Friend of the Little Miami State Park        
We've accomplished something very special:
  • 37 people volunteered to take one or more of the 50 3-hour shifts in 5 different locations (i.e. Corwin, Loveland, Milford, Morrow, and Spring Valley) to count trail users on Wednesday July 28 and Sunday August 8.
  • 37 people showed up for their appointed shift(s).
  • 37 people submitted their trail count Tally Form(s).
  • 37 people in 5 different locations on two different days counted 10,826 trail users.
4,979 Loveland
2,374 Milford
1,315 Corwin
1,272 Morrow
   906 Spring Valley
While these counts were done on behalf of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC), I think that they will also accrue to the benefit of businesses and jurisdictions along the trail. The full report by location and shift is available by replying to this email with your request for the report.
Because of the success of this trail count, we plan to do a Trail Promotion Event on a Saturday in September --- at this point the date is unknown.  The purpose the Trail Promotion Event is to hand out business cards, maps, and brochures, sign people up for our email list, sell t-shirts, take donations, etc. --- more engaging than counting. The locations will be Corwin, Loveland, Milford, Morrow, and Xenia. Each location will be equipped with a large 2'x5' Friends of the Little Miami State Park banner.
Once we've established the date, we'll begin recruiting volunteers.
Below we recognize those 37 people who made this event such a success:
Name# Shifts
Avner, Jay 1
Bell, Michael 1
Berger, Ken 1
Bowman, Pam 1
Bromberg, Steve & Shelly 1
Budin, Rick 1
Champney, Carl 1
Crockett, Connie 2
Derenski, Ron & Janice 1
Durrum, Randy & Marilyn 1
Evans, Jess 2
Ewalt, John 2
Ferguson, Alan 1
Freih, Phil 1
Gebhardt, Ernst & Cynthia 1
Gettys, John 1
Hahn, Don 1
Hamburg, Mary 2
Hargis, Bob & Bonnie 2
Hennequin, Cele 1
Leever, Judy 4
Liesch, Bayard 2
Lillie, Tom 1
Markoski, Sharon 1
Maurer, Kathy 1
McGeehan, Pat 1
Murphy, Steve 2
Nilsen, Michelle 1
Robinson, Don 1
Schroeder, Kathy 1
Sims, Roger 1
Stagg, Suzanne 3
Strauss, Dan & Donna 2
Stuhlreyer, John 1
Sullivan, Kelly 1
Tribby, Dennis 1
Virgilio, Larry 1
Friends of the Little Miami State Park
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Steve Murphy
Friends of the Little Miami State Park