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El Estero Recycled Water Demonstration Garden 
El Estero Demo Garden
This demonstration garden highlights the many different plant species who thrive on recycled water. See the photo tour here.

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Did You Know?


The City's recycled water is approved by CALIFORNIA WATER LAW for many uses, such as:


 Orchard Image 




Orchards (and Food Crops)










Dust Control Image




 Dust Control 






Toilet Flushing




  • And many more uses! Click here to see all approved uses for the City's recylced water.
  • Wondering about the City's recycled water quality? Click here for latest lab results.
  • Wondering about public safety of recycled water? Click here for results of the recycled water risk assesment study.


Say Hello to Peggy and Maggi!


Maggi and PeggyMany of you probably already know Peggy Avila and Maggi Walker, the City's recycled water and cross connection experts. They are here to assist all recycled water users with implementation guidelines, site issues, and conduct inspections to ensure that your site is in compliance with the guidelines set by the State for recycled water use.


Where recycled water is used, it is necessary for Peggy and Maggi to conduct an annual inspection of the recycled water system. This inspection ensures the recycled water system and the domestic water system remain separate. Annual testing of the backflow assembly is another item Peggy and Maggi monitor.  


Peggy and Maggi are available to answer questions and assist you with site issues. They can be contacted at 564-5575 or 564-5406 or via email: or