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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear Companions on the Journey,   


To read this announcement on the website, click here.


Pax Christi USA is excited to announce the first scheduled regional dialogues for 2012-2013. The dialogues are an opportunity for Pax Christi USA members and representatives of the national leadership to meet, dialogue, and share their hopes and dreams for our movement as we move forward after this time of transition. The input from the dialogues will help to inform the national agenda for years to come and shape the 2013 National Conference.


Our first dialogue is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, from 1-5pm, in Phoenix, Arizona. (There are still spots available for you to join that dialogue if you live within driving distance of Phoenix. Contact Dan & Margaret Wolford at [email protected] to RSVP or for more information.) 


Dialogues are also scheduled for St. Louis (MO), Florida, Atlanta (GA), Massachusetts, New York City, Southern California and Houston (TX). Additional locations are still being considered.


Click here to see the full schedule of locations, dates and contacts to find a regional dialogue happening near you.


Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in hosting a dialogue.

In peace,


Johnny Zokovitch
Director of Communications, PCUSA