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Welcome to the first issue of the Center for Educational Improvement's newsletter,WOW! Ed. We will provide the latest information on ground-breaking strategies for educational improvement. Click the links to view more information on each article you see here.  Please invite friends or collegues who value education to subscribe to our newletter. We hope you enjoy!
eLearning in Developing Countries

m4it is a South African project that has been on-going since its launch in August 2009. The project was established to explore the viability of using mobile phones to support reading and writing by the youth in South Africa.  Many South African townships are considered "book poor" in that they do not have the funds to purchase reading materials. However, many areas have inexpensive and adequate access to the web via a mobile network. Therefore, the founders proposed that if mobile phones proved to be a legitimate alternative and complement to printed literature, then their potential for increasing youth literacy practices of reading and writing in South Africa would be significant.


The m4lt project had three main goals:

         To explore whether teens are interested in reading stories on

         their mobile phones.

         To see whether and how they write using their mobile phones

         To better understand mobile literacy.


Within the first year of the project, the m4lit team found that most of the participants' reading and writing took place on the mobile phone. Significant peer to peer learning also emerged, and students were quite interested in the m-novels (mobile novels).


Click here to visit the m4lit blog and to learn more about this interesting and innovative project.

The Power of 3
Dr. Mason, the Executive Director of CEI, is researching integrating technology and co-teaching as another way of helping students attain the education they deserve.

Please visit our blog to read more about  Co-Teaching and Technology, and integrating the "Power of 3" into your classrooms.Click here to visit the CEI website and to read "The Power of 3."

iPads in Education

How can iPads further education? Will the tool become a toy? Will it distract students from learning? View the links and the video below to learn more about the debate educators are having regarding the use of iPads.

iPads in Higher Education (infoTech Spotlight)
Why use iPads in Schools? (iPad- How? Why?)

iPads in the Classroom?

I hope you have found the information on integrating technology into education useful and interesting. Please feel free to contact CEI with any questions or comments about this information, or for more information on our services. Thanks and have a great day!

Christine Mason
Center for Educational Improvement
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