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Redefining Leadership - Intro Emergent Leadership Workshop
Why We Volunteer?
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Advocacy Report and Greenbuild Party for all California Chapters
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July 2012 
"That was a great meeting - informative and inspiring.
Thank you!" Annie 
Samuel P. Taylor Park
August 15, 2012
Don't miss this casual fun barbecue and educational event!
Mix and mingle outdoors while you enjoy the majestic redwoods at beautiful Samuel P. Taylor Park. 


Barbecue generously provided by our sponsor Channel Lumber. Learn about sustainable forestry practices from Blake Ridgeway. 


Come early, hike and enjoy the park.  Registration opens soon.



Workshop-Intro to Emergent Leadership with CEU's 


Three locations in August: 


Register before August 1st and save!


August 21, Bardessono, Yountville  

Register Now


August 22, North Coast Builders Exchange, Santa Rosa 

Register Now


August 22, Dominican University, San Rafael

Register Now



David Suzuki Movie

Learn about the legacy of one man who inspired the world. "Force of Nature" the movie. Event date to be announced.  



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Constructed to help connect our members with new employment opportunities. Use the link above  to guide you as you begin your job search. For Job Seekers, Employers and Recruiters!


USGBC's vision of green buildings for everyone depends on accessible, quality educational resources that ensure professionals throughout the industry are highly trained and knowledgeable. 


USGBC offers a suite of online, educational resources - featuring high-quality curriculum on LEED rating systems and strategies, innovation and best practices from real-life projects, and stories of green building from around the world. 


Check out webinars, podcasts, online courses, videos and case studies to enhance or begin your education.




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Alex Hinds sponsored:

 Falkirk Cultural Center

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Cowgirl Creamery



Straus Family Creamery



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Goodman Library



Napa Valley 

Architects Exchange  


Napa Valley 

Historical Society


Redwood Credit Union

Santa Rosa 


Clos du Val

Napa County


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Lorraine Alexander
Redefining Leadership 
Intro Emergent Leadership Workshop
Leadership Tools for Green Building Advocates
by Lorraine Alexander
Redwood Empire Chapter Chair and Pacific Regional Council Vice-Chair



Includes interview with leading authors and green building advocates Ann Edminster and Kathleen O'Brien. 
Being part of the solution is a primary goal of our Chapter's Mission

In my role as Chair for the Redwood Empire Chapter, I often ask myself these questions: Are we really on target?  Are we operating at our fullest potential to effect change? Do we combine our strengths to reach our highest goals?  What can we do to improve our strategy as a Chapter and as individuals?  Who will become our next generation of leaders?


It seems the topic of leadership gets very little attention in the realm of sustainability and green building. Many people may shy away from the term "leader," as they may not feel worthy of such a lofty title. Leadership is not bigger than us, it is not beyond us. Stepping into those shoes can be an exceptional experience, and if you are effective in your role, personally satisfying.  


Inspiring others creates a ripple effect, and with that comes change. Our individual contributions can never truly be measured, but influencing the collective thought of the masses is something worthwhile--that can be found, but only if we foster that light in ourselves and in others.


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." Marianne Williamson

Next month, the Chapter has the pleasure of hosting an Introductory Emergent Leadership Workshop with long time green building advocates, leaders, and authors Kathleen O'Brien and Ann Edminster.   
As part of an effort to better serve our members, the workshop will be
held in three counties - Napa, Sonoma, and Marin.
The topic will be leadership, something we all need to hear and learn about, as we work towards sustainability in our lives and professions. I asked Kathleen and Ann to share a couple of thoughts as we prepare for their upcoming visit:


Why do you think leadership is so important for the sustainable building movement? 


Kathleen: A society where a sustainably built environment is the norm represents a dramatic change in thinking and practice.  Anyone in the field knows that this change, although totally sensible, is not going to "just happen."  It requires knowledgeable, competent, and dedicated leaders to create the pathways to change.  


Ann: The environmental stressors placed on the biosphere by human development are so overwhelming that we need to create change in our building practices much, much faster than what our industry is accustomed to. This requires nothing short of a global movement; a movement requires leaders with effective transformation skills. This means our first job is to cultivate those effective leaders.  


You'll be introducing a particular approach to leadership in your presentation. What does emergent leadership offer that's different than conventional models of leadership?  


Kathleen: In modern western society we tend to rely heavily on celebrities to sweep us off our feet or top guns that can pass laws or somehow force us to do things. I don't see evidence that either of these approaches results in lasting and deep change. We don't have time for quick fixes that don't work!  And we need lots more leaders to get the job done. As an extreme introvert I had to develop an approach that I could be true to (still be me) but get things done.  Emergent leadership is, at its roots, a form of servant leadership, but it integrates the latest in change technology and practice and leadership competencies, and acknowledges that effective leadership only occurs within the context of community.  Anything I've done well, I haven't done alone! So emergent leadership relies on extreme collaboration and collective impact.


Ann: Those of us who have been immersed in green building for many years have arrived at the collective realization that our highest-performing (i.e., lowest-impact/most restorative) building projects inevitably come about through extreme collaboration, a.k.a., integrated project delivery. This is not our normal industry process, and its successful implementation is an acquired skill - one of emergent or servant leadership. It also is a skill that can be taught (by effective emergent leaders). We need a lot more people learning, applying, and teaching this skill!


These events will be introducing emergent leadership. What's your next step?


Kathleen: The introductory sessions in August will provide folks with an overview of the emergent leadership approach and a taste of the learning modalities for a two-day intensive workshop we're planning for October 6-7 at NatureBridge in Sausalito. Ann, who has been a very successful change agent in the field, will be faculty for the workshop, as will David Eisenberg, from DCAT. You may be familiar with his work over the years integrating alternative building techniques into codes.


Ann: I often tell participants in my lectures and classes that they are revolutionaries - because they are trying to effect change, and change on the scale that we need it is revolution! It's a transformation in the way we think, in the processes we employ, and in the tools we use to accomplish our work. I'll be offering examples of all of these leadership approaches and philosophies during the October Emerge Workshop, based on what I've learned from other green building pioneers over the last two decades. 


Kathleen and Ann's visit couldn't come at a more opportune time for our Chapter. Bruce Hammond, one of our esteemed founders, recently noted: From an outside view, the Chapter has revitalized itself, with strong and effective leadership. The 2012 Board of Directors and Leadership Team are creating a productive and visible organization.


To learn more about the three introductory leadership sessions with CEU's visit Intro to Emergent Leadership or  


For more information about the Emerge Leadership Project, visit


Help us promote this event by printing and displaying this pdf:

Intro to Emergent Leadership Workshop pdf

Tina Montgomery Headshot
Why We Volunteer?
 by: Tina Montgomery 
Redwood Empire Chapter Vice-Chair and Leadership Director

America has a tradition of volunteerism - citizens who step forward to change lives and strengthen our nation.

The first volunteer fire brigade was established in 1736 by the man who invented bifocals, studied electricity and helped draft the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin. Some famous Americans who served as volunteer firefighters were: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, John Barry, Aaron Burr, Benedict Arnold, James Buchanan and Millard Fillmore. These volunteers were vital as before 1850 no city in the United States had fully paid, full-time firefighters.

Why volunteer? The impact of today's volunteers has been extolled in My American Story, a series of public service announcements featuring President Obama, Bon Jovi, Usher and everyday volunteers calling upon all Americans to step up and get involved. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are your doing for others?" The MLK Day of Service is a part of United We Serve, President Obama's national call to service initiative calling for Americans from all walks of life to work together to provide solutions to our most pressing national problems. Have you heeded the call?

If the above has yet to make the call audible, hear about the power of service from individuals volunteering with the largest green environmental organization in the World - the U.S. Green Building Council via this link at

Now that you've been inspired, you are invited to Learn, Connect and Contribute with your USGBC Redwood Empire Chapter. Visit the website at for more information. Come to an event! Ask Questions! Listen in on a Leadership Call! It's that simple - and that easy - become a USGBC REC Member Chapter and volunteer on programs that ignite your passion and feed your spirit. Your perspective and experience shared with like-minded individuals is sure to influence what happens in your community, your town and your homes. Won't you step up to be part of the solution?

The USGBC-REC Leadership Team contributes to the development and operation of the chapter's activities and events. The team provides valuable collaboration and contribution to the development of individual events and programs on behalf of Membership and the entire Redwood Empire community. This community includes the following counties: Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt and DelNorte. As part of approximately 65 Chapters networking throughout the United States, the non-profit 501(3) volunteer organization extends primarily along the California coast from just north of San Francisco to the Oregon border.

Many thanks and sincere appreciation to our current Board as well as  Leadership Team Members, Tony Bertotti, Steve Bushnell, Krystle Jorgensen, Annie Kavanagh, Peter Libeu, Rob Linn, Tony Watson and newest member Michelle LaVoie. It's You Making the Difference!

Hammond and Company logo
Hammond & Company
Welcome to our New Sponsor
Hammond & Company

Hammond & Company delivers personalized customer service and leading edge & resource efficient projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been providing green residential and commercial projects since 1980.


As Builders with a clear view of the modern world they integrate the traditions of craftsmanship with contemporary local and sustainable building materials and focus their project delivery on comprehensive energy demand reductions, healthy building practices, and maximum value for client investment. They provide solutions with a well considered understanding of human interrelationships with the surrounding natural world, and within ecological, economic, and social contexts.


As a construction services company they are acutely aware of the many ways buildings and the construction process can become adaptive solutions to many of these issues. They work actively to employ sustainable development strategies in all their work and take an approach that focuses on integrated problem solving within the widest appropriate project context.

Sustainable Development & Construction Services
Ashley Roberts Join the First Official
Green Apple Day of Service Sept. 29th Celebrated Around the World
by Ashley Roberts
Board Director and Green Apple Project Coordinator
Meaningful Change - Local Impact - Real Action 

For one day, advocates from around the world (including students, teachers, parents, USGBC members and more)
will come together in support of healthy, sustainable schools by taking action in their communities.


The Redwood Empire Chapters goal for Sept. 29th is to help facilitate as many projects in Sonoma, Marin and Napa Counties as possible, but we need your help!  We are asking our USGBC-REC members to assist in any way possible.

  • If you have existing contacts with schools or districts in Sonoma, Marin or Napa County let us know. In the next few weeks we will be contacting as many schools as possible and we would love to take advantage of existing relationships our members have with local schools. 
  • If you are a teacher, student or administrator at a local school take charge and plan a project!  Let us help you get the word out and recruit volunteers from the community.  
  • If you have a skill, share it!  We are seeking skilled volunteers who are willing to donate time and knowledge to assist local schools in technical projects such as an energy or water audit, installing a rain barrel, or installing water efficient faucets on Sept. 29th.
  • If you just want to lend a hand, we need volunteers to help with local projects on Sept. 29th.  
  • If you cannot lend a hand but still want to help, many local schools would love donations to fund small projects such as purchasing supplies to plant a garden or paint for a mural on Sept. 29th.

The ways to get involved and contribute to your community on September 29th are endless.


For more information and project ideas for Green Apple Day of Service visit


For more information on getting involved with a project on September 29th in the Redwood Empire Chapter service area contact the Green Apple Project Coordinator, Ashley Roberts at


For details on this and other upcoming events go to and click on the "upcoming events" page to view our 2012 lineup.  Information on upcoming events and photos of past events can be viewed on our 

Facebook Facebook Page.


Alex HindsUSGBC Redwood Empire Chapter and Sonoma State University Collaborate
on Affordable Green Training 
By Alex Hinds

REC Board Director and Co-founder Sonoma State University's Center for Sustainable Communities


The US Green Building Council and Sonoma State University (SSU) both provide green workshops and trainings - so it's only natural that we co-sponsor events and work together in collaborative partnerships. With many shades of green to choose from, providing Redwood Empire Chapter members access to leading edge and affordable training is a top Board priority. Accordingly, we are pursuing are own "Affordable Green Training Act" along with several joint initiatives. 


Our most recent example is that SSU's School of Extended Education is now offering a 10% discount to Redwood Empire Chapter members for its newly consolidated Sustainable Communities & Green Building Certificate. Individual classes will be held on the first and third Saturdays of the month starting on October 6 and running through December 15, 2012. The entire certificate can be completed in 3 months.


Registration for all classes is through the School of Extended Education, and may be completed in-person, by mail, by phone at 707/664-2394, by fax at 707/ 664-2613, or online.


Claudia Cleaver
Advocacy Report for California 


by Claudia Cleaver


Redwood Empire Advocacy Representative

Past REC Chair, and Board Director



USGBC California - USGBC's state-wide advocacy committee - is pushing green building and climate change legislation in Sacramento.  With the help of Eco Consult, the lobbyist we share with the Sierra Club and a few other environmental non-profits, we had our most successful advocacy day to date this April.


Representatives from all the eight California chapters met with legislators at the Capital to introduce the USGBC, leave packets with our information, and pending bills we support.  We also introduced our Council of Experts forming to provide technical information to legislators.


Our morning press conference was the first of our yearly announcements of our "Top Ten" greenest California State and local policies of the year, as well as awarding Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson with a Green Hard Hat Award for his Greenwise Regional Action Plan for the Sacramento region.  USGBC has been asked to award American Canyon School District with one of these Green Hard Hat Top Ten Awards for its district-wide green school initiative.


The day ended with Governor Jerry Brown's announcement of his executive order 13-18-12 increasing green building requirements for all state buildings over 10,000 square feet.


Nowadays, we are campaigning for Bill Worthen, for the first green building expert to be seated on the California Buildings Standards Commission, the government body responsible for the California Building Codes, including, of course, Cal Green.  We are also reviewing and commenting on and writing letters of support for upcoming green legislation.


Because USGBC's annual conference is in San Franciscio this year, we are working on the "Road to Greenbuild", and using it as leverage to promote green building in California.  The day before the conference will be Code Tuesday with seminars and brainstorming sessions with code officials on moving our green codes forward.


And speaking of Greenbuild, we are planning an all California Chapter party Wednesday, November 14, at the Old Mint in San Francisco during Green Build.  It should be a fabulous party with great music, fire dancers, sustainable boutique food and drinks, dancing, and great fun.  A great chance to meet other California Chapter Members and Leaders. Look for details posted to the Redwood Empires website on the Upcoming Events page. Hope to see you there!



Redwood Credit Union LEED Celebration
Redwood Credit Union's LEED Silver Plaque Ceremony 
July 18th, the U.S. Green Building Council - Redwood Empire Chapter honored Redwood Credit Union with a dedication ceremony for their achievement in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver status. The ceremony took place at the Cleveland Avenue location in Santa Rosa. This fun and festive celebration was well attended, and enjoyed by all.

See more photos from this and other Chapter events on Facebook. Become a fan of the Redwood Empire Chapter. "Like" us on Facebook today! 


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Suite A2-156

Santa Rosa, CA 95403-3154 




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