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Summer 2010

The theme of the day is "celebration".

I'm proud to have won some fairly cool songwriting contests lately. The prizes and publicity are truly exceptional (my guitar collection just doubled). But the real value is in the confirmation that children's music can be listenable, sophisticated (in a farty, immature kind of way), and enjoyed by parents just as much as  kids.

And that's a good thing - otherwise I'd have to change my motto ("Don't Drive Parents Crazy!")
and I'd have to order new business cards, stationery, blimp signage, etc.

So I'm offering a celebratory $10-per-CD Special on any and all of my CDs!

Email me at, let me know which CDs you want and how many.
Preview songs at any of your favorite music websites, then shoot me an email to save some bucks.

Let's celebrate!

Lanny Loooooves Dallas!
"I Can't Rhyme" WINS Overall Grand Prize!!!

I am thrilled, honored, amazed, awestruck, psyched, and grooviliciously giddy to have won not only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prizes in the Children's Category of the Dallas Songwriter's Association Song Contest, but also to have won the overall GRAND PRIZE! My song, "I Can't Rhyme" (from the "Meltdown" CD) placed ahead of all other Pop, Rock, Country, and R & B entrants! I have to admit, I do love that song ... but now I really love it. Especially since the Grand Prize was a new Tradition S200 Classic GT electric guitar!

Tradition gtr

The Grand Prize Judge said: "It's difficult for an instrumental to win a songwriting contest. The only thing more difficult is for a children's song to win." He goes on using phrases I usually have to make up myself: "Well-crafted song ... polished writer ... brilliant melody ... perfect song." My new best pal.

There's a nice little wrap-up here: DSA Contest

 "A Cappella" Rocks the John Lennon Songwriting Contest
A few newsletters ago I admitted that I may have mentioned the word "guitar" too many times on my "Meltdown" CD. And I even held a contest to see who could accurately count them all. Thanks to the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, I once again have "too many guitars". As a Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 contest, I won an acoustic Epiphone John Lennon EJ - 160E guitar! lennon guitar

Thanks to all who voted for me in the online "strumdown". Congrats to Kate Rowe - the other Grand Prize Winner - for finishing 1st in the overall voting.

Other Songwriting Kudos

Staying with the United Kingdom theme, thanks to the UK Songwriting Contest for naming "A Cappella" the Winner of the Open Category in its annual competition.
One of the prizes is inclusion in The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. I'm still checking to see if that entitles me to being addressed as "Sir Lanny ..."

great american
 And - back in the States - thanks to the Great American Song Contest. The title song from my "Meltdown" CD won the Special Music Category in its annual contest and was given the Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting Award". As a result, the GASC has included me in its Hall of Fame "in celebration of the glorious craft of songwriting".
Thanks for all your support! Let em hear from you anytime - we never sleep at Sandman Records!

Lanny Sherwin

Lanny & Beyonce'
The Inside Scoop!
Beyonce'billy idol
You heard it here first: Beyonce' & I have a little synchronicity going on.

We share two things in common (kinda):

1. she's renting a beach house in Summerland, CA, which is about 2 miles from where we live. So, neighbors!

2. she has a hit song about Single Ladies ... and I have all kinds of Single Songs available to you for downloading. So, cha-ching!

It's a stretch and a cheap sales ploy, but we do what we can in today's economy. Plus, I'll be way too busy trying to run into Beyonce' on the beach to spend any serious time doing thoughtful customer relations.

So, use your favorite music website to search for either "Lanny Sherwin" CDs or "Dream With Me Tonight" lullaby CDs. You can download single songs or entire CDs.

As Buzz Lightyear might say: "To Infinity ... and Beyonce'!"

Find me at iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody, Amazon, or

"Turn Up the Music!"
"Turn Up the Music!"

Lanny Sherwin's "Meltdown" cover image

"I Like Being Me!"
"I Like Being Me!"

"Dream With Me Tonight -
Lullabies For All Ages"
Dream With Me Tonight - Lullabies For All Ages

"Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 -
A Father's Lullabies"
"Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 - A Father's Lullabies