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Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Companions on the Journey,   


thank you sisters
"Thank You Sisters" sign at our 2009 National Conference in Chicago..

Over the past few weeks, Pax Christi USA leadership has been engaged in conversation with LCWR and Network on how we can be most supportive from an organizational position, and we're waiting to make an official statement until we hear more from their leadership about what we can do along those lines. 


Earlier this week, one of our Ambassadors of Peace, who also serves on the board of Network, shared with us an excellent letter of support written by the Jewish Council on Public Affairs to Sr. Simone Campbell of Network, and we imagine many of you have also registered your support and appreciation. We have posted a number of articles on our Facebook page chronicling the outpouring of support for our Sisters, and yesterday, we posted a request we received from SHARE-El Salvador regarding an ad to be placed in the National Catholic Reporter supporting women religious. You can click here to read more about the ad and see how you can contribute to getting the ad published. 


While we have not released an official statement yet, we hope that each of you, as you feel called, are sharing your support and showing your gratitude to the many women religious who are at the heart of our movement. We have all benefited from and been inspired by these dedicated, strong, brave women. As someone once told me early on during my time at Pax Christi USA, "the nuns are the backbone of our movement." Amen!

In peace,


Johnny Zokovitch
Director of Communications, PCUSA


PS: The monthly e-Update, which usually is sent out the first Monday of each month, will be sent out tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8.