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Summer Webinar Series
Summer Webinar Series
from The LinkedIn Lawyer  

  • Need more referrals?
  • Want to enhance your reputation?
  • No time for social media?
  • Want to drive more website traffic?
  • Do you Twitter?
  • Are you on Facebook?
  • Do you have a social media strategy or marketing plan?
  • Want to make more rain in 2009?

Market yourself to the legal community using today's online tools!

"I want to help you build a network of 5000 lawyers!"

Boston civil litigation attorney, civil rights professor and social media marketing consultant, David A. Barrett, a.k.a. "The LinkedIn Lawyer", finally shares his social media marketing expertise in this summer webinar series!
Social media for lawyers simplified - learn secrets, tips and methods that will turn your social media activity on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs into a productive business asset.
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Social Media for Lawyers
Wed 7/22/09
  • Why social networking is permanently changing online business development
  • Why a website is not enough
  • How LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs work together to enhance relationships
  • Engagement marketing vs. interruption marketing
  • The importance of an impressive profile to promote findability
  • When to listen, when to engage
  • Introduction to viral and spreadable media
  • Attorney transparency and JD Supra
  • Blogs and high quality content
  • Social networking communities of interest


LinkedIn for Lawyers
Wed 7/29/09
3:00pm-4:00pm (EST)

  • Enhance your online reputation
  • Grow your network
  • Creating a robust, content rich profile
  • Turn your profile into a business asset
  • Drive website traffic
  • Why size matters
  • Learn networking strategies / identify networking targets
  • Increase capacity for lawyer to lawyer referrals
  • Using existing groups and creating groups you control
  • Do's and Don'ts
Facebook for Lawyers
Wed 8/5/09
3:00pm-4:00pm (EST)
  • Why lawyers need a Facebook profile
  • How to harness the multi-media power of Facebook
  • Personal vs. Professional presence
  • How Facebook can benefit your firm
  • Facebook and lawyer ethics
  • Facebook and viral/spreadable media
  • Maximize content feeds into Facebook
  • The best Facebook applications for lawyers
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • When groups, fan pages and causes fail, and when they thrive and grow
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Twitter for Lawyers
Wed 8/12/09
3:00pm-4:00pm (EST)
  • Getting started, how Twitter can help your business
  • Understanding the Twitter culture
  • Twitter vocabulary
  • The anatomy of a Tweet
  • Microblogging vs. conversational Tweeting
  • Initiating and enhancing relationships with Twitter
  • Twitter and your networking targets
  • Using Twitter to gain media attention
  • How to effectively brand on Twitter
  • Twitter feeds, social networks and static websites

Balancing Social Media and Practicing Law
Wed 8/19/09
3:00pm-4:00pm (EST)

  • Steps to turn social media involvement productive using time management
  • The importance of a firm social media policy, social media strategies and a social media marketing plan
  • Adopting a productive social media philosophy
  • Techniques and methods to build your online identity
  • When administrative staff can help and what MUST be done yourself
  • What tasks can be broken down into work units
  • How systems can be set-up to leverage social networks on an ongoing basis
  • Where to find internet tools to assist you
  • Developing a systematic approach for blogging
  • Managing 22 Tweets a day

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Recommendations and Testimonials
"David has developed true expertise with regard to leveraging social media networking and marketing to create more opportunities to find clients and referral sources. The way that he embraced this "new world" could even be called visionary."
Tom McLain, Shareholder & Attorney, Chorey, Taylor & Feil, A Professional Corporation

"David is a tremendous resource for anyone that is trying to build their business via these social sites. My teleconference was well worth the time and the money."
Mindy Thomas, MS, CPRW  President, Thomas Career Consulting
"David Barrett makes the inscrutable understandable to newbies, and he shows more experienced users how to leverage social media as an effective tactic for business development.  Lawyers seeking help with social media could not find a more capable sherpa!"
Julie Fleming, Coach, consultant, and speaker for lawyers, Life at the Bar
"As a fellow social media enthusiast and presenter, I am in a good position to say that David is a bonafide expert."
Dr. Shaun Jamison, Law Professor, Coach, Speaker

"I  consider David at the top of the social media and web-based marketing game." 
Martha Sperry, Owner, AdvantageAdvocates

"I have found that there are two groups of social networkers out there: those who talk 2.0 and those who live it. David is one who lives it!"
Heather Morse Milligan, Director of Marketing, Barger & Wolen LLP
"As an attorney and fellow social media expert, I was impressed with his breadth of knowledge on social networking platforms (facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.)."
Oren Leib, Esq., Managing Partner, Leib LLC
"David A. Barrett, Esq. is the guru of social networking."
Debra Tuomey, Debra Tuomey, Attorney at Law
"Not only am I an avid reader of his blog, but I have had the great pleasure of using David's assistance with social networking."
Mina Sirkin, Attorney, Sirkin and Sirkin
"David understands the nuances of creating a strong professional network online and the tactful art of self promotion."
Steve Matthews, Owner, Stem Legal Web Enterprises Inc.
"Dave communicates his expertise to newcomers without overwhelming them and also educates and challenges the sophisticated users. Dave is a maverick who is breaking new ground."
Karen Yotis, Site Coordinator, LexisNexis Insurance Law Center, LexisNexis/Emerging Solutions/Matthew Bender
"David Barrett is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and influential Web 2.0 social media networkers currently online."
Stephanie Williams, J.D., International Human Rights, Criminal Law
"David has incredible depth of knowledge on the subject of social networking. Anyone who is interested in using this tool to enhance their professional life would be well-advised to make use of David's expertise."
Barry Eagar, Partner Cullen & Co
"David has a clear grasp of the necessity of quality communication and collaboration coupled with a charmingly understated expertise."
Tia Carr Williams, CEO Relationship Capital Institute 
"If you want to know how to get started online - or, for that matter, how to take your social media/networking strategy to the next level -- connect with David, watch what he does, and listen to what he has to say."
Adrian Lurssen, Communications Director, JD Supra LLC
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