Friends of the Little Miami State Park
Friend of the Little Miami State Park    

During 2010, the Friends of the Little Miami State Park was the beneficiary of 1,156 volunteer hours.


This wonderful outpouring of volunteerism is evidence of broad community support. With 50 miles of trail to help manage and maintain, this broad community support and the resulting volunteerism are absolutely indispensable.


As this year draws to a close, I'd like to highlight four of our major volunteer efforts: 

  1. Members of the Board and Advisory Board met once a month for the entire year setting policy and direction. The frequency of these meetings allowed the organization to create and sustain the necessary organizational "momentum". Several of these same board members also spent considerable time installing pipe safes, mounting signs, evaluating pavement cracking and root encroachment solutions, etc.
  2. Adopt-a-Trail volunteers did amazing work Adopt-a-Trail is at the core of our mission.  As its Coordinator, Aaron Rourke recruited, equipped, and oversaw a corps of Adopt-a-Trail volunteers (108 in total) --- including volunteers from outside organizations, i.e. the North Face Cincinnati Outlet, Benchmark Outfitters, and Clark Montessori High School. The North Face alone provided 16 paid employees (not volunteers) for a total of 300 hours over the last 7 months rehabilitating the Ft. Ancient River Access.
  3. "Unofficial" Adopt-a-Trail volunteers who use the trail on a regular basis, see something that needs to be done, and do it, e.g. removing fallen limbs, picking up trash, rehabilitating railroad markers, etc. If you're one of our "unofficial" Adopt-a-Trail volunteers, first of all, thank you. Second, if you're so inclined, email me the hours you spent during 2010 and we'll include your hours in the total --- you won't jeopardize your "unofficial" status.
  4. The trail is divided into 30 "segments", i.e. a) 25 trail segments measuring .5 to 2.5 miles in length and bounded on either end by a road and b) 5 river accesses. In addition, there are 5 river accesses. The following people/organizations have adopted one or more of these segments and therefore are recognized as Trail Adopters:             

            Trail Segments:

            - Dennis & Kathy Lewis            Hedges Rd to Richland Rd

            - Rob Brooks                            Richland Rd to Roxanna-New Burlington Rd

            - Aaron Rourke                         Middletown Rd to Oregonia Rd

            - Don Hahn & Paul Morgan      Grandin Rd to Foster-Maineville Rd

            - Paul Morgan & Don Hahn      Foster-Mainville Rd to Adams Rd

            - Bill Schwinn                            Miamiville


            River Accesses:

            - Aaron Rourke                         Caesar Creek State River Access

            - The North Face                      Fort Ancient State River Access

            - Benchmark Outfitters             Glen Island/Carl Rahe State River Access

                                                               (formerly Glen Island State River Access)


Adoption requests have been made for 4 other segments, but they've not been confirmed yet


Thanks to all for your efforts. We look forward to an equally successful year in 2011. 


Here's to you and yours over this holiday season.


Friends of the Little Miami State Park

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Our next Board meeting is Sunday January 16, 2011 at the Wayne Township Administration Building, 6050 North Clarksville Road, Waynesville OH 45068. If you plan on attending, please reply to this email so that we can make sure that seating and hand-out materials are sufficiently available.

Dennis & Kathy Lewis            Hedges Rd to Richland Rd

Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park

Middletown Road to Oregonia Rd