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Hi, Everyone!
Short and sweet:

Lanman CDs for $5 each until 1/30/10!
Send me the titles, how many you want, and how you'd like me to sign them.

Even if your Little One is, like mine, not so little anymore ... this is a great chance to stock up on gifts for the new niece, nephew, or grandchild. Perfect for a co-worker's baby shower, a neighbor's 6th birthday ... there's always a good reason to give good music!

My New Year's gift to you:
Only $5 each ... while they last!

For the 4 - 10 year olds, there's Meltdown, I Like Being Me!, and Turn Up the Music!

Lanny Sherwin's "Meltdown" cover image   "Turn Up the Music!"   "I Like Being Me!"

For the newborns there's Melodie singing Dream With Me Tonight  and Gene crooning DWMT, A Father's Lullabies. Super-sweet and guaranteed to send them off to dreamland!
Dream With Me Tonight - Lullabies For All Ages  "Dream With Me Tonight, Vol. 2 - A Father's Lullabies

Go to Sandman Records, take a free listen to song samples, then email me ( with your choices. I'll bill ya later! (This limited offer does NOT work through my web store. Contact me directly.)
Lanny Down South

LS in hosp.machine

I had a great time playing for kids at the Lee Memorial Children's Hospital in Fort Myers, FL, last month.

Thanks to Steve Wheeler & Julie Avirett for setting that up. Steve told me that after I had played for the kids back in 2005, Lee Memorial decided to establish a permanent music therapy program!
   gilbert     3 kids hosp

Coffee mug Sandman Records Merch

There are some fans who are just special. You bought my CDs early on. You continue to give them as gifts. You review my new CDs in newsletters & blogs. You send emails of congratulations & encouragement. Naturally, I'm looking for new ways to take your money.

No, no, no!!! That's n
ot what I meant! "To create new products for your shrewd investment" ... THAT'S what I meant!

So ... have you checked out Cool ways to make T-shirts, mugs, cale
ndars, etc. with your own images & designs.

I'm in the process of adding custom merchandise to the "Sandman Records Gifts" store. Turn Up the Music! T-shirts. I Like Being Me! hot chocolate mugs. There are even a couple of Lanman art surprises in there.

Check 'em out at:

Let me know if you have any requests!
Thanks to "Creative Child"
I appreciate the nod from "Creative Child" magazine for including my Meltdown CD as a "Preferred Choice"among its Top Picks Holiday Gift Guide!

... And to Santa Barbara Mag ...
for naming "Meltdown" as a holiday "Hot Pick".

41st, 42nd, & 43rd Music Awards!

I'm proud to announce that 3 of my favorite songs just won awards from the Great Lakes Song Contest & the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

"This is Not a Guitar" from my Meltdown CD, "Stinky Feet" from I Like Being Me!, and  "A Cappella" from Turn Up the Music! took the honors.


Just for a Smile

Sometimes you just gotta watch something to make yourself smile or be inspired:

For the smile:


For the inspiration:
Sand Painting


In the fall I began teaching     songwriting at Montecito
Union School in Santa Barbara, CA. There was a state-wide earthquake drill,
and the students wrote
"Drop, Take Cover, & Hold On!" We recorded it in a local studio (Sea Music), and the kids even got local airplay!
Check it out:
MUS Songwriting


When we're not making music
at our house, we're making origami. Our son, Alec, is a
major folding dude. We
recently went to the Pacific
Coast Origami Conference
in San Francisco.
Gotta know when to fold 'em!

Origami Pix

Have a great 2010, Everyone!
Lanny Sherwin