May 24, 2012 

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"Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are."  ~Rumi

All Full Share delivery begins this Saturday, along with Half Shares
delivered to  Frederick, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, DC, and WV 

Shares for Falls Church (Nur Center) and Farm Pick up begin June 2nd~ See you next week!

~Spring Salad~
Spring Harvest

Plenty of Spring Salad is on the way.  This week your share will include a beautiful mix of tender young lettuce.  It is mix of many varieties of both red and green leaf lettuce, no spicy leaves.  If you like the spice, top with scallions or try mixing arugula in to your salad. Just plain arugula salad topped with strawberries is delicious with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I once had a pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, and  arugula, if you would like to give homemade pizza a try, I would recommend it as a topping. 

Beets are one of my favorite salad toppings.  I  peel, chop into cubes and steam them, then run cold water over them briefly.  You can keep them in the fridge and them add a few to top off your salad.  I also save the water they steamed in and drink it or add it to my smoothies as beets are full of nutrients.

I am sure you all have your own creative ways of preparing your shares, but I always like to share a few.  We always welcome your sharing and like to post in newsletters, any recipes you'd like to share.  You can send them to

Beets were developed by German gardeners in the Middle Ages.  Long valued as a blood tonic, they are rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as carotene, B complex and vitamin C.

Beets are so concentrated, nutritionally speaking, that many vitamins are derived from them.  Dr. Bruce West recommends eating a few spoonfuls of beets per day, ether raw , fermented or cooked, as a sure method of ingesting adequate vitamins and minerals on a regular basis as a way of detoxifying the body as well. Beets and their tops contain special substances that protect the liver ands stimulate the flow of bile.  Beets and beet juice have been used successfully in cancer therapies.

Beet tops contain the same nutrients as the root with the added bonus of an exceptionally high carotenoid content.  Always buy beets untrimmed as the leaves are a good indication of freshness, and and make a habit of eating beet roots with their tops.  The combination is excellent, nutritionally speaking, and the sweet beets are a good complement to their bitter greens.  ~ Sally Fulton West (Nourishing Traditions)
Aside from steaming them and adding to your salad, they are good roasted (peel chop and bake at 350 until tender~about30-40 min.). 
The greens are wonderful added any sauted vegi dish, or can be steamed and added back to roots for a simple beet dish.  Season as you like...butter, garlic, and a little lemon is one idea.
Thank you for joining us this season to share in the harvest and all of it's beauty, nourishment, and healing.  Broccoli Sprout

Please contact us any time with questions.  You are always welcome to come visit!

Peace and Blessings~

Jesse Amin and Halima
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This Weeks Harvest
Young lettuce mix
Spinach or Kale
Fresh Herbs
(Oregano, Mint, Sage)

Featured Recipe
Scallion Potato Pancakes
Spring Scallions
Rows of Spring Scallion
Serves 8-10
4.5 Lb  potatoes, peeled and shredded

1 bunch of scallions, both white and green parts, very finely chopped

1 large egg white

1 T salt

1/2 t black pepper

Maybe add some sage or oregano!

Mix all ingredients and press firm into cakes.  Cook in skillet on med. heat in Olive Oil or Oil of your choose, 5-10 minutes on each side.