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December 2010
TallGrass Spa in the Meadow
Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner
Gail Ridings, TallGrass Spa Owner 

As you may know, our mission at TallGrass is to "awe and inspire." Our current Spa Babe, Gloria Golson (read about her, below) brought to my attention a wonderful article in the December issue of "O" Magazine. It's about "awe."  


"Awe is what we feel when faced with something sublime, exceptional," the writer tells us, and goes on to say: "Scientists say it pays to cultivate more awe in your life, whether by forwarding heart-swelling news stories or hiking the Grand Canyon." The writer suggests several methods of increasing the wonder in your life such as looking to the constellations or shaking things up. For me, nature is the most amazing source of awe and wonder, along with the privilege of witnessing acts of love - from my husband, from one stranger to another, from the dedicated volunteers at non-profit organizations. They are all so awe-inspiring.   


Chuck and I don't have children of our own, but for those of you who do have young children or grandchildren, I'm certain that you are awe-struck by them over and over again. I challenge you to think back to when you were small and there was so much wonder in your life and everything around you was awesome.  


I can't think of a more awe-inspiring time than the holiday season shared with loved ones. We wish you a warm, wonderful, awe-filled holiday. God bless us every one.


Spa Babe of the Month

Spa Babe Gloria Golson smGloria Golson


Her title is Financial Manager, but you can just call her "the bookie" because that's how Spa Babe Gloria Golson likes to be known.


Gloria came to TallGrass in 1998, after selling a business that she and her husband operated in Miami, retiring to the Evergreen area and looking for something part time to keep her busy. Originally, management wanted to put her at a table in the Evergreen spa's reception area, but she nixed that. "No," she said. "Put me in a closet with a calculator." They did and she has been there ever since -- literally, in the closet -- on the second floor of the historic house on Upper Bear Creek Road that evolved into TallGrass, the spa. Over the years, the space has been remodeled and is really quite a cute, cozy, little office. "I love it here!" she says.


Six times a year, at the all-staff meeting, a person who embodies TallGrass values is awarded the title of Spa Babe. "She's a person we all admire," says TallGrass owner Gail Ridings, as she introduced Gloria. "She embodies integrity, responsibility, flexibility, growth, extreme respect, balance, honest communication, always positive (whew!) and she's a very consistent worker." Near and dear to all the staff, Gloria has been well loved since the first day she walked through the spa door.


Gloria is pictured here with TallGrass owner, Gail Ridings.

Fun with Gift Cards 

TallGrass Elk Certificate

Our instantly printable holiday gift card designs are full of fun. You can choose an elk with holiday lights in his antlers, a Christmas mouse or the more traditional snow-on-Mt. Evans design. We think the elk is especially entertaining this year. He is the same elk who's getting lots of attention, appearing in our magazine ads and on our billboard at the 6th Avenue Expressway and Kalamath Street.


Most of you already know that the instantly printable gift cards are just about the easiest way to give someone a perfect day at TallGrass. Simply visit the Gift Card page on our website, make your selection, place your order and print it out.


Of course, traditional gift cards that come beautifully wrapped with tall grasses and a menu of services are available for holiday giving, too.


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