!) with yogurt and berries, or blend up a handful of spinach with a little water and add to scrambled eggs for a colorful egg breakfast. 

I suggest sauteing scallions and finely chopped garlic scapes in olive oil, then adding shopped spinach, kale or asian greens, allowing to cook until they wilt and turn dark green. You can top off with scrambled eggs for breakfast, serve over lentils  and rice, add spaghetti sauce and serve over pasta or enjoy next to any meal really.  Spice as you like...a love a cayenne on just about anything.  
You can eat the greens on the turnips tops too! 

The turnips can be eaten raw, on salads, saute in olive oil for a simple treat, roasted, mashed...be creative, they are so versatile. As they get bigger we'll send more, but we thought we would thin the bed and give you an early taste.  Enjoy!
Thank you for joining us this season to share in the harvest and all of it's beauty, nourishment, and healing.  Broccoli Sprout

Please contact us any time with questions.  You are always welcome to come visit!

Peace and Blessings~

Jesse Amin and Halima

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This Weeks Harvest
sweet peas
Sweet peas 
Early Sweet White Turnips
Young lettuce mix

Garlic Scapes
Fresh Herbs
~Oregano and Sage~

Sweet Peas (Maybe!  They are almost ready!)

Featured Recipe
Turnip Salad

sweet white turnips 
4 (or more) turnips  (peeled and chopped)
1 bunch green onions (chopped)
2 granny smith apples (peeled cored and chopped)
4 slices pineapple (canned, chopped)
1/2 cup organic sugar
(I sub honey or maple syrup) 
1/4 cup oil
1 tbsp water
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add turnips and cook until tender but still firm, about 15 minutes. Drain, and cool.
(I use them raw! It's easy and this variety of turnip works for raw.)

In a large bowl, combine the turnips, green onions, apples, pineapple and sugar. Stir to evenly coat with the sugar.

Whisk together the oil, water, salt and pepper. Pour dressing over fruit and vegetables. Toss and refrigerate overnight.

Healing Benefits of Lettuce

"Lettuce is one of the richest vegetables in Vitamin H (biotin), which is used to treat sterility and treat infertility.  Lettuce calms the nerves because of the compound lactucarium; its leave preserve visual capacity, lubricating the eye.  Lettuce is a good source of vitamin B, which maintains the body in good order and offsets inflammation of the intestines and muscle atrophy.  Lettuce strengthens the capillary walls, and is rich in calcium and iron."

Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies
Shaykh Muhammad al Jamal