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Adopt Raleigh and Memphis
EAPL dogs - Jan newsletter
Schipperke /Italian Greyhound cross

Females, 9-months-old, Raleigh (10 lbs) is goofy, gangly and very puppy-like. Memphis (9 lbs) is shy, always friendly, but cautious. These girls are very attached to one another and it is best to find them a home together.


Available for adoption at Evergreen Animal Protection League.

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January 2011
TallGrass Spa in the Meadow
Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner
Jan nwslttr - Gail and Lilly 

Inspiration can come on many different levels, and sometimes the most profound are from small daily occurrences, like walking our dog, Lilly.


When she was 4 months old, Lilly had major health issues that caused her to be temporarily paralyzed for several months. With my husband Chuck's love and persistence, she overcame the cause of her illness but she was left with a wiggly, uncoordinated body. And now, add to that, she's rapidly losing her eyesight plus arthritis has made her legs and feet swollen and terribly painful, too. So, when I take her on a walk, she constantly trips, falls, walks into fence posts, totters into ditches, runs into trees. I do my best to prevent these mishaps, but sometimes I can't catch her before she has a wreck and a mouthful of dirt. Invariably, she picks herself up, shakes her head and runs happily onward.


You would think she'd prefer to stay home, lay in her comfy bed and rest. But NO! She doesn't want to miss a thing and is ready and willing to go with me at anytime - day or night - out with the horses, in the car, down the road, on the trail. This old girl has more "try" than I'll ever begin to have. She inspires me every day to not sweat the small stuff and try to not sweat the big stuff, either. She teaches me to pick myself up and move on with a happy, positive spirit! 


Let's not miss anything in this New Year. We may stumble, or take a serious fall, but so much can be accomplished with a positive, resilient attitude. I'll bet you have someone in your life who inspires you to keep on truckin'. Please take a moment to tell us about him or her by sending us a message on Facebook or posting a comment on my blog. We'd love to hear your story.  


We wish you a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2011. And, we thank you for your friendship and patronage.

Spa Babe of the Month
Chelsea Kiley spa babeChelsea Kiley

Our hard-working, well-liked, always ready to please, positive-thinking spa babe is Chelsea Kiley. As a member of the Guest Relations staff, Chelsea might be the first person you see when you arrive at TallGrass. She'll greet you, give you a tour of the spa, and make sure that you are perfectly comfortable. Wearing her other hat - in the Catering Kitchen - Chelsea prepares and serves spa lunches. And, that includes baking the cookies that come with your salad, soup and sandwich. 


Chelsea came to TallGrass about two years ago, right after high school graduation. "I love going to work," she says. "And, I love the people I work with." She quickly fell into the TallGrass rhythm by getting involved with the spa's community outreach projects like writing letters to soldiers for the care packages that went to Iraq, helping with the annual holiday party for children served by Mountain Resource Center, and courageously jumping into Evergreen Lake in last January's Polar Plunge event. "I haven't heard about it for 2011, but if we do it again, I am totally up for it," she says.


Chelsea is pictured here with Gail Ridings.

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