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September 2010
TallGrass Spa in the Meadow
Message from Gail Ridings, TallGrass Owner
Gail Ridings showing her cancer stitchesNot such a pretty picture, eh? I certainly had to take a deep breath and put all vanity aside to have this picture taken and then put it out there for all of you to see! But, hopefully, seeing me like this will encourage you to take care of your skin.
About 20 years ago, during a routine facial (this was pre-TallGrass), the esthetician noticed a spot on my shoulder and suggested I have a doctor take a look. Sure enough, it was basal cell skin cancer. Luckily, this is not a cancer that metastasizes (spreads to the rest of your body), but it does create growing sores that must be removed. The most likely cause of this type of skin cancer (I'm no doctor - so ask your own) is sun exposure. I wonder if you were a sun worshiper like me when you were younger or if you are now. It goes like this: "A little color on my face looks healthy and glowing and makes me gorgeous."  Oh yeah, remember? We used baby oil to get as dark as possible.
Anyway, fast forward to 2010 and this is my third Mohs surgery (microscopically controlled surgery) on my forehead - each time in a different spot. It's not a painful procedure, but it can be long, drawn out and certainly creates stitches, a swollen face, and - for me - a lovely black eye. I will have these stitches out by the time you read this newsletter and, eventually, I can hide the scar under my bangs, thank goodness, along with the other two scars. 
Because of my fair skin and careless sun exposure, I will be going to the dermatologist every three months for the rest of my life, each time having different spots shaved and carved. Of course, NOW I'm super-careful and don't go anywhere without sunscreen and/or a hat, but most of the damage has already been done.
So, words of warning: If you are still thinking that as long as you don't burn you'll be fine, think again. PLEASE use sunscreen and, since September is Skin Awareness Month, please come to TallGrass for a facial or body treatment to take good care of the biggest organ of your body, your skin. And, if you have the slightest concern about a spot or mole, please promise yourself to make an appointment with a dermatologist and check it out.
That way, you won't end up looking like this!
15th Anniversary Celebration
TallGrass Fifteenth Anniversary Logo
Where did the time go?
TallGrass is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year! It's an occasion to be honored and that's just what we're doing with a series of Thursday events, kicking off with "Transitions 10 Hair & Fashion Trends" on Thursday, September 30, and wrapping up with our annual Holiday Party on Thursday, November 4. In between, we're thanking our guests, giving back to the community and hoping to make new friends with four Thursdays of special events and services.
We're rolling back the prices with the "15th Anniversary Massage," a 50-minute service for $75, and 100% of that amount will be donated to a designated non-profit. The beneficiaries are Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Rocky Mountains on October 7, Evergreen Animal Protective League on October 14, Mt. Evans Hospice on October 21 and Seniors' Resource Center-Evergreen on October 28. Between 40 and 55 massages will be available each Thursday in October and we ask you to specifically request the "15th Anniversary Massage" by name, so the organization can qualify for the donation.
Representatives of each of the organizations will be at TallGrass on their respective Thursdays and - what fun! - on Evergreen Animal Protective League's Thursday, the 14th,  you'll find an adopt-a-pet booth in our driveway, weather permitting.
Please stay in touch and find us on Facebook for the latest details about our celebration. And, of course, plan to join us for the Holiday Party on November 4th, when Aveda Holiday Packs and Gift Certificates will be specially priced, the spa will be decked out for the season, and we'll be offering mini-services, refreshments and holiday cheer.
Save the Date - September 30 - Transitions 10
Transition Logo
Fashion event of the season
It's back - the Evergreen fashion event of the season - our second annual extravaganza - "Transitions 10 Hair & Fashion Trends!" Last year, the show swept everyone off their feet and we promise the same great excitement and panache this year with the seasons' must-have fashions from local merchants and trend setting hair designs created by the elite stylists at TallGrass.
DARE Boutique and Le Boudoir Lingerie are back again with their fabulous frocks, joined by Doncaster, V's Village Casuals and Hills & Rails who promise to take the fashion frenzy to the next level. Sales of raffle tickets will benefit Evergreen Animal Protective League and animals-for-adoption will strut their stuff on the runway.
The show is a benefit for Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce and tickets can be purchased from TallGrass and the Chamber. Click on the TallGrass Events link of this newsletter for all the details. But hurry, the word is out about what an over-the-top evening this will be, and seating is limited.
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