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June 2012
June 26 in White Center: Section Social!
The Section's next meeting is a Section Social! Instead of our usual lunchtime CLE in downtown Seattle, we're having an informal get-together during the dinner hour in White Center (south of West Seattle). Come chat, network, and share your business cards and dreams with members and prospective members of the World Peace Through Law Section. Families are welcome!
Kris at Proletariat PizzaWhen/Where:  
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Proletariat Pizza
9622 16th Avenue SW
White Center (unincorporated King County)
Everyone pays for their own refreshments. This is a family-owned pizza shop, featuring (in your editor's opinion) the best thin crust pizza in Greater Seattle, plus salads, beer, and tiramasu. For ice cream fans, we recommended Full Tilt Ice Cream across the street! Feel free to bring family and friends! 
There will be no mini-CLE in June; the networking social will be held in its place. 
To register: No pre-registration is necessary; however, please email rewinn2003@yahoo.com so we can hold enough seats. When in doubt: show up and we'll squeeze you in - we hope to see you there!
USA/Cuba Map
CLE Committee

The next Section CLE will be Thursday July 26, and features attorney Lynne Wilson on The Right to Travel to Cuba: History and Current Law. 

Ms. Wilson practices civil rights, personal injury, and appellate law in both state and federal courts. Formerly a journalist for The Seattle Weekly, she graduated from Seattle University Law School in 1987 and serves as appointed counsel in prisoner civil rights cases for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington and as an arbitrator in tort cases. She has served on the ACLU-WA Legal Committee for ten years, on the Seattle City Council's Police Accountability Panel, as appointed counsel or arbitrator in several local courts and on the Executive Boards of Mothers for Police Accountability and the Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. She has authored works such as "The Use and Abuse of Pepper Spray".

July 26, 2012
Noon - 1 p.m.
1111 Third Ave., Third Floor Conference Room Seattle.

Save the Date:

For Monday, August 27, we plan a program on Recent Constitutional Developments in the Middle East.

Executive Committee
Patricia Paul
Section Chair Patricia Paul
The Section's Executive Committee met after the May 22 CLE to discuss various issues
Dues: Last month a referendum cut WSBA license fees about 28%. This resulted in the end of the WSBA subsidizing sections with about $6 per member per year. The Committee voted to adapt to this change by raising dues by $5, to $30.
Non-Member CLE Fee: Section CLEs have had little attendance by non-member lawyers. The Committee hopes to attract them, for both educational and recruitment purposes. The Committee voted to reduce the fee for a non-Section member lawyer to attend a one-credit CLE to $20.
Speaker Honorary Membership: Speakers at Section events are usually nonmembers who are interested in our subject matter. As a "thank-you" and to encourage further participation, the Section voted to offer them a year's free Section membership. It is not anticipated that this will be a significant budget expense.
Ralph Bunche Award: The Section's annual Ralph Bunche Award needs organizing. We especially need members with knowledge of the history of the award to join us in recording our history and organizing a gala event. Please contact Section Chair Patricia Paul to help out!
Section Logo Items: The Committee voted to look into making items with our distinctive more easily available (see article below).

Your Comments: The Committee wants to hear from you! We meet monthly and want to know what you want. Please contact Section Chair Patricia Paul.

Logo Color Contest!
WPTL Logo Button
The Section has a wonderful logo with a great message. The Executive Committee has been pondering the question
"How can we use it better?"
Some members may remember seeing Terry Savery at meetings wearing a nice blue-and-white Section T-shirt, but that was before cellphones, so no-one can say we're too hasty. Assuming that we use a just-in-time printer like Cafe Press, there's no cash outlay, so the big questions are:
  • What items do you want?
  • Can we do more than plain black-and-white? 
In response, let's try a contest: The
First World Peace Through Law Section Logo Coloring Contest!
1. Get the WPTL logo from the masthead (...or
to email you a larger image) and color it in, using any tool you like: Photoshop, MSPaint, or print the logo and use crayons!
2. Send your image to the editor. Emailed files are easiest, but the editor is happy to scan physical copies.
3. Vote on your favorite images as they are featured in the next couple of issues of this newsletter.
4. The winner will receive the winning logo on an item to be picked later, plus fame and the gratitude of the Section.
Take a chance! Have fun! Be creative!
  • What color are those leaves?  
  • What is in the logo background?  
  • What text or pictures are in that book?
The only limit is your imagination!
(Intellectual Property note: The Section logo is the property of the WSBA. All submissions become WSBA's property. Contestants will be given artist's credit.)
Recommended Reading
CEDAW logo

Section member Marti Schmidt passes on a message from Professor Sarah Paoletti:
"I am happy to report that last Friday, the Pennsylvania Bar Association passed a resolution in support of U.S. ratification of
CEDAW. Kudos go to Beth Lyon for spearheading the efforts through the PBA's Civil and Equal Rights Committee through her leadership of the international law subcommittee.  And acknowledgments and gratitude must also go to my former student Kate Unger who drafted the resolution and accompanying report as her final project in my seminar last Spring.  It wasn't without a fight, but members of the Bar truly stepped during the meeting of the House of Delegates. Now if we could only replicate that scene on the floor of the Senate.  A copy of the resolution and report are available on the PBA's website at:

Chair-Elect Randy Winn suggests investing 15 minutes to avoid later pain, with "Avoiding the Sting: Enhanced Enforcement of International Trade Laws": "In-house counsel whose companies do business abroad must put in place an international trade law compliance program before an employee phones from the lock-up." 

This is a publication of a section of the Washington State Bar Association. All opinions and comments represent the views of the authors and are not necessarily endorsed by WSBA, its officers or agents. 

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Recommended Reading


"Peace is not
merely a distant goal that we seek,
but a means
by which we arrive
at that goal.


- Martin Luther King, Jr.
"A Christmas Sermon"
24 December 1967. 


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