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Online Watering Index Tool
Ozone Water Treatment Upgrade
Free Rain Shut-off Sensors
Smart Landscape Rebate
Dennis Allen Named the City's First Water Hero
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Dennis Allen
Spring Water Wise Gardening Classes 
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Water Wise Landscape
March 12th-18th is   "Fix-A-Leak Week!"
Nationwide, household leaks account for more than one trillion gallons lost each year.  Fixing and preventing household leaks involves three easy steps: check, twist, and replace.
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Simple Online Tool Helps Adjust Watering to the Weather
Water Budget During the winter months, our landscapes don't need as much water due to rain, cooler temperatures, shorter days, and plant dormancy. To save water and save money on your bill, adjust your sprinkler timer to seasonal fluctuations with a simple tool on the City's website.
   The Watering Index is a percentage value of how much water plants need that accounts for changes in weather. Basically, it tells you how much to water, based off your peak summer watering. For example, in the hottest summer weather, the Watering Index is at 100%, but throughout the year this value drops and in the winter will go to about 30% or below. 

   The Watering Index is updated weekly. With this percentage value, you are able to adjust your sprinkler controller with one simple step. Turn the dial on your controller to the "seasonal adjust" or "water budget" setting and press the up or down arrows to adjust the percentage to match the current Watering Index.

City Water to Soon Have Ozone Treatment

Cater Water Treatment Plant Undergoes Treatment Upgrades

Cater ConstThe City has broken ground on a $20 million Ozone Project at the Cater Water Treatment Plant to meet upcoming Federal water treatment regulations. The Ozone Project is the culmination of many years of work to determine the best solution for complying with a more stringent Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) Rule from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Project completion is anticipated for early 2013.

   The DBP Rule reduces the allowable levels of disinfection byproducts in drinking water. Disinfection byproducts are formed when chlorine, which is added to drinking water for disinfection, reacts with naturally occurring dissolved organic material in the water.

   Ozone has been used in water treatment for over 100 years.  


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Free Rain Shut-off Sensors Available

Rain Sensor

Rain shut-off sensors automatically stop the sprinkler timer from watering during and immediately after a rain event. Rain shut-off sensors work best for short off periods. For extended periods, turn sprinkler timer to "off" position.

Since the free rain shut-off sensor program started in 2007, over 1.4 million gallons of water has been saved by water customers who have installed rain shut-off sensors. To be one of those households, call the City's Water Conservation Program at 564-5460, schedule a free water checkup and get a free rain shut-off sensor.

Funds Still Available for the Smart Landscape Rebate!


WW LandscapingJoin over 160 businesses and residents who have gone through the Smart Landscape Rebate Program. The Rebate covers 50% of the materials cost of efficient irrigation equipment, smart irrigation controllers, laundry-to-landscape graywater materials, water-wise plants, and mulch. The rebate maximum is $1,000 for homes, and $4,000 for businesses, multi-family homes, and HOAs. To schedule your pre-inspection before any work is done, please call 564-5460.