lettuce headerLetter head  Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.
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May 17, 2012
Greetings of Peace~
LIttle helper
Little helper ~ Lady bugs are appearing all over the garden, they are a beneficial insect we are grateful to see!

One more week and the CSA harvest begins!  This time next week your newsletter will include the harvest update and recipes ideas.

 We remind you that deliveries begin Saturday May, 26th for full and half shares in Frederick, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and DC.  We will begin half share delivery for Falls Church (nur center) on June 2nd.   Please keep an eye out for next weeks newsletter, along with delivery schedule. We have been sowing seeds for some time now and  are grateful that it now time to share the manifestation of the hidden beauty within them! 

Patience, Trust, Wisdom
     So abundant are the opportunities to call upon these qualities while working in the garden, and so generous  the experience of gardening is in showing us how important it is to turn to trust in the wisdom of our Creator.  We had the longest hail storm I have ever experienced a few weeks ago.  I went through many emotions and watched my husband go through them as well.  We felt like months of hard work were ruined, and feared for your early shares.   
     When I calmed
Spring Scallions down and grounded myself a bit,  I remembered that all things are from the mercy, so I choose to view it from faith.  What a difference!  I was grateful we had decided earlier that day to take the hundreds of basil, tomato, pepper, and eggplants indoors, which we hadn't done the rest of the week, but it was particularly hot for hardening them off that afternoon.  After the storm we saw that the lettuce got hit pretty hard, but it was coming up well before delivery time, and renews itself quickly when cut back.  We now do have the same beds full of lovely lettuce.  The onions and garlic we strong enough to weather it.  These early crops all had the ability to withstand the storm, or at least stand back up after it had passed.  The tomatoes and other summer crops that were not out yet don't have that same ability, but were protected by the barn.  In the end, I was grateful for the experience that tested my faith and helped me to return to a greater sense of peace and trust in times of hardship and ease. 

In the coming weeks, we intend to fill some of your share with fresh lettuce, scallions, and early beets, all  crops that withstood this storm, Insha'llah (God Willing)

From the Field
sweet peas
Sweet peas 
Since the storm, we have been blessed with many beautiful spring days and lots of lovely rain these past couple of weeks.   Rows of tomatoes, sweet peppers and basil are now gracing the field.  Cucumber and summer squash are poking up there first leaves, and the peas are expanding, but no flowers just yet. 

I am sharing the images of watermelons again, as they are a treat I most loo
Melon Harvest
Watermelon Harvest 2011 
forward too!  It is a nice memory from last year, and I hope we   have many more to share again this year.  We have them seeded as well.  How miraculous it is to ponder on the miracle of what a small seed contains!

We have a few shares available for the 2012 season!
Deliveries begin May 26th, every Saturday afternoon to Frederick, MD; Takoma Park, MD; Washington DC, NW; and Falls Church, VA. 
You can reserve your share at 
www.farmofpeace.com.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the program! 

Peace and Blessings,
Halima Willett halima.willett@gmail.com 
Farm of Peace CSA